Confused between IES and IAS

Actually, this is the absurd question to begin with. Let me explain origin of this question.
There should be no confusion to begin with but we are mortal human beings and we get deceived by our inner nature. I said it so because nothing in this world can satisfy our thirst, no power, no money. We want others to hold us in high esteem. This desire is inherent in us but a fallout of this desire is that we continuously pursue to look good in eyes of others. This is called self-deception. Everybody wants to be a hero. If everyone realizes this, then there would be devastating release of truth in the society. All of us can’t become hero in the same movie. We have to choose our own movies i.e we should know what we are doing to achieve this sense of personal heroism. We are nurtured to love money and power, not the work that we do. In India, society values post not the person. Even if a very talented person works on the lower post, he gets ridiculed by his seniors. We follow strict rules of hierarchy, so as a result everyone wants to be on top. So let us start from here and ask this question. I want to be on top what should i do?

The answer to this above question is simple : – create. Yes, you have to create something in life that will outlive your own individual lives.

IES and IAS are both Group A Gazetted officer jobs. Generally engineering students especially civil, electrical, and mechanical students get confused in the final year of the college as to which strategy to adopt. The strategy if fairly simple.

If you are going to retain your engineering subject as your optional in IAS exam, then you must also appear for IES in your final year of college. Performance in IES exam will become your benchmark for IAS. I am saying this because the subjective exam of optional subject will be almost same in both the exams. The difficulty level will also match. Moreover if you qualify for IES, it will be a very good backup option since you are still going to be an officer. There are students who have become IAS after IES but I can’t say if they retain their optional subject.

If you are not very much interested in your own engineering branch, then don’t look towards IES. Choose a social science optional for IAS preparation from beginning itself. I have seen some students who start preparing for IAS, switch to IES and then ultimately settle for bank P.O. You shouldn’t fall into this trap. Neither overestimate nor underestimate your strengths or weaknesses. So, there is a popular saying “Know thyself”. Our Decision for the future should be based on our own realistic self-assessment.

IES is highly technical and specialised job of Government of India while IAS is administrative job of generalised nature. An IES officer has to deal with specific questions of technical nature while as IAS officer is expected to hold diverse portfolios in his entire career span. IAS/IPS officers hold in high respect and esteem in the society but at the same time they can be victims of public perception of being corrupt and inefficient. IES officers are less well known in society expect perhaps railways in particular. This is so because IES have to deal less with public. This is I see as biggest benefits of IES. Less political interference, less public pressure, more technical nature of job, and a respectable standing in society were my main concerns and I happy that I have begun in the right direction. But if you want more social recognition then go for IAS. However there have been certain individuals of very high standing in society even in IES ,one of them is E. Sreedharan who is too well known to be introduced here. If you do your work honestly than you too can achieve what you want.

Respect and position should be earned on the basis of work done for the society. Just occupying a particular post doesn’t entitle you to oppress others. So this question of choosing between IES and IAS should be done based on your own perception of your strength and reality in which you live in.





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  1. saurav vishal says:

    If someone has opted for engineering or any other speciality professional course in his/her undergraduate course then he should stick to it in their entire life and do justice to your choice and if someone decide to go for anything generalised on basis of social.perception then they are cheating and failing themselves, their own choice. To serve society or country one doesnt need be a hero, ias,ies,ips, politician etc. It can be done while following your dreams and decisions. There is famous saying “charity begins at home”. So follow your inner voice and not just what others say. I am an engineer and i ll be one my entire life.

  2. Ek says:

    Sir I would like to know if I can extend my joining date of railways by 10 days as I will be appearing for civil services mains exam this year 2015. civil services mains exam will be starting from 19 December and go on for a week. Sir irrespective of the procedure I would just like to know if it is possible or not. So I can start my preparation without any anxiety. Thank you

    1. Amit Singh says:

      You will easily get extension in joining for appearing in civil services. There will be lot many candidates who will ask for extension and it happens every year. So start your preparation without any worry.

