9 months of ‘Job’


I shifted myself to Gurgaon for working there. The company provided us with a flat and a cook to prepare food for us. So days went ahead peacefully, initially work load was less , so we enjoyed more. But slowly I came to realisation that this job can’t go on forever. The prospect of sitting in front of workstation for 8 hours daily for the rest of your life  made me to think about my future seriously. I decided to prepare for government jobs. By default, IES is the best government job available for engineers. In the private sector, there is no recognition in the society of the work you do. However, if one becomes IES then he/she gets a lot of respect from those same people. I was getting a good salary and working conditions was also good, but that feeling was missing. I thought I have not accomplished anything in life. I don’t want to die doing 9 to 5 job and visiting malls on weekend. My soul would be lost in this way.

Then I thought, let’s prepare for GATE 2013 while working in job. So I started studying subjects and joined online test series. I could study for only 2 hours on a working day. But somehow things went on and I gave the exam with decent preparation. I got AIR 272 , which was good enough to take admission in M.tech in IIT. The result of GATE examination was declared on 15 March 2013 and I submitted my resignation letter the very same day. By the end of March I left my job to finally prepare for IES 2013 which was to be held at the end of June 2014, my first attempt. Meanwhile I also applied for M.tech in IIT ROORKEE and IIT DELHI.

2 Replies to “9 months of ‘Job’”

  1. dear amit,
    first of all congrats to you . even i’m facing the similar problem as you were on the job im 2014 passout from pune university , currently confused wheather to quit job now after 2 months of joining and prepare for gate 2015 or continue with job and prepare side by side ( which seems difficult after investing 14 hrs a day in job).or to prepare full time for gate 2016 and ies 2016 mgiving it a full time shot . i’m fed up of doing a non technical instrumentation job and that too being a mechanical engineer need your help and looking forward to hear it from you

    1. Thank you faizanuddin siddique for writing to me.
      I can very well understand the predicament of the situation that you must be facing right now but let me tell you that there is greener pastures ahead.
      I am bit curious to know as why don’t you want to prepare for GATE and IES 2015 . Why are you waiting for IES 2016. Preparation of both these exam can be done on similar technical backgrounds.

      If you want to prepare for gate only and you have your plan ready , then i think you can manage a decent rank in GATE. But for IES you need full time dedication,especially in last 3-4 months.If you want to leave your job,leave now, don’t wait. Make your choices,now is the right time.

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