My Medical Examination

After the deceleration of results, all the selected candidates are asked to appear for medical examination. The medical is conducted by railway board for all the departments. The centres are allocated based on your preference in interview form. I am going to write my experience of medical examination.

My medical was scheduled on 24th April 2014 at Gorakhpur. My friend Goutam Rahul Roy who had got 42 rank had his medical on 23rd April 2014 at the same centre. So we decided to plan our journey together. We booked tickets for Gorakhpur and boarded the train on 21 April 2014.

Our journey started on a very fine note. It is typical in railway journeys that we talk to our fellow passengers to pass the time. A person in our compartment started asking about us . We told them about ourselves that we have been selected for Railways through IES. They were extremely happy to hear this and enquired more about us. One of our fellow passenger was section engineer in railways (group B post). He helped us a lot in guiding for our future journey. He called an official at Gorakhpur railway station to book a room for two of us in railway lodge. We were pleasantly surprised , in fact we were hoping to book a hotel there. He even drew a map for us and bid us goodbye.

After reaching railway guest house , we told them our reference and they happily admitted us there. All the group D staff were very happy to receive us . They said ” Saheb ayee hai”. We were not expecting this kind of treatment . All the people were very curious to meet us They told us everything about that place  and helped us in all our requirements. First day went quite well…In evening we went out to take look around that place.

Goutam and Myself at railway guest house at Gorakhpur Railway Station


On they day of medical examination, I set off early to the designated hospital which was nearby where we were staying without eating anything. We first filled out some forms and then got segregated in  two groups.  First test was x-ray test which was over very quickly. Second test was eyes test which included colour blindness test and eyesight test. Third test was urine test.Fourth test was quite interesting, it included physical fitness test. It include height ,weight ,chest expansion , blood pressure test. In the end there was gender test , so u have to get completely naked in front of doctor, sometimes there may be more than one doctor. This was most embarrassing part of test , however you have to go through it. Already it was evening time at the end of these test . An assistant came and called out names of the person who can leave . This was an indication that everything was OK for them whose names have been called. So my name was there, hence I left immediately.

I would like to tell few things about behaviour of lower staff there. They always called as ‘Saheb’ which is reminiscent of British Raj when railway and administration officials where placed at the top of hierarchy. The hangover is still there,it is not going to fade away easily. Some officers like to be called as such…. Once I was passing by a caretaker ,he was sitting on bench while I stood there and enquired about few things. This was noticed was his senior that he was sitting while I was standing. He didn’t do it intentionality but he got reprimanded  for that. This left me speechless. I got a glimpse of life that was to come in railways. It will ultimately depend on me about how I am going to get respect from my juniors. He told he that when you will come here as an officer you too will become like most of them. I replied in negative and assured him that i will be always kind and respectful to my juniors. We should stop this practice of insulting our juniors. We will have to shed this ‘ Saheb’ tag through good behavior.(That person called me when i reached Delhi and asked me when I was coming there as an officer.)

We met one more candidate…Aditya Tripathi who had got 46 AIR. We spent good times together,all three of us. We went to Gorakhnath temple and sought blessing for our medical results. He was a lively person but he worried too much about medical results.Our evenings used to be quire lively. He left a day early for his destination. Next day we boarded the train for Delhi. As usual our fellow passengers showed respect and praised us. They too took our phone numbers and were very happy to meet borth of us. By the time we reached Delhi,we were quite satisfied with our journey.

image      Temple Pond where we spent our evenings

In retrospect I can say that I got a glimpse of life that was to come. I know that IES officers are shown lots of respect in society but challenges are also immense. Trailer was good, full movie is yet to be released.

Thank you


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  1. Vikas Rathore says:

    Sir,what is requirements for eyesight? Does it need to be exact 6/6,I have a lower eyesight 6/18 or so and it is not correctable with glasses.will I be able to clear medical test?

