Interview Preparation

My interview Preparation classes started at Madeeasy at the end of November 2013. Initially classes were about Personality development and how to fill DAF clearly. But later we revised techinal subjects briefly.

After coaching ended at Madeeasy, I started my own preparation. My interview was scheduled to be on 20 th January 2014, morning session. So I had enough time to prepare exhaustively. I did my research on hobbies and my place of Birth. I looked at each and every word of detailed application form very carefully. I went through technical subject once.

I gave two mock interviews .In the first one I didn’t do well but in the second mock I was satisfied. But let me tell you that Upsc interview is entirely different from mock interview. However it is always an advantage. So finally the day of interview came…………

2 Replies to “Interview Preparation”

  1. my friend is appearing for final year engineering examinations in electronics and communication engineering.she is planning for ies in you think coaching is necessary

    1. Coaching is essential but not necessary. First of all you will have to evaluate yourself i.e. where do you stand in this competitive world? Can u manage your momentum without coaching? can you keep yourself motivated throughout period of preparation. Can u arrange for study material and test series?

      If one can take care of these factors then i think coaching is not necessary.

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