Study leave in Indian Railways

Granted to a Railway employee for:

1. Higher studies or undergoing training in professional and technical subjects having a direct and close connection with the sphere of his duties.
2. A study capable of widening one’s mind in manner likely to improve his abilities as a Railway employee.
3. Studies connected with the framework or background of public administration.
4. Advantageous to the Government from the point of view of public interest and related to his duties of Railway employee.
5. Not granted for academic/literary pursuits.
6. Should be liberally granted particularly to scientific, technical and administrative staff. For study outside India, permission of Finance Ministry should be obtained.
7.  Study leave out of India shall not be granted for the prosecution of studies in subjects for which adequate facilities exist in India or under any of the Schemes administered by the Department of Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Finance or by the Ministry of Education.

Period of leave:-

  • Max period of 24 months in the entire service of a Railway employee and upto 12 months at a time.
  • Combined with other type of leave with leave salary (LAP/LHAP) excluding extra ordinary leave(ExL) leave can be permitted upto 36 months for a Railway employee doing PhD.

Leave salary during study leave. —(1) During study leave availed outside India a Railway  servant  shall  draw  leave  salary  equal  to  the  pay  (without  allowances  other  than  dearness allowance)that the Railway servant drew while on duty immediately before proceeding on such leave, in addition to the study allowance admissible in accordance with the provisions of rules 8 to 10 .

(2) (a)   During study leaves availed in India, a Railway servant shall draw leave salary equal
to the pay (without allowances other than dearness allowances) that the Railway servant drew while
on duty immediately before proceeding on such leave.

(b)  Payment  of  leave  salary  at  full  rate  under  clause  (a)  shall  be  subject  to  furnishing  of  a
certificate by the Railway servant to the effect that he is not in receipt of any scholarship, stipend or
remuneration in respect of any part-time employment.

(c )  The amount, if any received by a Railway servant during the period of study leave as
scholarship or stipend or remuneration in respect of any part time employment as envisaged in sub-
rule (2) of rule 8, shall be adjusted against the leave salary payable under this sub-rule subject to the
condition that the leave salary shall not be reduced to an amount less than that payable as leave salary
during half pay leave.

(d)  No study allowance shall be paid during study leave for courses of study in India.


  • The employee has to execute a bond specifying that he wont resign / retire for 3 years after the expiry of leave failing which he will have to refund all the leave salary and other expenses incurred by Railways.
  • Not granted to those with less than 5 years of service and due to retire within 3 years after the expiry of leave.
  • Study leave by Railway servants who resign / retire / quit service without returning to duty or quit service within a period of three years after return to duty / who fail to complete the course of study and are thus unable to furnish the certificate as required in the Study Leave Rules, shall be converted into regular leave standing at his credit on the date on which the study leave commenced.
  • Any regular leave taken in continuation of study leave being suitably adjusted for the purpose and the balance of the period of study leave, if any, which cannot be so converted, treated as extraordinary leave.
  • The balance of study leave thus converted into extraordinary leave due to deficiency in the leave account shall not be counted as qualifying service for pensionary benefits.
  • Period spent on study leave shall be counted for earning both Leave on Average Pay and also Leave on Half Average Pay from 04/01/2011[1](before 04/01/2011 – not for earning leave other than LHAP).

Service/ Seniority

  • Period will count as service for promotion.

Sanctioning authority

  • Gazetted Officers – Railway Board
  • Non-Gazetted Officers – GM


10 Replies to “Study leave in Indian Railways”

  1. Sir a good article and thanks for posting this 🙂 What are the areas where Railways prefers their Engineering officers to get higher qualification?Is it science of engineering related field (like msc mtech or phd) incase of Railway engineers?I am asking this because the rules say that literary pursuit will not be encouraged through study leave.


    Does IES officer get any opportunity to go abroad for Higher studies like MBA/ MS etc. does he get 100% Scholar/financial backup by government ?

    Does every IES officer get govt. accommodation ?

    Does IES officer get any type of security/security guard (In office & home) ?

    What is the future of IES officer after retirement & what facilities are provided by government after his retirement ?

    What is the future of IES officer when he switch from govt. service to Private companies (MNC’s) ?

    Why IES officer is such a low paid officer in comparison to MP’s/MLA’s/, Private companies/MNC employees, PSU’s ?

    Like we have UPSC in India for top most govt. jobs. What is the similar kind of services in other countries like USA, Europe etc. ?

  3. I am ALP in indian railways but i’ve not completed 5 years of service and i want to prepare for IES,can i get study leave? Also, If I am selected in IES and get railways then my service period(as an ALP)/seniority will be counted for promotion or not?

    1. The study leave is not given for preparation of exam, it is granted for higher studies. You will have to take some other kind of leave.

      If you get selected as IES in railways , then your seniority of ALP will not be considered. You will start afresh. However ,your bond can be transferred.

  4. Sir I am very much interested in my mechanical engineering subjects…so I want to become a researcher…So please tell me where will I get a job as a researcher…my parents want me to prepare for IES but I came to know that in IES I have do management work mainly…So I can’t do this type of job…I want to do a job where I will be doing something creative and innovative please tell me sir should I really go for IES ?

    1. If you want to be a researcher , then don’t join IES. You should pursue academic carrier. In IES, you will be doing management work only and your technical knowledge may not be utilized to its fullest.
      Don’t come under the pressure of your parents. They may not know the nature of job that you will be having in IES.

  5. Sir, My father is declared medical unfit and now, on behalf of them i will be getting job. I am studying in degree engineering now and complete 2 years. Still 2 years are remaining.
    I will get the job on based on 12th pass. And i also want to complete my degree education. What should I do now ?
    How it is possible to complete ?

  6. Sir, I m third year civil engineering student in IITG .I am preparing for ESE , my question is how much probability will be their for me to go abroad for higher studies if i gets selected in ESE ?

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