Critical Phase

As I have mentioned that, I applied for in IIT ROORKEE and IITDELHI, therefore in the end of June 2013 I had to make a critical decision.I was pretty confident that I should be selected in written examinations , so I wanted to stay at my home and study for the interview. As you know that an Mtech requires alteast 2 years in IIT, so had I been selected , I would have wasted my mtech . So this was crucial juncture in my life. Because leaving or doing mtech would have made lot of differences in my life. Thankfully I took the right decision.

Let me tell you that I took this decision based on my inner feeling . There was no rational criteria to decide because if I failed I would have wasted an entire year.

I decided to finally let go of and sit at home. In this period I enjoyed my time while remaining anxious. I also participed in political activities. I gained first hand experience of interacting with people at political level.

Meanwhile I was doing this and written results came out. I was selected but told my parents a day later. Thereafter I ended this political thing and again headed to Madeeasy .

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