Preparation at last stage

The most important time for any aspirant is last one month before examination. This time IES is around 20 th june . So we have less than one month of time left. There are two important things to keep in mind in final stages of exam.

The first one is to do revisions of your previous year question papers and test series. I used to keep all the questions of my class test separately. In my final days I revised all those questions and the mistakes I had committed. You don’t need to do anything special at this stage, the time for it is already over. Only revise and practice. Look at your mistakes that you had committed in the past. I would suggest you to make a separate diary of mistakes because in the exam it would be disastrous to make those same mistakes again. Purchase a handbook of your subject. Believe me, it’s immensely helpful to study the hand book. All the formula should be on the tips. This is least you can do.

I got 151 marks out of 200 in general ability paper. So do as many objective questions as you can.  Purchase 2, 3 books from market for doing mcqs along with Madeeasy material. For English paper ,you can learn the tips only because time is less. I had interest in news and current affairs from my college days itself so my background was already there to deal with any exigencies. You can purchase Madeeasy current affairs book,  I found it good.

Note.- I am not doing any publicity for Madeeasy institute. I am just narrating my experiences without any modifications.
In the next part I will tell you the second important thing

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