Engineering Services Exam 2013 Cut-off

I am posting Engineering Services Exam 2013 cut-off for all branches. The cut-off has been on rise every year,especially in electronics. So you know your category and hence know your cut-off..Best of Luck.



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  1. Rahul Das says:

    what challenges you are facing during this service..please sheare with us…we love to read about it.

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Well, I am yet to join this service. I will be joining railways in December this year. However I will use this blog to share everything possible related to my service.

  2. chandu says:

    please post toppers marks in all branches also

    1. Amit Singh says:

      I will definitely try to do so…

  3. naveen says:

    the working area is related to department(Mechanical) or totally different??

    1. Amit Singh says:

      Please explain your question properly

  4. ralph says:

    can you give me your email id.

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