      1. Ek says:

        Thanks a lot sir 🙂

  3. Kunal says:

    Hello Sir
    1st request i am very nervous and agitated, frustrated so plz plz read this shit and help me…i have no one to share my thoughts with…

    Sir i completed my graduation from NIT Kurukshetra in 2014. I had two campus jobs both core. I did not join any job but started preparing for IES 2015. Truly speaking i did not study for the past 10 months. I went home during preparatory holidays for GATE and that turned out to be my biggest mistake as at home i was not able to study. I got 1200 rank in gate got demoralized. After 25 days i have my IES paper.

    I did not study bcoz i dont know what to do in life…there are things which i have thought.

    1) Sometimes i want to join IRSE (but my parents did a blunder and admitted me late to my school moreover my birth date was not modified. 99 % people modify their birth days so that their age becomes less). So i am going to turn 25 this october.all my friends are two years younger to me…now if give IES 2016 i will join at 27 which implies i will never reach to the top of the rank GM or DRM in IRSE due to age constraints…

    2) I also think that the coming year i should prepare both for IAS & IES..if i clear IAS well n good..if a get poor rank i will take IRS and do part time teaching at Made Easy..else if i clear IES then take CPWD in Delhi and teach part time at made easy..(as railways i told you i have age constraints)..I have kept Teaching at Made Easy an option because till date i am not corrupt and i would like to keep it that way.

    Now the thing is due to my poor GATE rank i will not get mtech admiision in any IIT (only preferred is DELHI ). So my biggest problem is what should i do ???

    1) Should i join DCE (i dont know about toughness level of mtech at dce) and pursue mtech from there and prepare simutlaneously for IES n IAS taking civil..or just prepare for IES from DCE taking MTECh

    2) or should i take a drop again(but tat i dont want as it is very frustrating) and prepare separately for IES n IAS…

    SIR IES 2015 is 25 days away i dont know what to do..plz help me..i left two campus offer jobs..and after one year i have nothing…i could not study this year bcoz my goal was not clear hence the lack in motivation….sir help i am really getting sick of it.. i have to clear my thoughts else i will fail again…kya karu sir mai…plz plz help me sir…hoping for a early positive reply..

    1. Amit Singh says:

      So you didn’t study for last 10 months and now you have a realization that you are not going to succeed this year. So , you have already started preparing for next year’s attempt. Since the time you have wasted can’t come back now therefore you should stop feeling guilty about yourselves

      1. Try to give your best attempt, whatever is possible in next 25 days.
      2. Don’t take a drop for the next year.
      3. Yes , you are right , you should prepare for both IES and IAS if your optional is same as the subject in IES.
      4.Join DCE, pursue M.TECh there and prepare side by side.
      5. If your technical is strong then teaching at madeeasy is also a good option to consider other than doing M.TECH. They pay handsomely to talented people.
      6. Don’t get hopeless for next 25 days , and just do your duty.

    2. ROSHAN GUJAR says:

      give me your contact no. ..same condition ofmine like you…..
      plzzz help me out

    3. Pradeep says:

      I think kunal you are fooling yourself, you want to grab all jobs in one hand and dont want to do anythiing, you are a day dreamer. If you join any IES or PSU job then indian constitution will not allow you to teach in made easy and you are saying that you are honest. Second IAS IES MTech Job….. your goal is not decided so selecting in IAS is zero for you…. If you dont change this habit then clearing IES will also become zero and if you are good in technical then do mtech and do made easy full time teaching

  4. Kunal says:

    thnx alot Amit sir for replying me on such short notice…You are doing a noble job indeed…

  5. Naveen sharma says:

    Sir, i am new on this website and i am surprised you (a gazetted officer) are answering every kınd and down to earth.and sır i am in ECE 3rd year completed
    IF I READ SUBJECTS 10 TIMES CAN I HAVE CHANCE TO SUCCEED and how much preparation will be completed after doing

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Well reading a subjects 10 times is more than enough. In ECE competition is at peak, so you need to have a very good memory along with understanding of your technical subjects. If you can control your mind then you can do anything, so along with studies do some activities which improves your memory and concentration

  6. SOUVIK says:

    31YEARS OLD, working in Power PSU for 7 years, ECE stream,but yet to clear IES for few marks for last 3 years what should I do IAS/IES /?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      For ECE stream there is no corresponding optional subject in IAS, therefore you will have to take a completely new subject and then prepare for it from the beginning. IF you have been preparing for IES for past few years then, it would be advisable to go IES instead of IAS ,as you would have to start preparation from beginning itself.