  2. Amit Singh says:

    better eye(corrected vision)-6/6
    worse eye-6/9
    limit of refractive error permitted- +4.00D

  3. sir what about person with spects?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      specs are no issue.
      Only power should not be greater that their specification.(i think it is 4D)

      1. uma shankar barnawal says:

        sir I wear glasses of -5D. Am I be able to pass the medical examination of IES? What the branches in which I am eligible

      2. Amit Singh says:

        In respect of the Technical Service, the total amount of myopia (including
        the cylinder) shall not exceed—4,00 D. Total amount of
        Hypermetropia (including the cylinder) shall not
        exceed+400D :
        Non-Technical service is
        1.Indian Railway Store Service
        2.Indian Supply Service(Group-A)

      3. uma shankar barnawal says:

        sir have a look on the below pdf they have allotted technical departments to candidates having myopia>-4, is this the final allotment??
        first go to this link:-,1,304,366,530, their go for the the cotted pdf “ESE 2013 – Allocation of Services”.
        thank you

      4. Amit Singh says:

        Yes, this is the same file for final allotment of ESE 2013

      5. uma shankar barnawal says:

        sir then technical services are allotted to candidates having myopia>-4D ???

      6. uma shankar barnawal says:

        sir, then technical services are allotted to candidates having Myopia>-4D??

      7. Amit Singh says:

        if your myopia is not pathological then you have more services open for you
        Provided that in case a candidate in respect of the Services classified as “Technical” (other than the Services
        under the Ministry of Railways) is found unfit on grounds of high myopia the matter shall be referred to a special boards of three Opthalmologists to declare whether this myopia is Pathological or not. In case it is not pathological the candidate shall be declared fit provided he fulfils the visual requirements otherwise.

        In every case of myopia funds examination should be carried out and the results recorded. In the event of any pathological condition being present which is likely to be progressive and affect the efficiency of the candidate, he shall be declared unfit.

  4. prakash kumar says:

    Hiii friend,
    I am working in PSU and preparing for IES 2015 exam. I have one doubt regarding medical exam.
    1. Audiometry test (related to ear)is checked in medical exam of IES ???? Please explain dost.
    2) what are the tests performed for EAR ???

  5. prakash kumar says:

    Hiii. i think you will be having this information ..plz help

    When NOC from PSU or govt guys is to submitted in IES inteview ??

    can one submit NOC after interview ?? Because taking NOC from PSU is diificult . I think you can understand.

    Medical test are conducted just after interview ??

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Actually there is no separate NOC required to be submitted. There is an undertaking to be given to UPSC that you have informed your HOD of the company where you are working at present.You have to just inform officially to your department,they can’t stop you from appearing in the interview. This undertaking is in the Detailed Application Form which you have to fill before appearing for the interview.

      Medical test are conducted after the final result has been declared.

  6. prakash kumar says:

    Thanks for your reply yar. Could you share DAF if you have ???? I think one can resign after confirmation of medical test?

    One more help plz dont mind ..

    1. Audiometry test (related to ear)is checked in medical exam of IES ???? Please explain dost.
    2) what are the tests performed for EAR ???

    1. Amit Singh says:

      I will share my DAF here on this blog at appropriate times.
      I will also post about all medical requirements in detail, so wait for few days

  7. rajashekar says:

    hi sir,i can’t read ishihara sheets i have color blindness …i belongs to E&T am i eligible
    which departments allow me for posting…thank u

    1. Amit Singh says:

      For the Railway Engineering Services (Civil, Electrical, Signal and Mechanical) and other service connected with the safety of the public, Higher grade of colour vision is essential but for others lower grade of colour vision should be considered sufficient.

      1. Rajashekar says:

        Thank you sir,your blog helping lot IES aspirants.And we are expecting complete medical examination details in your blog.thank you

  8. Ashutosh says:

    Sir , I had Tuberculosis . It shows in X ray . I am fit and fine in any manner than any other now . I run every day , been to heights like 14,000 feet . I am fit now . But the chest X ray is not clean .
    Any way I can know if I am eligible ? (I cleared SSB of Defence services , but was declared medically unfit for the same . )

    1. Amit Singh says:

      There is no specific guidelines about tuberculosis but following points can be noted/

      Radiographic examination of the chest for detecting any abnormality of the heart and lungs, which may not be apparent by ordinary physical examination will be restricted to only such candidates who are declared finally successful at the concerned Engineering Services Examination.The decision or the Chairman of the Central Standing
      Medical Board (conducting the medical examination of the concerned candidate) about the fitness of the candidate shall be final.

