Preparation without coaching

There are lots of students who can’t join coaching for IES because of various reasons. These students should not feel left out of race for IES.
It is possible to prepare for IES without coaching also , if you have made up your mind.

There are certain disadvantages if you don’t have proper guidance. You don’t know the syllabus , books to study, materials to refer, and how to manage time . To avoid all this, you should start your preparations very early , if possible from the college time itself.

Now there are certain things to do very seriously if you are going to prepare on your own.

1. Make your own notes
Making notes of each and every topic is very important. It is must, you have to do it. Just studying from books is not enough. Purchase classroom notes of any good coaching institute from photocopy shop near these coaching institutes , they are easily available. If you don’t live in Delhi,  make extra effort and get it arranged somehow. They are your core reference material. Use this as a guide to study and, study the chapters from standard text books.  Now make your own notes , very elaborately,  don’t just copy, make it unique. This will take effort but once you have made your own notes , it will be an asset forever. You can also get postal study material of coaching institute . But use this as a reference only , study from good text books of your subjects for understanding the topics

2. Solve previous years question papers
This is another very much important thing to do for preparation. When you finish any topic, look at previous year question to gauge the extent
Of Your preparation. Don’t leave previous years question for the last moment. Solve it side by side. If you want to do more , then go for IAS mains question papers of your respective subject of last 15 years.  It would be more than sufficient.  You can get these materials in Delhi. So make a visit once , and arrange all that you need.  In delhi , places near coaching centre such as Saket, Hauz Khas,  Ber sarai…..have all the latest material for preparation.

3. Join test series
Please join any good online test series for preparation at the last moment.  Do it seriously throughout. If you are getting good ranks in Madeeasy all India test series then it means you have very high chance of cleaning IES. Most of the people ignore test series just because they fear their performance, but face your failures. There are two ways to join the test series i.e online and offline.  For IES offline test series are good but if it is not possible for you , then join online test series. Once the test series are over , make a quick revision of the questions that you couldn’t solve.

4.Make a diary of mistakes.
Keep records of the the mistakes that you have made in separate diary. Write down what went wrong when u solved the problem, your self criticism and future strategy. We tend to forget our mistakes and repeat again . This is the worst thing to do, I.e repeat your mistakes.  Never repeat your mistakes. If you always make new mistakes, then you are on right path. One day will come , when you will not make any mistakes.

This was for the technical preparation, for general ability I have written a separate blog, which you can check.

Best of luck to all.

Hand written notes are available at places in South Delhi near Made easy centres. You can purchase whole set in one payment. It varies around rs1500-2000
1. Saket
2. Hauz khas
3. Ber Sarai.

I am giving phone no of Hind Photostat
1. Lado sarai – 8130782342
2. Ber Sarai – 9560163471
3. Ignou road ,Saket – 9654353111

40 Replies to “Preparation without coaching”

  1. Congratulation Amit sir on your grand success..:-)
    sir , my question is “what should be the preparation strategy for a person who doesn’t want to quit his present job and still prepare for ESE ?
    I would be glad to have ur reply …..
    waiting in anticipation…

    1. Preparation for ESE is possible without coaching. If you are preparing while doing job then time management becomes very important. I have written in my blog whatever i had to say yet if you want any specific answer then you can mail me.

      1. First of all Congratulation
        dear sir, my question is how can i prepare for IES exams as i am working from 9.00am to 7.00pm & sometimes i have to do overtime.I cant quit my job also as am having a huge education loans on my shoulder plz guide me

      2. Sorry for the late reply
        I can understand your situation very well. Let me say that you can prepare for IES while being in job but you will have to be very disciplined and focused.
        Do your best and ultimately it will be paid off in whatever form you get it.

      3. dear sir, site has scanned handwritten notes for electrical n ece branch, so one may download from there .

  2. Sir,
    First of all congratulation for the grand sucess.
    I am a fourth year student of B.Tech ME. With my own preparation, I have got AIR 3478 in GATE 2015. I have decided to sit for GATE 2016 and IES 2016 with my own preparation. Could you please suggest me the name of writers of standard textbooks individually? I will be highly obliged to you.

  3. Thanks sir… really helped.

    Is ncert enough for gs plz reply

    And where i can get ias mech optional papers, on upsc official
    They have only upto last 4 years. Where i can get upto 15 years.
    I have searched on flipkart i didn’t find any.

  4. I am doing mtech in iit bombay(2015-17) i opted for ies this year and expecting for selection this year. What should i do if i got selected, do i have to leave m tech in middle or is there is any way that i can complete my PG.