  7. chandan soni says:

    Sir first of all u are doing a great job….
    Sir i am first year engg. student at private college of uptu…
    I want to ask u how could i prepare for GATE exam from first day of college……
    I am also confused between GATE and IES..
    what is the starting salary at PSU’s preferably IOCL…..
    How could i get first rank in ME in college????
    Does 7th pay commission also applies on salaries in psu or not……..
    Sir my main problem is whether i should prepare for GATE to get a job in psu’s or i should prepare for IES to get a reputed job in railways………
    Sir pls pls help me as i am from a lower middle class family and i need a job to support my family and become independent as soon as possible………..

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Let me tell you that GATE and IES preparation are not different from each other. Infact till gate exam ,students focus on GATE only and then start subjective preparation for GATE. Take a look a syllabus of both and you will understand what i am saying.

      1. chandan soni says:

        Thank u very much sir….
        I am glad that an IES officer answered my question…

    2. chandan soni says:

      what is the starting salary at PSU’s preferably IOCL…..
      Sir which one is better a job in PSU or job in IES…..
      Which one gives more salary and perquisites and allowances??????
      Sir pls also tell me that can i prepare for GATE exam from first day of college and if yes then how???
      Sir please guide me because i am really inspired by u to get in IES…or a job in PSU…?????
      Sir please also tell me how can i score good grades in college in mechanical engg.????

  8. Aravind Ramachandran says:

    Sir,I came to know that the salary given in PSU’s are rather higher than that given in IES.Is it true…? How can a Group A officer get a lower income than an engineer in PSU..That doesn’y sound me good…Could you please explain…?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      In-hand salary in PSu may be more than in IES because of large number of allowances. This thing is not static, in some months you will get more salary in railways and in next month slalary in psu will be higher,it all happens due to field allowances and other kind of allowances. The best thing would be to calculate CTC of both of them and then do a comparison.

  9. Deepak Singh Chauhan says:

    Hi, I have done MS from IIT after my BE , now i am keen to clear IES, i need to ask that whether my MS degree will have some wattage at time on interview’s or after selection in IES ?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      During interview, it may give you little edge if you impress them with answers related to MS but in job it will have no advantage.

  10. Kirty says:

    Hello sir, i am new to this site and first of all want to thank you for giving lots of information through this site. I have completed my graduation in ECE in 2014.Now i am working in software company in Bangalore.Since my college days i am very interested in IES but due to some reason i had choosed to join the job first after college. I had completed my graduation very late in my career.Now I am 26 years old. I want to ask a question that if now i start preparation is it very late to start with it as i have read in earlier blogs about some age constraint in IRSE ? Can you give me some information about the age constraint in different sectors which IES covers? And is it possible to compete IES exam in ECE if i am simultaneously working in an IT sector? Kindly guide me as i am very confused as I am already very late.

    1. Amit Singh says:

      First of all ,ECE students become IRSSE not IRSE. It is called Indian Railways Service of Signal Engineers.
      What do you mean by age constraints?
      I don’t get it. You can sit in this exam upto 31 years of age.

      1. Kirty says:

        Thanks a lot for your reply sir

  11. amit says:

    hello sir ,can we go for ias after becoming ies officer? And what type of optional subject shall I choose for ias…..?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      You can definitely do that. Optional subject depends on you only. Generally students take engineering optionals.

