IES Subjective Preparation

Subjective papers in IES are most dreaded things to encounter. This paper is like a test match,  you have to stay at crease…. You have to face most difficult thing on the last day of exam when you are totally worn out. Some students become so hopeless that they don’t appear in this paper. Most of the students have this perception that subjective paper marks are uncertain and erratic. This may be true to some extent but if you do a question correctly then you will get full marks but if there are some mistakes then it is upto examimer to consider your marks. The most important thing is to make up your mind that you are willing to attempt the question with sincerity , not just attempt just for sake of it.  Some say that if you attempt around 300 marks you may get upto 150 marks out of 400. This is a trap , don’t fall for this. I have seen many people attempting over 300 and not getting even 100 marks. This is not your college exam where filling pages will fetch you marks. We all do this in our college but leave this habit at the beginning itself. No of pages don’t give you marks. Write neatly, don’t overemphasize anything.

The syllabus is divided in two parts ..part 1 and part 2 corresponding to paper 1 and paper 2. You should know this detail about your subjects i.e how the paper is divided and no of marks alloted to each section. When you study any topic make sure that you can answer almost anything from that topic. Solve numerical related to that topic in time bound manmer. Subjective paper require intensive study approach , you must be clear with the concept otherwise you will not be able to solve any variation in the question.

Some students prepare selectively thinking that  skipping some topics will not make much difference. So let me tell you that,  UPSC can design question paper in such a way that a single question may contain sub parts from different topic,  therefore your expectations may not convert into reality. The best thing is to prepare for all the topics , only this strategy can save you in case of emergency. If you know all the topics then you can choose selectively which 5 questions out of 8 you will be able to score good marks.

The practice for subjective exam must be done in writing,  it can’t be oral preparation. You should know your weakness and try to remove them. A man must also known his strength and use them . You will come to know it only if you practice on the paper. Keep all your practice notebook with you,  don’t throw them away. Keep all your question paper at one place. Also make a diary where you write your plan of revision and then follow it up. Make habit of writing daily the mistakes you have committed in that diary. Look back at it after few days , and mark your improvement. Self scrutiny is very much important, you become more conscious of yourself.

With these suggestions,  I close here . If you want to say anything , leave it in comments.

Thank you
Best of luck to all

16 Replies to “IES Subjective Preparation”

  1. sir, I am from wb and I am a student of kalyani govt engg college ee branch .The madeeasy postal courses are too costly for me to buy .sir plesase tell me the name of the books from where I will get the more qustions both subjective and objective like we used dinesh or pradips books in our jee preparation please help me .where I will get madeeasy postal xerox materials.

    1. Thank you brother for reading my blog.
      Since I am from CE branch I can’t recommended books for ee branch. Ask toppers in your branch. U can get Xerox class notes of made easy in Delhi markets. These class notes are not available through postal service. U will have to purchase directly.

  2. Hi Amit. Congratulations for clearing IES. I am a 2nd yearite student (EEE) at BITS Pilani. I have a silly question for you :

    How tough is this exam? I didn’t clear IIT-JEE and this exam is far tougher than that. So , I am not confident.Please help me.

    1. I also didn’t clear IIT-JEE but got through this exam in one attempt. Please don’t judge yourself on the basis of failures of past exam. This examination is easy if you have very good knowledge of technical subjects. Develop your interest in solving subjective problems to crack this exam. You study in reputed college ,so make yourself confident enough to give this examination.

    1. I want to help you people, so don’t think that I am getting disturbed.
      These hand written notes are available at places in South Delhi near Made easy centres. You can purchase whole set in one payment. It varies around rs1500-2000
      1. Saket
      2. Hauz khas
      3. Ber Sarai.

      I am giving phone no of Hind Photostat
      1. Lado sarai – 8130782342
      2. Ber Sarai – 9560163471
      3. Ignou road ,Saket – 9654353111

  3. Sir ,I m hitesh I my academic background is not good …however I m doing prepration frm made easy my branch is ece does it affect it on my preparation or in my result can I cleared ies ……as I analyzed many of the ies selected people frm nits or prestigious colleges but I m not from their my aggr is 68.4 plz rpy and told me about the prepretion strategy….my I can do any think for becoming an ies

    1. Your background will have no bearing on your future if you are able to do coaching in Madeeasy. Let me tell you that there have been toppers in IES from lessen known colleges , so you being not form Nit or IIT is not going to make much of the difference. If you do hard work at Madeeasy then success is definitely yours. Try to top in the class tests and test series at Madeeasy.

  4. hello sir,
    from last i was searching for a blog for civil engineering to get a sufficient knowledge of exams like GATE and IES ..finally when i read ur the which gave me good information in all’s just an excellent blog..
    I am presently in third year..and doing btech in civil engineering from MIT,Manipal..
    and in 2016 i will be giving gate and a full 1year is suuficient for preaparation along with regular college classes..!!

  5. I want to ask that being a student of lowest NITs ( NIT NAGALAND) I don’t know my true potential .But due to family problems and education loan and also some other major factors I need to crack this exam at any cost …please tell me the strategy for cracking IES without any coaching?
    I never think that i can crack IES but I need it

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