Central Water Engineering Service Profile and Experience

I have asked my friend Goutam Rahul Roy who has worked in Central Water Commission to share his working experience. He accepted my request, therefore in this post I present you his personal experience and service profile of Central Water Engineering(Group-A). He can be reached at goutamrahulroy@gmail.com


Central Water Engineering Service(Group-A) Brief Profile(official)

  1. Probation:-Persons recruited to the post of Assistant Director/ Assistant Executive Engineer in the Central Water Engineering (Group ‘A’) Service shall be on probation for a period of two years : Provided that the Government may, where necessary extend the said period of two years for a further period not exceeding one year. If on the expiry of the period of probation referred to above or any extension thereof as the case may be, the Government are of the opinion that a candidate is not fit for permanent appointment or if any time during such period of probation or extension they are satisfied that he will not be fit for permanent appointment, they may discharge or revert him to his substantive post or pass such order as they think fit. During the period of probation the candidates may be required by the Government to undergo such courses or training and instruction and to pass such examination and tests as it may think fit as a condition to satisfactory completion of probation.
  2. Officer appointed to the service shall be liable to serve anywhere in India or outside.
  3. Defense Service Liability:-Any  person  appointed  on  the  result  of  this competitive examination shall, if so required, be liable to serve in any Defence Service or post connected with the Defence of India, for a period of not less than four years including the period spent on training, if any :
    Provided that such person:—
    (a) shall not be required to serve as aforesaid after the  expiry  of  ten  years  from  the  date  of appointment;
    (b)  shall  not  ordinarily  be  required  to  serve  as aforesaid after attaining the age of forty years.
  4.  The  officers  appointed  to  the  post  of  Assistant Director/Assistant  Executive  Engineer  can  look forward for promotion to various higher grades in the Service.
  5.  Pay Scales:-The following are the admissible Pay Band and Grade Pay :

cwc salary


6.Nature of duties and responsibilities attached to the posts  of  Central  Water  Engineering  (Group  A) Service :—

(a)At Headquarters:- Central  Water  Commission  (CWC)  is  primarily responsible  for  almost  all  aspects  of  Water  Resources Development.  Officers  in  the headquarters  are  directly associated with planning, design, appraisal and monitoring of different water resources projects in the country. CWC through  its  various  specialised  Directorates  fulfill  its obligation towards these aspects. The officers at various levels in Design units are associated with detailed studies in respect of design of various components of the  water resources projects under different stages of implementation. There are specialised Directorates on  Hydro-civil Design, Concrete and Masonry Dam Design, Earth and Rockfill Dam Design, Barrage and Canal Design and Design of Gates on Hydraulic  Structures.  The  activities  relating  to  water resources  assessment,  design  flood  estimation  and sediment  analysis  are  carried  out  through  Hydrological Studies Organisations of CWC. CWC has specialised units for Project Appraisal, Project Monitoring and Environmental Management. The Central Mechanical Organisation of CWC is associated with Construction Equipment Planning and Contract  Management  of  almost  all  the  major  Water Resources development projects. The activities of CWC at its  headquarters  also  include  development  of  flood forecasting models through its P&D Organisation and the planning and design of various flood management practices through its Flood Management Organisation.

(b)At field formation of CWC
The field organisations of CWC are directly involved with  hydrological  observation,  project  investigation, appraisal  of  medium  irrigation  projects,  monitoring  of identified projects and flood forecasting on almost all the major rivers in the country. These activities are carried out through a network of regional offices headed by the Chief Engineer    and    Circles/Directorates    headed    by Superintending Engineer/ Director and  Executive Engineers. There  are  Sub-Divisions/Control  Room  headed  by Assistant Executive Engineers which are directly involved with investigation of water resources development projects, hydrological observation and flood forecasting.


Personal Experiences in Central Water Commission

My self Goutam Rahul Roy graduated in Civil Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. I qualified Engineering Services Examination two times and got AIR 97 in ESE-2012 and AIR 42 in ESE-2013. I am just going to write about my experience in Central Water Engineering Services (CWES). But before that I want to give you brief details about my great feeling   which I got after getting selected into Engineering Services 2012. On the day, 20th June 2013, I was surfing internet as usually for the result. Around 5 P.M., I noticed on upsc site. It was written that Final Result Engineering Services Examination . As it was sudden, inside my body something ran like electric shock. But I opened pdf bravely. I went through each name rank wise. As rank was increasing, my heart beats were getting faster correspondingly. Till I went upto the rank 51, I had found the name of my four friends but not mine. My tension was growing up. But I was bravely going on and finally I found my big name “Goutam Rahul Roy” against rank 97. I sounded loudly to my brother who was sleeping nearby me that I made it. That happiness was great even greater than what I got after getting AIR 42 in Engineering Services Examination 2013.

After that I analysed previous years allocation list and I was sure that I will get CWES. So I started enquiring about this like joining date, place of joining , training , posting, working conditions, facilities etc. But nothing got satisfactory except joining date and place. As I after going through google, I found that I will be appointed as Assistant Director. So I got extremely excited about other things like authorities and facilities which I am going to get after joining.

So appointment letter came and I joined on 28th Feb 2014 in morning session. Few have joined earlier than me as they got letter earlier than me. Mine was late as I didn’t submit my original Degree to UPSC. So my candidature was conditional at that time. Because of that I have to submit an undertaking at the time of joining.

