Aim of writing this blog

Hello everyone,

I got All India Rank 26 in IES 2013 and will be joining railways in December 2014.

I have decided to write this blog about my experiences in Indian Engineering Services.Since there are lot of blog about how to prepare for this exam,this blog would be a more personalized account of my experiences till now and journey ahead. I will keep you updated on my journey though Indian Engineering Services. I will try to add as many IES officers as possible with this blog.

24 Replies to “Aim of writing this blog”

  1. Sir thank u for ur support in this blog form its very useful for students who r preparing without any coaching

  2. thanku sir for writing this blog as there is very few blog for civil engg. this will certainly help lots of students plz share the study plan of GS paper and all subjects strategy in a comprehensive manner thanku

  3. bro ,i have a little bent middle finger ,got hurt when playing,but no interference with work at all

    will this effect the medical examination record(test)

  4. thx for replying

    are promotions slow in IES
    are we really serving inda in railways department
    which department of IES requires more developmnt
    In which field India needs devlopment
    and is there any environment protection department in IES as I am interested in environment study and protecting it too

    thank u

  5. I am Ravindra.M.R Mechanical Engineering ,Final year of the course ,can you give directions for clearing IES as a mechanical engineer how will be the working profession for mechanical engineer .one more question can i get appointment order in the respective zonal railways after clearing ies
    upto what rank can i get chance in indian railway

    1. My whole endeavor on this blog is to provide direction for clearing IES. I will try to do my best.
      Any branch of railways carries prestige and respect. You will be class 1 officer. The officers of this service are responsible for managing the Mechanical Engineering Organisation of the Indian Railways
      The main areas of responsibility of IRSME officers are

      Train operations
      Motive Power availability
      Crew Management
      Rolling Stock Management
      Traffic restoration in case of accidents
      Production Units – Locomotives, Coaches, Wheel sets, etc.
      Repair and Manufacturing workshops

      You need a very good rank to get railways in IES

      1. Thank for your information .I decided to take postal study material from made easy publications.I ,m from karnataka .i am studying in state engineering college .P.E.S College Of Engineering .Mandya.M y vision is to take job in our respective, can i wil get the job within karnataka in the respective zonal region of railway.because i need to work with our family in our state and one more reason to say this is in bangalore indian railway had Railway wheel Factory which is one of the production unit in indian railway among six production units.
        Finally , i am sorry to say if i will ask some silly question because i have lots of doubts .queries regarding my career as choosing ies ur the guide to suggest me
        as a best wisher.
        THANK YOU

    2. Hello sir ,give more information about higher studies like we have to join the college our own or we have to do the studies only in railway central institute or iit nit ,iisc and admissions will be sponsered by the government or we have to take responsibility. and about degree like M tech or M.S .Regarding doctoral studies like PhD ,promotions and seniority and increment related to higher studies.

    1. IES interview is very uncertain. Sometimes its tough and sometimes its easy.It makes no difference
      If you go directly after The experience doesn’t play very big role in these interviews.The confidence matters a lot to them.

  6. i have cleared ese2014 written exam from E&T dept. i am a working professional posted at durgapur (west bengal) and there are no such coaching guidance available here for interview. i am confused in selecting service preference as i hv little knowledge about various service profile. it will be very helpful for me if some one provide me some input regarding various service profile and assist me to chose the most appropriate service preference.

    1. I have put up service preference of 2013 candidates. I also post service profiles of various services from time to time. You can analyses past year’s service preferences of your stream and then make up your mind.

  7. SIr, Can anybody write about service profile of ITS, its place of posting, nature of work, facility and carrier growth?

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