How many hours of study?

This question is really difficult to answer. It depends on your circumstances and your will to study. Let’s say that you have no other work than to study. How many hours of study should you do?

If you are preparing full time for IES than please take it seriously especially in last month. Try to make a schedule which should coincide with the timing of exam. This will help you in maximising your brain effort at that time. Don’t make out of sync schedule. For example , students study late at night and don’t focus on their metabolism. Please sleep at night and study in daytime because your exam will be when sun is out. So 6 hours is minimum study that you should do. Make a sitting of 3 hours each because your subjective exam will be of 3 hour duration at strech. This is the world of cut throat competition if you are a general category student. You can’t leave anything to chance. I would say that study as much as possible even if you are an intelligent student. If you are able to cross the threshold of 10 hours a day for last 3 months, then success is definitely yours.

Don’t try to copy some another student’s strategy, make your own plan. No of hours don’t matter as much as understanding but as a rule you can say that-“the more you study, the better it is.”

Those who can do it , I would say try to cross 12 hour a day barrier for at least 15 days before the exam. It will prepare you mentally to sit for long hours on examination day. You need consistency and strength to go through continuous 3 day examination. It comes only if you practice.
I can suggest a time table here if want to follow it. Consider that you are preparing full time. This time table is to be followed in normal days ,in exam times you can increase the timings.
Morning session -9am to 12 pm
Afternoon session – 2pm to 5pm
Evening session – 7pm to 9pm
Night session- 10pm to 12midnight

Total=10 hours for at least 9 months and success is yours.

Best of luck to all.

Preparation at last stage

The most important time for any aspirant is last one month before examination. This time IES is around 20 th june . So we have less than one month of time left. There are two important things to keep in mind in final stages of exam.

The first one is to do revisions of your previous year question papers and test series. I used to keep all the questions of my class test separately. In my final days I revised all those questions and the mistakes I had committed. You don’t need to do anything special at this stage, the time for it is already over. Only revise and practice. Look at your mistakes that you had committed in the past. I would suggest you to make a separate diary of mistakes because in the exam it would be disastrous to make those same mistakes again. Purchase a handbook of your subject. Believe me, it’s immensely helpful to study the hand book. All the formula should be on the tips. This is least you can do.

I got 151 marks out of 200 in general ability paper. So do as many objective questions as you can.  Purchase 2, 3 books from market for doing mcqs along with Madeeasy material. For English paper ,you can learn the tips only because time is less. I had interest in news and current affairs from my college days itself so my background was already there to deal with any exigencies. You can purchase Madeeasy current affairs book,  I found it good.

Note.- I am not doing any publicity for Madeeasy institute. I am just narrating my experiences without any modifications.
In the next part I will tell you the second important thing


The most anxious time began after the interviews were over. Upsc is so unpredictable that you can’t make any assumptions about the results.
However I waited anxiously for the results. Most of the time I used to make wild guess about my rank and marks. We used to predict the date of result abd then wait for the day to come. I was always online , constantly checking Upsc website. Sometimes I used to get helpless and frustrated while waiting for result. If I would have not been selected then whole time and effort might have gome waste. I might not have been able to give second attempt.

On the day of results, I was travelling in train. Whole day I kept on checking the website, but nothing came out. In the evening time, I stopped checking internet, but suddenly my friend called me and started congratulating me, I didn’t understand initially. But when he told me that I got 26th rank , I took a deep sense of relief, though I was not very excited . My reaction was that of Mahendra Singh Dhoni when India had won world cup.

Thereafter you know what happens.  Phone calls started coming from all over congratulating me. The passengers in my compartment didn’t understand what was happening and I didn’t care to tell them. I was content with my life.

Interview Day


Finally the day arrived on 20 th January 2014. Before interview I was busy speculating who would be my boar chairman. I tried to collect feedback from my friends who had already given their interview. After much worries and anxieties I landed in Upsc , Dholpur House. Let me tell you that many aspirants of Upsc examinations are fascinated by the thought that one day we have to be there. The round and curved architecture of building which we see on magazine’s cover pages was right in front of my eyes. I thought that finally the moment has arrived but I wanted it to be the first and last. I have never repeated any exam in my life.

So before entering the gate, we were standing on the pavement by the side of road. Afterwards , security checks started and we were allowed one by one in the premises. After passing through main gate we were taken to another room where we submitted our mobile phones and electronic equipments. Then our final stop was a central hall where all the students were seated. We took our seats according to number given to us. The document verification and form filling process continued for another one hour. After doing all this we got chance to meet our group members and interact with them. Naturally, we were very tense because we were still not sure who would be our board chairman. On that day A.P Singh and Alka Sirohi were taking interview for civil engineering. As first candidate went inside to give the interview, our heart beat were high till he returned. Finally we came to know that A.P Singh was taking our interview. He has been chief of CBI and then made upsc member by UPA government. Recently there has been some controversy regarding his relationship with Moin Qureshi.

As I was sitting there waiting for my turn, time seemed to run very fast. My name was announced and I went through check up . I was asked not to carry anything even pen. Then peon took me near interview room and asked me to sit outside till my name was announced. This is the most tense moment of whole process. I was sitting there on the bench on a cold January morning going  to face my biggest challenge. The cold seemed usually high , though I was in suit I couldn’t control shivering. I was looking in the garden in the courtyard. The flowers were beautiful and a squirrel was doing something. I forget that I was about to be called. Within few minutes I was instructed to go inside the room.