  12. Aravind Ramachandran says:

    Sir,First of all I wanna thank you for sharing useful information related to IES with us.
    I have some doubts to get clarified.

    1.If I were working in a private company, Should I submit Non-Objection Certificate during my Interview…?
    2.If yes,How will a Private sector issue an NOC to its worker…?
    3.If NOC is not submitted,shall I be permitted to attend the interview continuing as a Private employee…?

  13. Ankit Dwivedi says:

    Hello Amit sir..m doing my 3rd year from Nit Allahabad,civil engg..I want to give ies xam in my final year..I score good marks in the college examz but my concepts are not very strong….I was a very good student from very beginning bt I always require support from teachers which m nt getting im my college (they just jot down everything from a sheet on the should I go on from now??will joining a coaching centre like made easy after my btech be of ny help??

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Coaching institutes can be of great help if you join them at proper time. I would suggest you to join weekend classes in you final year of college for IES preparations.

  14. Mohan S says:

    Hello sir,I am Mohan Shirsath from Nashik..I am in 3rd year of Civil Engg. And want to succeed in IES.If I prepare for all the subjects which I’ll be facing in next 2 years well,then is it possible to crack ESE-2017 at the age of 21 ?

  15. anirudh says:

    I am currently doing B.TECH in Electrical & Electronics(3rd yr). I want to be a Civil Servant(IAS particular) but at the same time i also realize the difficulty level of it as well as success ratio, so i don’t want to leave my field(ELECTRICAL).
    Moreover i opt to take Geography as my optional subject.
    So i m little confused to pursue which carrier as my strong interest is in Civil Services.

    1. Amit Singh says:

      If your strong interest is in civil services and you want to take geography as optional then don’t look towards IES because you will not be able to focus on any of them. However if you want to create a backup option first then go for IES. It is true that IES is relatively easier and predictable than civil services. Also there is no scaling of marks in engg services. Taking everything into consideration , make your decision.

  16. samrat says:

    sir ,is difficulty level of ies and ias exam electrical engineering same?.means i am not asking about syllabus ,i just want to ask the level of questions asked in both exams in electrical level same or level of ias is high?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Yes the difficulty level of IES subjective papers and IAS optional paper in engineering papers are same. But the format of question and marks changes

  17. Ankit says:

    Hello sir, i am new to this site and first of all want to thank you for giving lots of information through this site. I am a 3rd year mechanical engg student from nit Suratkhal . I am confused between pvt job, IAS , IES GATE. Which is better ? How to decide ?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      IAS is at the top. It overshadows all the services. Decision should be based on considering all the possible factors. If you have patience to sit for 3-4 years after graduation than you can go for civil services. However if you are unable to decide then go for IES first.

  18. arun678 says:

    Hi I just came across your blog. I would like to discuss few things about IES exam. Prior to that If u don’t mind I would like to know about you. When did u clear your IES exam? How many attempts were made? More than the strategies you have applied for your exam I need your help to what strategies I could imply. Right now I m taking coaching for gate. Please do reply to My mail. Thank u

    1. Amit Singh says:

      If you read this blog from the beginning, then you would get answer to all your queries.

  19. argha kar says:

    when i saw this post few queston are came in my mind..first of all according to me if any one want to be a IAS officer why he/she studying engineering? it is a totally wasting of money and a engineering seat? sir it is totally my personal views i just want to know am i right or wrong?Beacuse for IAS exam the eligibility is only required GRADUATION in any stream or subject.But as a engineer a engineering student should always think that how he implement the world or his nation through their engineering skills ,technological skills and knowledge,because government give the huge amount of fund to the government engg colleges for making engineers to think that these guys can do for their nation’s growth through their technological knowledge.Many student every year did not get chance in govt engg colleges and if a student getting chance in govt college and after 4 years he/she join IAS it is very unfair for those student who did not get chance and the govt fund also.Because you invested nearly 1-1.5 laks(for govt colleges) or 4-5 lakh(pvt colleges) in your engineering college and then go to IAS ,so why you waste this money if you want to be a IAS then go for any normal degree colleges(B.A. B.SC B.COM etc.) where you just have to invest very littile amount.

