Confused between IES and IAS

Actually, this is the absurd question to begin with. Let me explain origin of this question.
There should be no confusion to begin with but we are mortal human beings and we get deceived by our inner nature. I said it so because nothing in this world can satisfy our thirst, no power, no money. We want others to hold us in high esteem. This desire is inherent in us but a fallout of this desire is that we continuously pursue to look good in eyes of others. This is called self-deception. Everybody wants to be a hero. If everyone realizes this, then there would be devastating release of truth in the society. All of us can’t become hero in the same movie. We have to choose our own movies i.e we should know what we are doing to achieve this sense of personal heroism. We are nurtured to love money and power, not the work that we do. In India, society values post not the person. Even if a very talented person works on the lower post, he gets ridiculed by his seniors. We follow strict rules of hierarchy, so as a result everyone wants to be on top. So let us start from here and ask this question. I want to be on top what should i do?

The answer to this above question is simple : – create. Yes, you have to create something in life that will outlive your own individual lives.

IES and IAS are both Group A Gazetted officer jobs. Generally engineering students especially civil, electrical, and mechanical students get confused in the final year of the college as to which strategy to adopt. The strategy if fairly simple.

If you are going to retain your engineering subject as your optional in IAS exam, then you must also appear for IES in your final year of college. Performance in IES exam will become your benchmark for IAS. I am saying this because the subjective exam of optional subject will be almost same in both the exams. The difficulty level will also match. Moreover if you qualify for IES, it will be a very good backup option since you are still going to be an officer. There are students who have become IAS after IES but I can’t say if they retain their optional subject.

If you are not very much interested in your own engineering branch, then don’t look towards IES. Choose a social science optional for IAS preparation from beginning itself. I have seen some students who start preparing for IAS, switch to IES and then ultimately settle for bank P.O. You shouldn’t fall into this trap. Neither overestimate nor underestimate your strengths or weaknesses. So, there is a popular saying “Know thyself”. Our Decision for the future should be based on our own realistic self-assessment.

IES is highly technical and specialised job of Government of India while IAS is administrative job of generalised nature. An IES officer has to deal with specific questions of technical nature while as IAS officer is expected to hold diverse portfolios in his entire career span. IAS/IPS officers hold in high respect and esteem in the society but at the same time they can be victims of public perception of being corrupt and inefficient. IES officers are less well known in society expect perhaps railways in particular. This is so because IES have to deal less with public. This is I see as biggest benefits of IES. Less political interference, less public pressure, more technical nature of job, and a respectable standing in society were my main concerns and I happy that I have begun in the right direction. But if you want more social recognition then go for IAS. However there have been certain individuals of very high standing in society even in IES ,one of them is E. Sreedharan who is too well known to be introduced here. If you do your work honestly than you too can achieve what you want.

Respect and position should be earned on the basis of work done for the society. Just occupying a particular post doesn’t entitle you to oppress others. So this question of choosing between IES and IAS should be done based on your own perception of your strength and reality in which you live in.





95 Replies to “Confused between IES and IAS”

  1. sir i completed my B.Tech in 2015,and working in IT company. Now i decided to go for government job. i have good knowledge on my engineering stream but i require some revision. But i want to appear on civil services where i don’t have any knowledge for which i decided to go coaching. Plz guide which is suite for me IES or IAS.
    If IAS Plz also suggest which coaching center is better which teaches from basics.


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