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Q-How is life of an IES officer compared to doing a job in MNC ? What all opportunities can one get?
Ans- In MNC , life is boring and mechanical. In IES life is happening and wonderful. I cann’t  even think of sitting like  robot in front of workstation and doing the same repetitive work again and again. Let me give you a famous example to illustrate my point about how i felt when i was in MNC.

Sisyphus punishment representing absurdity
Sisyphus punishment representing absurdity

There was a man in ancient Greek. He had been condemned to roll a boulder up to a mountain slope and then release it. The boulder would fall down the slope immediately. He had to again pick it up and repeat the same process. This punishment is cruel than death, because it is the perfect example of absurd life one can live. It doesn’t have any meaning. I didn’t want to be like Sisyphus, this life of MNC job would have been the same punishment as meted out to Sisyphus had i stayed there. We are fully humans only if we create something, not just repeat everything. Boredom and absurdity are greater enemies of mankind than Death. I have worked in a Korean MNC for 9 months and I knew that i would be falling into Sisyphean nightmare if i don’t clear  IES
U dont compare Engineering Services with a MNC, In Engineering services u get to serve India. U get to shape India directly. If u only think of money, then u should not be here (We don’t want any more corruption in India). It’s probably the best job in India for an Engineer, u will be paid high enough to lead a happy life. Send your kids to the best school in town, Get u a good home, 4 square meals a day, enough salary to allow u to visit some of the best places in the world.  And of course a lot of respect. E.g Metro man , E Sreedharan

Q-How is IES  officer job in respect to psu in India

Ans-First of all, i want to tell you its really worth the hard work.

Indian Engineering Services is a purely Central Government job and you get Central Government pay scales.

In India, Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) is a term used for a government-owned corporation. The term is used to refer to companies in which the government (either the Union Government or state or territorial governments, or both) owned a majority (51 percent or more) of the company equity.

While you hear that the salaries are lower in comparison to PSUs, it is not always true. As the PSUs enjoy autonomy, the better performing PSUs pay better ( Maharatna or Navratna PSU), then comes the Miniratna ( Category A and B) and then the not so well known and loss making PSUs. Your salary and pay scale completely depends upon the performance of the company you are in.

IES is prestigious because one gets powerful posts and positions where his chair holds responsibilities, that only he has to undertake. But to the contrary, in a PSU a system works, be it (good or bad) and there is a fixed role and you become a part of it. There isn’t much to do in a PSU, because there is a ready-made system for that. Individual contributions or efforts goes unnoticed.

Also if you have apprehensions regarding the career progressions of an IES officer, here is a list which can definitely inspire you to go for IES.
At the time of selection – Assistant Executive Engineer / Assistant Works Manager / Assistant Director.
after 3–4 years of service (including probation period) – Executive Engineer / Works Manager / Deputy Director (equivalent to Under Secretary to Government of India).
after 8 years of service – Superintending Engineer / Deputy General Manager / Joint Director (equivalent to Deputy Secretary to Government of India).
after 13 years of service – Chief Engineer level-2 / Joint General Manager (equivalent to Director to Government of India).
after 20 years of service – Chief Engineer / Additional General Manager (equivalent to Joint Secretary to Government of India).
after 30 years of service – Engineer-in-Chief / Senior General Manager (equivalent to Additional Secretary to Government of India).
after 34 years of service – Chairman / Director General / Managing Director (equivalent to Secretary to Government of India).
Promotions are subjected to availability of vacancies and may take more time than mentioned above.

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