      A candidate shall be in such health:-

      that the chest is well formed and his chest
      expansion is sufficient and that his heart and
      lungs are sound;

      that he does not bear traces of acute chronic
      disease pointing to an impaired constitution;

      that he is free from communicable disease.

  9. raul says:

    Hi Amit,
    I have done Lasik, what departments am I eligible for. I am from Electrical.
    Also what rank should I aim for in this respect.

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Radial Keratotomy/Laser Correction etc. shall be considered as disqualification for appointment in Railway Technical Services (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics). Permitted correction for conforming to prescribed visual standards is spectacles only.. You will most probably get Store Services or Supply Services. However it is upto discretion of medical board.

      1. raul says:

        Thanks for throwing some light on this issue Sir.
        Now just two departments out of the whole bunch really narrows down my chances though.
        How are these two departments Amit, and what should I expect out of IES 2015. Shall I now prepare thoroughly for Gate and secure a PSU backup.. Or what else.. ES was something I was aiming for leaving other PSU offer letters. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. This is my second attempt and this time I wanted to focus on and get IES which I didn’t do last time.

      2. Amit Singh says:

        IT is upto the medical board to allot what they think suits your medical conditions. In any case, u will be declared partially unfit,so that means most of the technical services of railways will be out of bounds for you. I think you should look for other options as well while preparing for IES. Even in PSU there is medical examination …so it is not going to easy road for you. Hope you do your best.

      3. raul says:

        Easy or not I will traverse the road with all my efforts come what may to become an IES officer. Thanks for your guidance Amit, for further academic and moral guidance I will be following your blog. Untill this year I couldn’t get such good source on internet.

  10. Raj Sharma says:

    hello sir, first of all many congratulations to you for your selection. sir i want to ask you about the skin test in medical examination? like do they check for acne and related marks on skin?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      No, they didn’t check facial or other minor features of the body. Overall you should be in good health.

      1. Raj Sharma says:

        actually sir i have acne scars on my back and the medical standards state that any inveterate skin disease will lead to disqualification? so will this be a problem?

      2. Amit Singh says:

        It is not the necessary condition to qualify for medical exam. It is just an desired condition , however final decision rests with medical board.

  11. prakash says:

    Hii.. plz throw some light on medical test for ear …. specially AUDIOMETRY test for ear during medical examination of IES.

    1. Amit Singh says:

      I am almost at the verge of completing post on medical requirements. It will be posted this month.


    sir…does upsc give more preferance to core engineering branches like mechanical or civil?? if a student belongs to automobile stream , he will not be selected in interview inspite of clearing the written examination…

    1. Amit Singh says:

      There is no such bias against non core branches. Please understand that interview is a very uncertain event. The average marks varies from 90-115 out of 200. So if you prepare well that you can easily score more than 110 out of 200. People event score upto 150.

  13. puneet says:

    hi. i have partial color blindness. i am preparing for ies(civil). could you please tell me which posts i am eligible for?

  14. Hemant Yadav says:

    hello sir !iam a civil engineering student who has just cleared written exam of ESE 2015…i want to know that except railways do we have other deppt which allow ” COLOUR BLIND PEOPLE “.i have partial colour blind cant read ishiara test plate completly…plzz sir iam quite confuse u r the last hope

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Technical Services or posts requiring higher grade
      colour Perception :—
      (i) Railway Engineering Services.
      (ii) Indian Defence Service of Engineer (IDSE).
      (iii) Central Engineering Service (Roads).
      (iv) Central Power Engineering Service. (Gr. ‘A’ and
      Gr. ‘B’)
      (v) Assistant Executive Engineer (Group ‘A’) in the
      Corps of EME.
      (vi) BRES Group ‘A’ in Border Roads Organisation.

      Technical Service or posts requiring lower grade colour
      perception :—
      (i) Central Engineering Service.
      (ii) Central Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
      (iii) Indian Naval Armament Service.
      (iv) Indian Naval Stores Service.
      (v) Indian Ordnance Factory Service.
      (vi) Central Water Engineering Service.
      (vii) Engineer Group ‘A’ in Wireless Planning and
      Coordination Wing/Monitoring Organisation

  15. Mansi says:

    What if the person has undergone through the eye surgery and having contact lenses

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