After the results

I am writing this post to tell you what happens after you successfully crack Indian Engineering Services.

There are different types of success. If you get exactly what you want then it’s called being successful. However if you don’t get desired outcome then you will  you will do feel successful but with a pinch of frustration. Let’s say that you do wonderful IES, then be prepared to expect pleasantries from people. They will come praising you. These are the same people who would have criticised you ,had you failed. Nevertheless , the news of you becoming IES will spread like wildfire. Most of the people confuse IES with IAS, because their pronunciation
Is almost same. It is annoying to make clear this confusion.  Imagine a situation where people think that you have become IAS but you are not, it is embarrassing situation. But I don’t care about these people who don’t know the difference between IES and IAS.  Both of these services appointment class 1 gazetted officer, however their work profile are different. Their is no difference between status in terms of pay and rank.

After initial feel good period,  the noise subsides but you will become more confident in talking to people.  Then there is a medical examination conducted by railway board all over the country for selected candidates. You can’t prepare much for medical examination but get tested at local clinic. Know you medical status before hand. My story of medical examination is pretty interesting which I will detail later on. Once the medical are over you wait for the results and joining letter. This is going to be the best time of your life. This period between results and joining is full of happiness and joy. I would recommend you to do that which you have always wanted to do. There is no sense of insecurity and you can reflect back on life with contentment. You will feel that all the hard work has been worth doing. You will have no guilt of the past because all is well that ends well. But you should also develop a sense of being an IES , you will have to behave and talk like that. I mean start taking responsibility and show some maturity. Remain ground to earth and don’t be brash for you may ruin all the good will of the people. You may have good knowledge but it takes character to stay at top.

There is one more surprise after the results. The rate of marriage proposals for you will increase exponentially. This itself is lot of fun which your family member will certainly enjoy. Those same girls that you thought difficult to win over , you can now directly talk to their father. He will not think twice before giving his daughter to you. But if you have no such plan, then wait for the proposals to come and select the girl according to your choice. My suggestion is that you should delay marriage as long as you can. Enjoy your life first , adapt to the working conditions and then only think about family.

4 Replies to “After the results”

  1. Sir I m now doing my mtech from a govt college in pune sir can a person prepare for ies along with ies preparation and how is ies officer post good in terms of money and life enjoyment and also the job satisfaction point of view

  2. Sir I am now pursuing mtech course from govt college in pune.sir can a person prepare for ies exam along with mtech and sir how good is this ies officer post in terms of money and life enjoyment and job satisfaction point of view

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