Brief Particulars about the Railway Engineering Services

railway-logoThis post is about following services:-


(a) Probation:—Candidates recruited to these Services will be on probation for a period of three years during which they will undergo training for two years and put in minimum of one year’s probation in working post. If the period of training has to be extended in any  case,  due  to  the  training  having  not  been completed satisfactorily, the total period of probation will be correspondingly extended. Even if the work during the period of probation in the working post is found  not  to  be  satisfactory,  the  total  period  of probation will be extended as considered necessary by the Government.

(b)  Training :—All the probationers will be required to undergo  training  for  a  period  of  two  years  in accordance with the prescribed training syllabus for the particular service/post at such place and in such manner and pass such examinations during this period as the Government may determine from time to time.

(c) Termination of appointment :—The appointment of probationers can be terminated by three months notice in writing on either side during the period of probation. Such  notice  is  not,  however  required  in  case  of dismissal or removal as disciplinary measure after compliance with the provisions of clause (2) of Article 311 of the Constitution and compulsory retirement due to mental or physical incapacity. The Government however, reserve the right to terminate the services forthwith : (i)  If in the opinion of the Government the work or conduct of probationer is unsatisfactory or shows that he is unlikely to become efficient, Government may discharge him forthwith. (ii)  Failure to pass the departmental examination may result in termination of services. Failure to pass the examination in Hindi of an approved standard within the period of probation shall be liable to
termination of services.

(d) Confirmation :—On the satisfactory completion of the  period  of  probation  and  on  passing  all  the prescribed departmental and Hindi examinations, the probationers will be confirmed in the Junior Scale of the Service if they are considered fit for appointment in all respect.

(e) Scales of pay :—
(i)  Junior Scale—PB-3  Rs15600-39100+GP Rs5400
(ii)  Senior Scale—PB-3  Rs15600-39100+GP Rs6600
(iii)  Junior Administrative Grade II—PB-3  Rs15600- 39100+GP Rs7600
(iv)  Non functional Selection Grade—PB-4 Rs37400- 67000+GP Rs8700
(v)  Senior Administrative Grade II—PB-4 Rs.37400- 67000+GP Rs10000
In addition there are super time scale posts carrying pay between Rs67000 and Rs80000 to which the officers of the above Services are eligible. A probationer will start on the minimum of Junior Scale and will be permitted to count the period spent in probation towards leave, pension and increments in time scale. Dearness and other allowances will be admissible in accordance with the orders issued by the Government of India from time to time. Failure to pass the departmental and other examination during the period of probation may result in stoppage or postponement of increment.

Note:- This pay scale is likely to be revised shortly with arrival of 7th Pay Commission. The salaries will increase significantly after that.

(f) Refund of the cost of training:—If for any reasons which  in  the  opinion  of  the  Government  are  not beyond the control of the probationer a probationer wishes to withdraw from training or probation he shall be liable to refund the whole cost of his training and any other money paid to him during the period of his probation.  For  this  purpose  probationers  will  be required to furnish a Bond a copy of which will be enclosed along with their offers of appointment. The probationers permitted to apply for examination for appointment to Indian Administrative Service. Indian Foreign Service etc. will not however, be required to refund the cost of the training.

(g) Leave:—Officers of the Service will be eligible for leave in accordance with the Leave Rules in force from time to time.

(h) Medical Attendance:— Officers will be eligible for medical attendance and treatment in accordance with the Rules in force from time to time.

(i) Passenger Privilege Ticket Orders:— Officers will be eligible for railway passes and Privilege Ticket Orders in accordance with the Rules in force from time to time.

(j)Provident Fund and Pensions:—Candidates  recruited to the Service will be governed by the Railway Pension Rules  and  shall  subscribe  to  the  State  Railway Provident Fund (Non-contributory) under the rules of that Fund as in force from time to time. (k) Candidates recruited to the Services/Posts are liable to serve in any Railway or Project in or out of India.
(1)Liability  to  serve  in  Defence  Service:—The probationer appointed shall, if so required, be liable to serve in any Defence Service or post connected with the Defence of India for a period of not less than four years including the period spent  on training if any :— Provided that such person :— (a)  shall not be required to serve as aforesaid after the  expiry  of  ten  years  from  the  date  of appointment; (b)  shall  not  ordinarily  be  required  to  serve  as aforesaid after attaining the age of forty years;
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23 Replies to “Brief Particulars about the Railway Engineering Services”

    1. Mr.Amit,
      Excellent information. Thank you.
      Whether there will be separate Hindi classes before examination conducted by the commission?

      1. Hindi Classes will be given at National Academy of Indian Railways,Vadodra. Classes are held only for non-hindi speaking people, for rest of them its holiday. In Hindi Exam ,all get through with good marks. So,no need to worry.

  1. hello amit i m currently working in indian oil and prep for ies can u tell me about dept where posting are in good cities and transfer are not frequent

    1. Since IES is central service, you have all India liability. You can be posted anywhere in the country. Generally cpwd and mes are good in terms of places of posting. But they have their own drawbacks as well. Job should not be selected on the basis of transfers and posting only

  2. Dear sir,
    thank you very much for your valuable guidance.
    Sir I would like to know about CPWD. as you will guide the best.


  3. Sir my name is Tarun n at present I m pursuing my btech (mechanical department ,3rd year).I m very happy with the information u shared about INDIAN RAILWAY SERVICE .Im preparing for ies examination .I just want 2 know can a RAILWAY probationer after joining service c opt for higher education.Sir can I get some information about it n about ies exam

  4. thanks for this awsome article sir; iam in 3rd yr mechanical… sir i am not good in extracircular activities .does effect theDAF or the interview

  5. Hello Amit Sir

    I have qualified ESE 2016 with Rank 13 in Mechanical Discipline. I am working in GAIL India Limited right now, I am bit confused in making decision. Could your please enligten me.
    Sir, please share your contact no. on

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