The most anxious time began after the interviews were over. Upsc is so unpredictable that you can’t make any assumptions about the results.
However I waited anxiously for the results. Most of the time I used to make wild guess about my rank and marks. We used to predict the date of result abd then wait for the day to come. I was always online , constantly checking Upsc website. Sometimes I used to get helpless and frustrated while waiting for result. If I would have not been selected then whole time and effort might have gome waste. I might not have been able to give second attempt.

On the day of results, I was travelling in train. Whole day I kept on checking the website, but nothing came out. In the evening time, I stopped checking internet, but suddenly my friend called me and started congratulating me, I didn’t understand initially. But when he told me that I got 26th rank , I took a deep sense of relief, though I was not very excited . My reaction was that of Mahendra Singh Dhoni when India had won world cup.

Thereafter you know what happens.  Phone calls started coming from all over congratulating me. The passengers in my compartment didn’t understand what was happening and I didn’t care to tell them. I was content with my life.

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