IES Examination Format

MARKS There is only one general ability paper of (100+100) 200 marks There are 2 objective papers of 200 marks each. There are 2 subjective papers of 200 marks each.
No of Question 120 120 in each paper Generally 8 main questions out of which 5 are to be done(each paper)
Day of Exam General Ability paper is held on day 1. Objective 1 and objective 2 papers are held on day 2. Conventional 1 and conventional 2 papers are held on day 3.
Duration 2 hours 2 hours each 3 hours each
Exam Timing 9am-11am 9am -11am and 2pm-4pm 9am-12noon and 2pm-5pm
Difficulty level Easy Moderate Difficult
Type of study required Very Extensive Extensive Intensive
Scoring potential Very High High Average
Source of Study Newspapers, magazines
Madeeasy material and class notes of GS,ncert, vocab notes, grammar book, test series
Standard textbooks,madeeasy materials and class notes, test series Standard textbooks, Madeeasy materials and class notes, test series
Strategy Study it all round the year Mostly objective preparation should be finished upto GATE exam Mostly subjective preparation should be done after GATE exam.
On the day of Examination Water Bottle
Admit Card
Black Ball Point Pen
Water Bottle
Admit Card
Black Ball Point Pen
Water Bottle
Admit Card
Blue and Black Pen

12 Comments Add yours

  1. shrey singh says:

    hello sir first of all heartiest congratulations for your success.i am student of mechanical engineering and just want to know that if i start from now onward is there any chance of scoring good rank in engineering services.

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Yes..why not. But you have to devote next 8 months only for this and nothing else. It all depends on level of your seriousness. Make your mind first whether you want to give your best attempt next year ,or not. Take a leap of faith

  2. sir you r doing excellent job,hats off to u,
    plz share the subject wise study plan(civil engg.) of individual subjects from scoring aspects and how did you deal with such a huge syallbus.thanku sir

  3. sekhar says:

    Sir my Hartley congrats to you to get in to services
    sir i am interested to know the mistakes that every asprent will do in IES please let me know that mistakes so that i can’t repeat the same

  4. sekhar says:

    sir whare i can get solutions of ias,ifs conventional question(civil engineering) papers solutions

  5. surendra nauhwar says:

    sir I’m mechanical 2yr student .is it right time for preparation of gate &ies exam after 2yr.please suggest me sir

    1. Amit Singh says:

      This is the time for self study. You can go for coaching in your final year.

  6. surendra nauhwar says:

    thanks sir but 1 yr is sufficient for ies preparation

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Yes, more than enough.

  7. MOHIT VERMA says:

    Sir, Are three months are enough to prapare english and GS for ese.when I start my preparation after GATE exam.

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