There are various wings there like Design and Research (D&R), River Management (RM), Water planning and Projects (WP&P) and Human Resource Management. I have earlier mentioned that I got WP&P wing. In each wing, there are different Directorates like mine was Inter State Matters (ISM) Directorate of WP&P wing. In each Directorate, there is one Director, one Deputy Director, one or two Assistant director, one or two Assistant director-II and one Multi-Tasking Skill (MTS) personnel.

After joining on 20th Feb, Head Clerk told me to come next day in afternoon session to collect my confirmation letter from Central Water Commission (CWC), other name of Central Water engineering Services. But I avoided next day i.e. 21st Feb and after that day, there was two off days Saturday and Sunday. So, I reached there on Monday 24th Feb and had a meeting with Chief Engineer of HRM wing. We had a very small talk as he only asked about my interest of deptt. I had heard earlier that Design wing is better in terms of work as work in that wing is technical and in rest of the wings, there is non-technical work about which I will tell you later. So I showed my interest towards this wing as I had inclination towards technical work. And In that meeting, he also asked whether I am interested to prepare for other exams like Civil Services. But although I had an interest but I told him that no I am not preparing for any exams and I will devote my whole life to Central Water Commission. He smiled and told me that if You will serve for CWC for your whole life then it will be good for CWC and also warned me that once training will start you can’t skip that. That will be compulsory. The reason behind his smile what I guessed that he understood that I was lying about my preparation for any other exams. As most people prefer CWC so that they can get time for preparation of civil services. My reason behind lying was that I thought that when I will tell them that I am preparing for any exam, then they will assign me tougher deptt and may be that they will post me outside Delhi. But after few days I came to know that all are posted in R K Puram Sewa Bhawan Delhi only. So if u want posting outside Delhi, then you will have to make some effort and will have to present them some strong reason like one girl was there from Orissa who was married there, so she wanted to be posted there. As she was girl and married there, she got her preferred posting. In my knowledge I only she was posted outside Delhi.

But asking about interest was just a formality and I was assigned WP&P wing on 24th Feb . after that I had to report to WP&P wing which I did on 25th Feb in forenoon session. In that wing, I was allotted ISM Directorate and now I had to proceed to my Directorate that was my final destination in CWC.

Director is head of that Directorate which has to report to Chief Engineer of his respective wing. Assistant Director-II reports to Assistant director which reports to Deputy Director and Deputy Director to Director. So this is hierarchy in Directorate

I entered a big room in which there I saw a cabin which was of Deputy Director and large no. of files were put here and there. I reported to Deputy Director and after that I met my Director which room was just opposite side of that big room. Both Director and Deputy Director were a very humble and cordial person. They told me that in CWC all the works like getting file from here and there, getting water from water cooler will have to be done by yourself only as there is shortage of peons in CWC. After listening this, I was stunned. As I had knowledge that in CWC one will not enjoy much power but never imagined like that there will be no one to give you a glass of water. You will have to arrange a bottle and you will have to fill your bottle by yourself.   If peon are present there, they are so stubborn that unless you will not request 3-4 times they are not going to do any work. Most of the time, they will not be present on their allocated place. They used to go to canteen and other places and for hours, they used to gossip. As they know that officials don’t have such authority like suspending them. So they don’t care of us. This situation in authority will prevail upto Director Level. After Director you are promoted to Chief Engineer. At this level, you are going to enjoy some authority like you will have one or two peons in front of your room.

Now I am going to tell about what type of work you are going to do. My direcorate was inter-state matters. So we have to give to clearance to projects regarding water allocation. So there are tribunal decisions and I had a report on tribunal decision regarding water allocation. So I had to verify actually allocated water against sanctions water after going through reports. There are also Parliamentary questions and RTI . So we have to find answers of such questions and have to reply accordingly. This is the basic work which is done in almost all the directorate.

There is library and sports complex where you can go whenever you have time. Also there is canteen facility where you can buy daily used things. Canteen is nearby main building i.e. Sewa Bhawan.

Now I want to tell you something about accommodation which is really problematic for the candidates of outside Delhi. You will be allotted Government hostel facility only after 3-4 years of services and type-IV quarter after 8-9 years of service. This thing is really annoying for all the people. But as all the posting is done in Delhi only and in Delhi Government quarters are limited , so such thing may be faced in other departments too like CPWD if you are getting posting in Delhi.

Best thing in CWC is that you will get posting in Delhi only. Only for four to five years, you will be sent on field job . Rest of the time in Delhi which will be good for you in terms of stability which I think not in any other Central Government job. When you will reach home you will not have any tension in your mind unlike railways, MES etc.

So this job is as cool as its name appears Central WATER Commission. In initial period, you will not love this job in terms of authority but in respect of work load you will love it as most of the time, you will try to find work to spend your time. So in longer span, you are going to love this job because of the stability you will get in CWC. Now this is all about CWC which I came to know in my short span there.


Thank You

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Mr.goutam rahul..its highly helpful..
    Mr.amit .. Service profile of central power engg services please.

  2. hey hi…
    i want to ask u a question
    Do all the ies officers of all depertment get posting in delhi only??
    like am preparing for ece so if i crack exam will i get posting in delhi only??

  3. Hi amith
    first of all i want to say a big thanks to you.your blog is awesome it gives enough information for guys like me.

    Is there any online sessions available in madeeasy bcz am working in bangalore and the institute is not available here.can you please help me on this.

    I will be thankful for your help

  4. Is there any department in ESE (Civil Engineering) where there is no fear of height , where I don’t have to climb heights , where I don’t have to work at height? Pls help

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