The Beginning

I did my graduation from Delhi College Of Engineering in civil engineering(2008-2012). In our final year of the  college most of us were busy in securing a future ahead.Some of us were preparing for CAT,GRE…but most of the the class was busy preparing for GATE and IES. So, around 25 students from my class decided to join MADE EASY coaching classes in Saket in the weekend batch. I  was also amongst them. I must admit that we were very enthusiastic on first day of our coaching as if we had already conquered the world

Meanwhile,  placements in the college had started and I was very lucky to get a early placement. I was placed in GS engg and construction , which is a South Korean firm located in Gurgaon.

After my placements, I deviated my little bit from my studies but final blow came late when I came to know that I will not be able to give IES with my friends because of  change in age criteria by Upsc at the last moment.In order to appear for ies exam the age criteria was 21 years of age on 1 August of the year in which you are giving the exam but Upsc suddenly changed it. Now you had to be 21 years of age on 1st January of that year, so l was left out. I could not give my exam as planned and then I decided to go for pvt job where I was placed…….

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