Brief Particulars about Central Engineering Service(Roads)

In this post ,we will discuss some brief details about Central Engineering Service(Roads).

Kusum Ghangas
Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil Engineering)
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, New Delhi

Overview of MORTH

Responsibility vested to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH) by the Govt. of India is the formulation & administration of policies for road transport, National Highways & transport research with a view to increase the mobility & efficiency of the road transport system in the country. Apart from Ministry Headquarters at New Delhi, there are about (not an exact figure) 24 ROs (Regional Offices), ELOs (Engineer Liaison Office) & PIUs (Project Implementation Unit).

There are 3 wings of MORTH – Roads, Transport & Shipping. Roads wing deals with the planning & development of new NHs (Greenfield projects), Maintenance & up gradation of existing NHs & preparing specifications for roads & bridge works. Execution of such projects is done through the State PWD & NHAI.

Scope of Work for AEEs

As a part of the CES (Roads) cadre of the Roads wing of MORTH, newly recruited AEEs posted at the Headquarters are involved in planning & monitoring of the new & on going NH projects in the country, respectively & scrutiny of proposals for road/bridge works received from states. Those posted at PIUs are directly involved in the execution of projects right from Land Acquisition to completion. ROs & ELOs of the ministry work as a bridge between the Headquarter & State PWD for better coordination among the two in respect of project implementation.

Apart from above, interested AEEs can also go to NHAI on deputation after completion of probation period of 2 years.

To improve the quality of delivery of service in which we are lagging behind due to various known reasons, Ministry has been taking up research works on emerging topics on roads sector through CRRI (Central Road Research Institute) and existing standards and Codes (IRC) are being continuously improved with inputs from active and young engineers.

 CENTRAL  ENGINEERING  SERVICE  (ROADS),GROUP  ‘A’ (1) Probation- The  selected  candidates  will  be  appointed  as Assistant Executive Engineer on probation for two years. On the completion of the period of probation, if  they  are  considered  fit  for  permanent appointments, they will be confirmed as Assistant Executive  Engineer  if  permanent  vacancies  are available. The Government may extend the period of probation of two years. If on the expiration of the period of probation or of any extension thereof, Government are of the opinion that an Assistant Executive Engineer is not fit for permanent employment or if at any time during such period of probation or extension they are satisfied that an Assistant Executive Engineer will not be fit for permanent appointment on the expiration of such periods of extension, they may discharge the Assistant  Executive  Engineer  or  pass  such  orders  as they think fit. (2)Defence Service Liability:-Any  person  appointed  on  the  results  of  this competitive examination shall if so required, be liable  to  serve  in  any  Defence  Service  or  post connected with the Defence of India for a period of not less than four years including the period spent on training, if any. Provided that such person— (i) shall not be required to serve as aforesaid after the  expiry  of  ten  years  from  the  date  of appointment. (ii) shall  not  ordinarily  be  required  to  serve  as aforesaid after attaining the age of forty years. (3)Pay Scales:- The following are the scales of pay admissible :

Designation pay band
Chief Engineer   Pay Band-4 :Rs. 37400-67000 [GP – Rs.10000]
 Superintending Engineer  Pay Band-4 : Rs. 37400-67000 [GP – Rs.8700]
Executive Engineer Pay Band-3 : Rs. 15600-39100 [GP – Rs.6600]
Assistant Executive Engineer Pay Band-3 : Rs. 15600-39100 [GP – Rs.5400]

Note :—The pay of Government servant who held a permanent  post  other  than  a  tenure  post  in  substantive capacity  prior  to  his  appointment  as  a  probation  in  the Central Engineering Services, Group ‘A’ Group ‘B’ will regulated subject to the provision of  F.R.-22 B(1). (4)Nature of Duties:-Nature of duties and responsibilities attached to the post in Central Engineering Service (Roads)Group ‘A’. (i) Civil Engineering Posts :— To assist the Senior Technical Officers at Hqrs. and in the Regional Offices etc. of the Roads Wing, Ministry of Surface  Transport  in  planning,  preparing  designs  and estimates of roads/bridges work and scrutiny of proposals for such work received from the States. (ii)Mechanical Engineering Posts :— To assist the Senior Technical Officers Hqrs. and in the Regional Offices etc. of the Roads Wing, Ministry of Surface Transport in planning, procurement, operation and maintenance of roads/bridges construction equipments, to prepare  estimates  for  repairs  and  maintenance  of  such equipments  and  scrutiny  of  proposals  and  estimates received from the States.

15 Replies to “Brief Particulars about Central Engineering Service(Roads)”

  1. The details what u provided are very useful. Can u tell me details such as what are the departments(civil)under CES(roads) and their functions..

    1. CES (roads) is itself a deptt of ministry of roads transport and highways. Other is transport wing. Roads deals with planning, construction and maintenance of highways, support to state govt for development of state roads and development of standards for their construction..

  2. Can you kindly elaborate the work profile and induced professional lifestyle under this particular service.
    Will be immensely thankful..

    1. Work profile is slightly different in the Ministry and regional offices (RO). In Ministry, our job is to study and analyse various NH projects received from NHAI and state PWD and sanction the projects. They are executed by NHAI or State PWD as the case may be. Whereas, in RO, there is field exposure.

    1. This is a very subjective question. IES is not a single service . It contain job of various profiles out of which railways is most competitive. MS and Phd are purely academic pursuits and railways is managerial cum technical job. Honestly speaking i will not be able to compare these two. I will ask someone to write about this topic.

  3. Is there a transfer scheme from one place to another or one department to another for I.E.S employee? Can one expect stable and balanced life/career in IES as compared to other MNCs.

    1. There is no transfer scheme like that. IES is not a single service. Each department is an independent entity. One can’t be transferred from one department to other.
      As compared to MNC, it depends what is your position in it. Also in IES all departments are not equally challenging.
      So first decide what you want in life. If stability and balanced life is your criteria then CPWD will be good choice.

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