    Plz reply i am confused. Thanks in advance.

    1. At IRICEN pune, we are getting M.Tech degree in lieu of completion of probation period. So if you are from civil engg, then no nedd to do M.Tech.
      If you want to do ,then at the end you will have to extension of 6 months.

      1. Sir i am from mechanical engineering.

        does mech engi also get ‘M.Tech degree in lieu of completion of probation period’?

        And how ‘extension of 6 months’ affect joining. i mean do i have to skip some probation period to compensate for my 6 months OR i will get training with next year batch or other M. tech student like me.

        Thnks for replying.

  5. Hello sir,
    Congrats…. Inspired alot after reading ur success story… Im engineering graduate 2009 passed out.. Now actually married n I hv a kid too… My situation is really bad now… I can’t go for a job as well cannot do anything.. No support n nothing… But inspit of this I want to win something… Is it possible to get through ies without coaching? Anybody there to guide me through online? Can u pls pls help me?

  6. what is the starting salary at PSU’s preferably IOCL…..
    Sir which one is better a job in PSU or job in IES…..
    Which one gives more salary and perquisites and allowances??????
    Sir pls also tell me that can i prepare for GATE exam from first day of college and if yes then how???
    Sir please guide me because i am really inspired by u to get in IES…or a job in PSU…?????
    Sir please also tell me how can i score good grades in college in mechanical engg.????

  7. congratulation sir…. ths is really a great inspirational blog.. thanku sir..
    sir i want to know what is the minimum marks in 1200 to b on secured side of selection.. and whether final selection is done out of 1200 marks or individual cutoff is thr fr objective fr cnvenstion n fr interview..

  8. sir m a CE student of third year. I am very confused between whether to opt for IES or IAS/IFS(foriegn). I am not able to decide what to opt as my interest lies in both field. I want to start prepration from now but having difficulty to for which side to study. sir please give your suggestion .

    1. If your optional will be civil engineering then you can go for both the exams.
      But first focus on clearing IES as it is relatively easier ,and then go for IAS. IF your optional is any humanities subject then directly go for IAS only.

      1. Sir as told by others that if i take civil in main paper in IAS then the syllabus is very vast ….. which is better taking civil in main or changing the stream by taking humanities or public administrative..

        thannks for your feedback sir

      2. yes it is true that having civil as optional will make your syllabus very vast as there is no overlapping between GS and civil engg.
        But in civil services not everyone gets IAS, there are many who prepare for IAS and ultimately settle with bank PO. If you leave civil engg; it may be a huge risk as you would be loosing even IES. But if you want to play safe then take civil engg, it is obvious that work load will increase.
        Make your own risk assessment and also your aptitude matters a lot in this regard.

  9. Seriously, this is the first time that I am reading this blog & its like I am never gonna leave this.Your words are very inspiring to aspirants like me. THANK YOU VERRRY MUCH SIR

  10. Sir,This blog surely helped me a lot regarding my knowledge about IES and made me think about it.I am currently in 4th year in civil engineering at IIT guwahati.And now I want to start my preparation for IES 2016. I just want to know if I can crack IES in 2016 or should I take coaching and crack it in 2017.Thank you in advance

  11. Hello amit sir its a excellent blog n thank u for ur valuble guidelines . sir can u suggest me strategy for preparing IES civil engineering .n also reference books . i am doing self study .

  12. Sir as syllabi for ESE 2017 is changed,do MadeEasy stuff still have importance like you said (in your post),to arrange those notes?Should I still purchase them?

    1. IF you are preparing for 2016 then they still have the relevance. However, i think madeeasy and other coaching institutes will release new notes according to changed pattern. So , u can wait till then and study by yourself, if you are preparing for 2017.

  13. sir,,,when updated made easy notes will b available for IES 2017? IS exam will b conducted in Feb 2017? plz clarify my doubt sir ?

  14. Congratulations sir, iam a passed out batch of 2016 in civil engineering. I have an CGPA of 7.52,and I haven’t attempt any competitive exams before. For almost one month I have been reading this blog everyday to get an idea of IES regarding preparation strategy. Shall you give me some rough idea regarding time management of study and mock tests. Presently iam not enrolled in any coaching institutes. Is practice matters, a lot ?

  15. sir , i am a civil passed out student in 2016 . due to late sem exm i cnt join coaching in delhi which is far from my home..i give exam in ism dhanbad i selected …so what to do whether i join for mtech r still go for coaching in delhi for ies..plz replyy i m very confused tommorow is my counselling in ism ….plz reply

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