    and now i have some question to sir Amit singh..sir is the IAS officers and IES officers in railway or any other dept.start from the same pay scale?
    Is the IAS officers get free railway AC passes in their service life or after retirement?
    Except LTC or buglow police guard(During district magistrate) is there any other facilities that IAS officer get but the INDIAN RAILWAY’S IES officers not get? Because cars,huge bunglows,servent, free phone bills,free AC’s in bunglow,free internet i think all these are common for IAS and IES. am i right sir ?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      You are right in your observations regarding IES and IAS but the flaws are in out education system itself. Doing Engineering is just becoming a graduate with no real interest in technical subject. Let’s leave this discussion because it has no end.

      Now, lets talk about facilities. People become IAS for being DM and it is no where hidden what they get. Being DM will give you maximum power and authority. You can’t compare it to IES. IES is not about power , it about being a technocrat rather than bureaucrat. In initial posting IAS gets more facilities , not necessarily in terms of passes which are privileges of Railway officers, but they get lot of ‘extra entitlements’ by virtue of being at the post if DM. Every IAS misses his DM tenure and they want to spend maximum time as DM , not as just any bureaucrat.
      At higher levels facilities of IES and IAS are almost same but let me tell you that you that it’s not about who gets maximum perks, facilities, power etc. It is about whether you are getting satisfaction from what you are doing. In railways , facilities are good enough which I can’t elaborate here . But I repeat once again, don’t run after entitlements. After some time you will want to escape from these if you are not happy with your work.

  20. argha kar says:

    Thank you sir for this great answer.the last two lines which you told it’s very true.every day when i read your blogs it so motivated for me and i’m thinking about you how you do the hard work for the IES aspirants .because i know the railway officers have 24 hrs duty. Aap ek indian govt ka class -1 officer hone k sath e sathe apna office ka kam samal k,apna personal kam samal k bhi hm logo k liye jo itna time dete h….har ek post ka reply dete h…isk liye apko sirp thank you kehena bhi sayed kam rehega. we are very thankful to you sir.

  21. yash verma says:

    sir!!i am a 1st year engineering student(mechanical engineering) and an ips aspirant!!!sir!!how should i prepare to achieve my dream!!!plz guide me sir!! thanku

    1. Amit Singh says:

      There is a website called
      These websites will help you a lot in civil services preparation.

  22. vijay says:

    Sir i belongs to general category.I had completed in mechanical engineering in 2012. I worked for some years in a Pvt. company but not satisfied now. I want to go for IES now. but the problem is that i have already become 26 years old in july this year.Pls suggest me what should i do ?? im thinking to go for coaching next year not this year coz of some financial constraints,but little bit afraid of age. Plss suggest me what should i do??

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Future is never certain. At this time there is proposal that a govt. servant will either work for 33 years or upto 60 years of age. If this proposal is implemented then it would not matter much if you join at 23 or 27. As you belong to general category, risk is very high for you. Only if you can study without any deviation then only the risk is worth taking.

      All pvt companies are not bad , if they are paying you well then take your chances very carefully.

      1. vijay says:

        Thanks a lot for ur reply…..Sir the thing is that i have got fed up with my job….can u pls tell me how many times more i am eligible to write IES excluding year 2016 exam, as i will complete 30 years in july 2019 ?? as u said risk is very high thats y i afraid of so much….r there chances to clear IES exam in one year prepration ?? Pls suggest……thanks again

      2. Amit Singh says:

        one year sincere preparation is enough to clear this exam. But leaving your job and then preparing for it can be risky affair. Hence the decision should yours own

      3. vijay says:

        pls tell me one more thing… many times more im eligible to write IES excluding year 2016 exam , as i will complete 30 years in 2019….plss

      4. vijay says:

        & during interview could my age be a problem ??

      5. Amit Singh says:

        No problem. Many people get in preparation mode later in their lives.

