Is it right to leave PSU and go for IES

Ganesh Pal asks this question
“I have gone through your blog and i like it…and i have got your mail id 4m there..

i have some confusion in my mind regarding IES Preparation…presently m working in NTPC 4m last 3 yrs. nd i hd done coaching in made easy of IES Preparation.   from dat tym i m very keen to be in IES but due to some circumstances  i hadn’t go through….now m in state of confusion due to some reason as my age is 30 yrs nd here i gt good package …but my posting is in worst plant of NTPC ie in Assam…
Please suggest me that at dis age or in dis package is it is right to prepare for IES-2015. ….i have well prepared notes of mine…my branch is mechanical….my college was NIT Allahabad…2009 pass-out…”


Is it right to leave PSU and go for IES after significant years of service in PSUs?
This is a question which has no pet answer only a discussion is possible. So here we are…

These are the few points which we are going to consider while we analyze the situation.

1. When you leave, at that time, you cannot expect the facilities offered by PSU and by an IES service (lets assume railways) will be at par. It can’t be same as you will be entering at junior grade (JG) level, your salary will be less, maybe only 40% of what you are getting from PSU after 7-8 years of service.
Also you might have settled in life and your expenses will be huge than a college freshers, you might be having kids..
These things you have to ask yourself. Can you manage your life in-spite of this drastic change in your professional life.

2. What are your job quality expectations? Are you not satisfied by the quality of work or is it the place of posting that bothers you?
Well if its the quality of work then Engineering services offers you a wide variety of work (like railways, CWS, Roads).
There is a work for every engineer and that to of his/her core branch.
If its because of the place of posting then there is not much respite as the service is of all India level you cannot expect to get your favorite place.

3. I have met a lot of people who has transitioned from PSUs to IES (Specially Railways). Some of them (only few actually) have opted it at the age of 30 something and from PSUs like IOCL etc. One thing for sure is the early you enter in this service the more is scope as the promotion is more or less time bound. So you cant expect to get the top positions.

4. Two versions:
If you ask to a higher officer maybe (SAG) that you have opted IES at the age of about 30 and that too leaving a shining PSU, his first reaction would be “WHY?, aisa kya dikha railways mein, yaha Promotions are slow…re-numeration is not attractive if you compare with PSUs..workload is much (well its everywhere) “.
So for them its not a right decision. But they are mostly people who doesn’t have any experience in PSUs.

And if you ask someone who has switched PSU, He would say ” workload was too much, odd duty hours, far away posting places” these type of things and also one most heard sentence “Class 1 officer ki baat hi kuch aur hai” (I do not certainly agree with it) . Well, Grass is always greener on the other side of court. Well i say, Yes its greener but only a few shades…

PS: I hope this help you in someway to makeup your mind and decide judiciously.

Ravinder Singh
(IRSE 2012 Batch)

4 Replies to “Is it right to leave PSU and go for IES”

  1. sir i am a student confuse between psu and ies so if somebody can tell me the basis difference between postings like if you are working in psu like NTPC you will work in some power plant which always be in outskirts of town, so you are denied with a good social life does it change in IES.

    1. It is true for NTPC that you will have to stay in their township which is generally out of cities, though not always . These township contain all the facilities including schools and hospitals. In IES there are various departments , so your posting and transfer depend on which department you choose. But social profile of an IES officer is certainly more than that of PSU job.

  2. Sir now i am securing 722 rank in GATE…. I want to become an IES officer, it is better to join mtech in IIT or NIT and then prepare for IES otherwise study for IES without joining mtech….. Which is better? please help me I am in big confusion

    1. Well, I tell you few facts, in the light of which you may be able to decide more judiciously…
      In Engineering Service weather you are, ph.d or abc etc. won’t help you/ give you any advantage in the service whether in terms of promotions or getting other advantageous posts etc. So first you have to get rid of this notion.
      Secondly, if you aim to be an IES officer only then probably you will be wasting a seat in iit or in any other college. So what’s the benefit ?
      My Gate rank was no better than yours, so it doesn’t matter in ESE. If you are honest in your preparation and ready to perspire then you will get through. Don’t overthink it jst do your best.

      With best compliments,
      Ravinder Singh

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