As I entered the room I wished all of them . Then I was asked to take my seat. The chairman started the interview and the other members asked at their turn.
1.Why did u leave ur pevious job?
Ans-Sir I left the job to prepare exclusive for IES with full 2012 I was not qualified to write IES so left job in 2013 and gave my best attempt.
2.What did u learn there and How will u apply that in IES?
Ans- Sir i learnt how things are done in an organization. I worked on foundation designing software.I also learnt about leadership skills from my seniors , how he managed so many people.I will have the experience of working in MNC which i will use in IES ,especially the work culture.

1.Which softwares used while working?

2.What are limitation of using softwares?
3.What is validation of software?
4.Name different software used in civil engg

1.So u are from Bihar,Why are there floods frequent?
2.What is the cause of flood
3.Tell me about recent flood in Bihar(i told him about kosi flood in bihar in 2008,and how it happened)
4.How will u prevent floods?( i told about structural and non structural measure of mitigating flood damage,)
5.Who does flood forecasting in India?


1.What are various forces acting on onshore platform.?
2.What is the effect of sea water on steel?
3.Difference between Tsunami and earthquake?

So u play flute, Name world famous flute player?
Ans-Sir he is Hari Prasad Charausia ,

OK u can leave now…..:)

I was pretty confident that my interview had gone well but sadly marks didn’t reflect the same. I got only 116 out of 200.


Interview Preparation

My interview Preparation classes started at Madeeasy at the end of November 2013. Initially classes were about Personality development and how to fill DAF clearly. But later we revised techinal subjects briefly.

After coaching ended at Madeeasy, I started my own preparation. My interview was scheduled to be on 20 th January 2014, morning session. So I had enough time to prepare exhaustively. I did my research on hobbies and my place of Birth. I looked at each and every word of detailed application form very carefully. I went through technical subject once.

I gave two mock interviews .In the first one I didn’t do well but in the second mock I was satisfied. But let me tell you that Upsc interview is entirely different from mock interview. However it is always an advantage. So finally the day of interview came…………

Critical Phase

As I have mentioned that, I applied for in IIT ROORKEE and IITDELHI, therefore in the end of June 2013 I had to make a critical decision.I was pretty confident that I should be selected in written examinations , so I wanted to stay at my home and study for the interview. As you know that an Mtech requires alteast 2 years in IIT, so had I been selected , I would have wasted my mtech . So this was crucial juncture in my life. Because leaving or doing mtech would have made lot of differences in my life. Thankfully I took the right decision.

Let me tell you that I took this decision based on my inner feeling . There was no rational criteria to decide because if I failed I would have wasted an entire year.

I decided to finally let go of and sit at home. In this period I enjoyed my time while remaining anxious. I also participed in political activities. I gained first hand experience of interacting with people at political level.

Meanwhile I was doing this and written results came out. I was selected but told my parents a day later. Thereafter I ended this political thing and again headed to Madeeasy .

9 months of ‘Job’


I shifted myself to Gurgaon for working there. The company provided us with a flat and a cook to prepare food for us. So days went ahead peacefully, initially work load was less , so we enjoyed more. But slowly I came to realisation that this job can’t go on forever. The prospect of sitting in front of workstation for 8 hours daily for the rest of your life  made me to think about my future seriously. I decided to prepare for government jobs. By default, IES is the best government job available for engineers. In the private sector, there is no recognition in the society of the work you do. However, if one becomes IES then he/she gets a lot of respect from those same people. I was getting a good salary and working conditions was also good, but that feeling was missing. I thought I have not accomplished anything in life. I don’t want to die doing 9 to 5 job and visiting malls on weekend. My soul would be lost in this way.

Then I thought, let’s prepare for GATE 2013 while working in job. So I started studying subjects and joined online test series. I could study for only 2 hours on a working day. But somehow things went on and I gave the exam with decent preparation. I got AIR 272 , which was good enough to take admission in in IIT. The result of GATE examination was declared on 15 March 2013 and I submitted my resignation letter the very same day. By the end of March I left my job to finally prepare for IES 2013 which was to be held at the end of June 2014, my first attempt. Meanwhile I also applied for in IIT ROORKEE and IIT DELHI.

The Beginning

I did my graduation from Delhi College Of Engineering in civil engineering(2008-2012). In our final year of the  college most of us were busy in securing a future ahead.Some of us were preparing for CAT,GRE…but most of the the class was busy preparing for GATE and IES. So, around 25 students from my class decided to join MADE EASY coaching classes in Saket in the weekend batch. I  was also amongst them. I must admit that we were very enthusiastic on first day of our coaching as if we had already conquered the world

Meanwhile,  placements in the college had started and I was very lucky to get a early placement. I was placed in GS engg and construction , which is a South Korean firm located in Gurgaon.

After my placements, I deviated my little bit from my studies but final blow came late when I came to know that I will not be able to give IES with my friends because of  change in age criteria by Upsc at the last moment.In order to appear for ies exam the age criteria was 21 years of age on 1 August of the year in which you are giving the exam but Upsc suddenly changed it. Now you had to be 21 years of age on 1st January of that year, so l was left out. I could not give my exam as planned and then I decided to go for pvt job where I was placed…….

Aim of writing this blog

Hello everyone,

I got All India Rank 26 in IES 2013 and will be joining railways in December 2014.

I have decided to write this blog about my experiences in Indian Engineering Services.Since there are lot of blog about how to prepare for this exam,this blog would be a more personalized account of my experiences till now and journey ahead. I will keep you updated on my journey though Indian Engineering Services. I will try to add as many IES officers as possible with this blog.