      6. vijay says:

        pls tell me one more thing… many times more im eligible to write IES excluding year 2016 exam , as i will complete 30 years in 2019….plss

      7. Amit Singh says:

        you can appear for IES ,every year till you complete the age of 30 years. No of attempts are unlimited , only age is the defining criteria.

  23. Aravind says:

    Is No Objection Certificate mandatorily submitted during interview for a candidate working in a private concern…?

  24. prakhar says:

    Sir i am 3rd year student of civil engineering and I also get confused between IAS and IES what to choose?
    Actually the situation is that I am not much confident in technical or mathematical subjects like structure etc. than that of theoretical or factual subjects.So as you know that the IES paper has major of its portion is technical and fully conceptual and IAS paper has major of its portion is theoritical and basic maths etc..
    So as per this what should I choose between two?

    1. Amit Singh says:

      First basis for choosing career should be your passion but passion is a costly thing to pursue. Second basis can be the difficulty level of exam. Third basis can be getting any government job. So what is your criteria?

      1. prakhar says:

        sir I am fully passionate about these exams and I only want to know that as i am engineer if i choose IAS. what are the drawbacks of these?
        will it effect on my degree as I change the track(I leave the technical field) if I will not able to clear the IAS for some reasons?
        I ask these only for keep safe side for future.
        Please tell me all the negative effects of these on my technical carrier if I choose IAS instead of IES?

      2. Amit Singh says:

        If you prepare for IAS leaving your technical subjects behind then you will have huge disadvantage if you ever want to return to your technical field. Because there is no market for arts subject except in these competitive exams. In private sectors, only specialization matters, no one wants to take generalist people.

        However, if one is very passionate about IAS, then he should go for it , leaving everything behind.

        But if you want to take the safe route first go for IES and thereafter you can always go for civil services.

  25. RAKESH PRADHAN says:


  26. amit sir i am in 3rd year students pursing my degree from gautam buddha university noida a dual degree course(2013-2018), now i am confuse of choosing my career IES or IAS, i am passionate about IAS ,but a fear in mind that 1% if i will not succeed then?so what a right option or way at this time go for ias directly or firstly clear gate or ies with good rank and then after preparation for ias?
    sir please reply…

  27. Amit Singh says:

    IF you have interest in technical subjects then only go for IES otherwise directly prepare for Civil Services.

    Interest and passion are two main deciding criteria but it is also true that IAS is more difficult and uncertain than IES. IF you want to take the safe route then got for IES first.

  28. Ravish Mehta says:

    Is it legal or illegal to pursue another job while serving in a govt. or PSU job…like those coaching teachers who work in cpwd and teach simultaneously ???

    1. Amit Singh says:

      As per service conduct rules , it is not allowed to practice any other profession while doing government job. However in case of special circumstances you need to inform your department and take permission from them while doing any other practice.

  29. Sannu says:

    Sir,I am a student of reputed IES preparatory Institute @ New Delhi.Sir,I had done my B.Tech in May 2015.had got a job offer but denied due to far away posting .I decided late so had no alternate than to join Late Batch here.I have attended 12 hrs classes honestly.But was not able to practice after hectic 12 hrs class. though i never missed a single day.nd even d institute was able to complete the syllabus by 10th jan ..i got 25 odd days for gate preparation but either due to lack of practice during my preparation or my skills m nt able to prepare myself upto d bench mark required by psu/IIT but still i have d confidence dat i cn go through ESE.Sir.i just want to know with 120 days left for ESE 2016.Thinking about ESE is a day dreaming or achievable.and my prerequisites are that i have attended d classes but nt solved d questions much apart from notes.
    Waiting for ur reply..!!

