Interview Day


Finally the day arrived on 20 th January 2014. Before interview I was busy speculating who would be my boar chairman. I tried to collect feedback from my friends who had already given their interview. After much worries and anxieties I landed in Upsc , Dholpur House. Let me tell you that many aspirants of Upsc examinations are fascinated by the thought that one day we have to be there. The round and curved architecture of building which we see on magazine’s cover pages was right in front of my eyes. I thought that finally the moment has arrived but I wanted it to be the first and last. I have never repeated any exam in my life.

So before entering the gate, we were standing on the pavement by the side of road. Afterwards , security checks started and we were allowed one by one in the premises. After passing through main gate we were taken to another room where we submitted our mobile phones and electronic equipments. Then our final stop was a central hall where all the students were seated. We took our seats according to number given to us. The document verification and form filling process continued for another one hour. After doing all this we got chance to meet our group members and interact with them. Naturally, we were very tense because we were still not sure who would be our board chairman. On that day A.P Singh and Alka Sirohi were taking interview for civil engineering. As first candidate went inside to give the interview, our heart beat were high till he returned. Finally we came to know that A.P Singh was taking our interview. He has been chief of CBI and then made upsc member by UPA government. Recently there has been some controversy regarding his relationship with Moin Qureshi.

As I was sitting there waiting for my turn, time seemed to run very fast. My name was announced and I went through check up . I was asked not to carry anything even pen. Then peon took me near interview room and asked me to sit outside till my name was announced. This is the most tense moment of whole process. I was sitting there on the bench on a cold January morning going  to face my biggest challenge. The cold seemed usually high , though I was in suit I couldn’t control shivering. I was looking in the garden in the courtyard. The flowers were beautiful and a squirrel was doing something. I forget that I was about to be called. Within few minutes I was instructed to go inside the room.

As I entered the room I wished all of them . Then I was asked to take my seat. The chairman started the interview and the other members asked at their turn.
1.Why did u leave ur pevious job?
Ans-Sir I left the job to prepare exclusive for IES with full 2012 I was not qualified to write IES so left job in 2013 and gave my best attempt.
2.What did u learn there and How will u apply that in IES?
Ans- Sir i learnt how things are done in an organization. I worked on foundation designing software.I also learnt about leadership skills from my seniors , how he managed so many people.I will have the experience of working in MNC which i will use in IES ,especially the work culture.

1.Which softwares used while working?

2.What are limitation of using softwares?
3.What is validation of software?
4.Name different software used in civil engg

1.So u are from Bihar,Why are there floods frequent?
2.What is the cause of flood
3.Tell me about recent flood in Bihar(i told him about kosi flood in bihar in 2008,and how it happened)
4.How will u prevent floods?( i told about structural and non structural measure of mitigating flood damage,)
5.Who does flood forecasting in India?


1.What are various forces acting on onshore platform.?
2.What is the effect of sea water on steel?
3.Difference between Tsunami and earthquake?

So u play flute, Name world famous flute player?
Ans-Sir he is Hari Prasad Charausia ,

OK u can leave now…..:)

I was pretty confident that my interview had gone well but sadly marks didn’t reflect the same. I got only 116 out of 200.


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