IES Objective Preparation

IES examination consists of 2 objective papers on second day.The syllabus is divided into two parts:- Objective paper 1 and Objective Paper 2. You should be thorough with the syllabus of both the papers.

Objective examinations are about speed and accuracy. They test your problem solving skills in very limited time. There are few points you should keep in mind while preparing for objective exam.

1. GATE:-GATE paper is largely similar to IES objective but GATE in more analytical than IES. However you need different strategies to handle these two paper. No. Of questions and their difficulty also vary. GATE is more innovative than IES. UPSC is not very innovative in engineering examinations. Objective exams are scoring but you must have conceptual clarity. GATE is held in January/February, so preparing for GATE definitely helps in IES objective exam. The bottom line is that you can prepare simultaneously for GATE and IES objective.

2. SPEED:-In IES objective paper,there are 120 questions of 200 marks which are to be solved in 2 hour duration. So 1 question per minute should be the rate of solving question. Therefore you should practice objective questions using a watch and sticking to the time. Attempt at least 100 questions. Students are already scoring very good marks in objective papers.Try to maintain speed at the rate of 60 questions per hour. You can’t lower your speed than this else disaster is waiting for you. In one of the paper I could reach up to only 30 questions in one hour so in the next hour i went through 90 question. This is was very risky thing to do. If i had not maintained speed in last hour then you can well imagine the situation. So maintain a steady rate of 60 questions per hour.

3. INSURANCE:-Getting marks in subjective exam is very uncertain but you can be sure of getting every marks in objective exam if you attempt the questions correctly. So here lies the answer to all your worries. Score so well in objective papers that even if you get average marks in subjective exam ,you are pretty safe and still in the race. This is like insurance policy where you get assured returns. If your subjective exam also goes well then your are on the path of being a topper. Always dream of becoming a topper never a qualifier.

5. EXTENSIVE STUDY:-There is a difference between the study pattern when you prepare for objective examination. In subjective study more depth is required but objective papers require wider coverage of the topic. So you have to study extensively for objective and intensively for subjective. Cover almost every topic from far reaches of the books. Don’t leave anything, even study unconventional things.Observe the type of objective questions that are asked from that particular topic. Subjective exam requires practice but objective paper demand a good memory and analytical skills. The more you remember , the better it is. You will have to study from standard textbooks to prepare for objective exam because these demand wider coverage of topic.

14 Replies to “IES Objective Preparation”

  1. Sir you have created a nice blog for IES aspirants who are in the dark reagrding the nature of the job 🙂 Sir can you tell about the facilities of taking study leave abroad or in India for a phd?Does the railways allow this?What are the areas where we can take study leave for a phd particularly?

  2. Congratulations Amit on clearing IES….It would be kind of you if u plz help with me following question….Does solving previous year question of ies thoroughly wud make my chance in upcoming ies..

    1. If you are able to solve previous year question paper without looking at the solution manual, then you can say that 70% of preparation has been done. Rest 30% preparation should be based on your own specific needs.

  3. Hi sir. pls help me out.i am in 3rd year right now but i want to appear in ese-2015 just for testing my preparation.can i appear for it.will it not create any problem next year

    1. No, you can’t appear in third year because you are not eligible. Upsc maintain records of examination, so when you write examination next time you will have to mention that whether you have given any previous attempts. Wait for one more year to write the exam, for practice you can join test series.

  4. congratulations sir for ur success but i am a female candidate n a civil engineer ….my dady is in railways….but i see him go through difficult situations….i have a very high eq;) i am afraid of handling people …maybe in d future i change but its the truth is d job suited for girls….plzzzzz help sir…genuinely i am not able to decide

    1. It is true fact that In Railways you will have to handle lot of people as an officer,from the first posting itself. You father is in railways ,he may be better guide than me but let me say that untill you have people to command ,you will not feel like an officer. There are other post also where public dealing is less but work challenge is not there. Girls do join IRSE, it not the case that they are afraid of handling people. AS an officer ,you will be provided with adequate manpower and resources to handle the situation. IF you feel emotionally weak , then trey meditation and other practices to calm the mind.

  5. yes sir u r right …speaking of my father when he sees me performing well in my tests, he feels dat d post n my responsibilities wud teach me to survive n succeed once i reach der…n d vice versa fr a poor performance …all d information u hav provided here is extremely useful ..u r an inspiration fr aspiring candidates like me…i am truly obliged to have a word with u …thank you

  6. Sir, I’m currently in 3rd year ,Is there any difference in the preparation strategies for gate and ies and when is the right time to focus on subjective part of ies?

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