  30. Preeti says:

    Sir… i m ece final year student… i want to go for civil services(particular IAS), but due to some financial problm i can not go for coaching this year becz it is too much more than 1lakh…

    Wht should i have to do go for job in company or can ies (as its fee is abut 50,000) is better option to choose …

    &after ies can i also go for IAS…
    Plz rply sir i m really so confused…

    1. Amit Singh says:

      The first question is -if you want to create any backup for IAS?
      This has its own pros and cons. Creating backup such as preparing for IES will take atleast 1 year time. In that time you will have to forget about civil services, focus only on IES. Once you are in IES, you will be able to prepare only while you are in probation. Once you get posted ,getting time will be a major issue.

      It all depends on how you look at IAS. If you are looking at a career , then first go for IES, however if you are really passionate about IAS, then you should go without having to prepare for backup.

      IES will take away 1-2 years from your IAS preparation. So , make your decision on the clarity of your thoughts.

  31. preeti says:

    Thankuu sir…

    Giving me such a nice rply…

  32. Abhishek says:

    Hello sir,I am final year students of BE civil and I want to ask u that what exactly ies officer do means what is their duty in railway dept…I want to join the classes for ies in made easy institute…Which centre is best from Pune,Hyderabad,Indore.

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Read ‘profile of civil engineer in railways’ on this blog for your query

  33. Rohit prakash says:

    Hi sir, I have completed my btech ECE in 2014 from nit Allahabad and worked for 2 years in an IT company. Now I am going for preparation of ies but I also want to prepare for should I focus only to ies or side by side I should finish GS syllabus of IAS ??

    1. Amit Singh says:

      If your ultimate goal is IAS, then don’t waste time in ESE. However, if you are technically very strong then you can attempt ESE.

      Don’t prepare for both the exam simultaneously. Decide your priority first and then start preparation. Success in any exam requires devotion, howsoever big or small exam it may be. So, first decide and then act.

  34. Sir I am student of EE 2 nd year( 4 semester is completed ) from madan mohan malviya university if technology Gorakhpur. Sir my goal is IES/ gate only( prior IES) but problem is that my basics is not strong , and also am average a students …sir I am nervous to think that , ” I am a village student and my basics of 12 standard is no strong, when am seeing my classmates who’s solve question easily I am nervous , I am not a kota student as my maximum classmates”
    Can I crack ies ???
    What is the best timing for start preparation for me….plz sir help me
    Thanks sir

  35. Sir amazing explanation. Is it necessary that I give Engineering Services Exam immediately after graduation? Or I can appear for it before an age deadline?

  36. Also I would like to ask what is the scope for students completing their Masters in Electrical/Electronics engineering. What kind of work postings can they expect?

  37. varun says:

    Dear sir
    I am very confused about ies syllabus. I can not figure out by upsc site. Is there any site which can provide detailed ese 17 electrical engineering syllabus

  38. saikia p. says:

    sir i am saikia..i am an electrical engg student.i
    recently passed 4th semester of course ..i am
    intending to do correspondence course from made
    easy.. i have almost 2years in hamd for ese … how
    should i prepare and is it my right decision to take
    postal course ? plzz help..

    1. Amit Singh says:

      2 years is good enough time to prepare for IES. Postal course will not help much but you should take it.

      1. saikia p. says:

        sir ,then what is the right way to prepare…provide me some strategy..

  39. Archit says:

    Sir i have never given IES in my life. I am 21 years old, I have cleared GATE and pursuing M.TECH from IIT Roorkee. Is it possible for me to clear IES with interview as i have seen most of the interview experiences are based on job experience.
    I have never done a job. Please guide me regarding the same.

  40. Prashant M says:

    Sir i have done B.E. in 2014 from ece. I have given IES exam and other govt exam also . IES exam is not cleared but i selected for mes (currently working) and railway for the post of senior section engineer drawing/design S&T. I am currently working in mes and getting much free time . I am confuse to decide wether should i leave current job and join railway sse and prepare for ies there . Will i get enough time in railway at post sse to prepare ies. I have found negative comment about sse that it is frustrating job.. is it true.

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Don’t join SSE in railways. Stay where you are. SSE is 24 hours job.

  41. Shalini kusum says:

    Respected sir,
    First of all thanks a lot for helping and guiding us..i have read all the replies of urs and it gave me a lot of clerance about my goal..but still i have one doubt regarding no of posts in ies for ece graduate…is there really very less no of seat for us?….In case if it is true then i should prepare for ies or ias..I m little bit confused as i m 2014 passout ece graduate….and still have not started preparation for my dream…plz sir clear my doubt..
    Thank you..

    1. Amit Singh says:

      FOR 2016 VACANCIES, you can go to UPSC website

      Overall the no of seats is less for ECE in all of four branches. However in civil services all the vacancies are open to everyone, irrespective of graduation subject. SO, the no. of vacancies are more in civil services as compared to ESE but no of aspirants also vary in both the exams.

      Don’t go by the vacancies. Take you decision based on your interest and risk potential.

  42. Shalini kusum says:

    Thanks sir….

  43. Ravi says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a graduate in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi. Truly speaking, I did not study well during my graduation but now crave to understand the subject more closely. So how much time will be required to prepare for ESE for a successful attempt if you consider I am starting from scratch(basic knowledge only).
    Is coaching required for this???

    Plz help…

    Thank You!

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Generally IITians didn’t require coaching in our days but now the competition has increased and in such times it plays very crucial role in selection , especially if you have not studied well during college days.
      Coaching is recommended for preparation and the duration is generally 1 year.

  44. Vicky says:

    Hello Sir,can you please tell me whether I will get enough time to prepare for IAS after I get through a PSU?I am a mechanical engg. Student currently in final year.

  45. Akshay Kaushik says:

    First of all, thanx a lot for the amazing post sir, I am in dire need of your help.
    I am studying mechanical engineering in ISM Dhanbad. I am currently studying in 5th semester. I want to start preparing for IAS, I am not much interested in doing a job with the nature of engineering. Well, I did not study well in past 2 years. But, I am willing to take mechanical engineering as my optional subject as I feel questions of particaular subjects which I studied well during my curriculum are not quite tough.But I will have to devote my time for paper 2 of optional(mains) since I have no grip over those subjects.
    Will it be beneficial to take mech engg as optional subject for IAS or is the level of questions in mains optional same as that of the questions asked in IES mechanical? I am not interested in going for IES.
    Also, please suggest any other optional subject for IAS if required. I dont have coaching institute for IAS in my vicinity. So, please suggest any preparation strategy. Should I go for distance learning programmes from any coaching institute? If so, then please suggest some coaching institutes to go for.

  46. Sir please reply. I am very much depressed.
    Sir I have appeared for ESE 2017 and GATE 2017 and didn’t able to clear both after 1 year of coaching from made easy. I am a final year electrical student. Sir I have prepared hard but unfortunately will be missing prelims cut off by 30 marks. Sir I am confused what to opt IAS or ESE. And sir also now I have lost my interest in engineering. Please reply me sir

  47. Anudeep says:

    Hello sir,

    My name is Anudeep. I have completed masters in Electrical Engineering. Now i am currently working as software engineer in Bangalore. But i want to secure a central government job with good status. can you please suggest me either to go with IAS or IES. waiting for your valuable feedback.

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Go for Civil Services without any doubt. However, IES would be easier to crack than civils.

  48. 632426425 says:

    evng sirr..
    the stage 1 of ies 2017 is quite different rather previous year…sir i want 2 know that does paper 2 (stage 1-technical) is cover all syllabus of 2nd yr & 3rd yr? bcoz i seen that manufacturing science; material science.. etc not cover in perlim 2017.. i m going to give ies 2018…is that pattern remain same?

  49. pankaj says:

    plzz reply sir…i m waiting over a long time

  50. pankaj says:

    the stage 1 of ies 2017 is quite different rather previous year…sir i want 2 know that does paper 2 (stage 1-technical) is cover all syllabus of 2nd yr & 3rd yr? bcoz i seen that manufacturing science; material science.. etc not cover in perlim 2017.. i m going to give ies 2018…is that pattern remain same?

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