How to Fill the Detailed Application Form(DAF) for IES interview

Congratulations!! to all those who have been selected in ESE written exam. You have successfully cleared  the first stage of examination, now you will be appearing for personality test. As most of you might have prepared for ESE written exam,in the similar way you can’t take this lightly and go for interview without preparation.
So the very first thing that all of you have to do is to fill detailed application form online on UPSC website. In this article, i am going to give you some suggestions about filling this form. When you appear for the interview, this is the form that board will have in front of them, most of the questions will originate from DAF.

As you now know that DAF needs to be filled with great care and sincerity, i am going to give you brief idea about how to frame general questions from DAF. I am restricting myself only to DAF for now.

Caution:- Please don’t fill false information in the form. You can leave it blank if you don’t have anything to fill but refrain from giving false information. This may have legal consequences other than disqualification.

1. Name:- You should know the meaning of your name and any resemblances with famous personality or place or thing. Basically you should know everything related with your name

2. Address:- Look out for any odd word in your address.

3. Domicile:- Must know the meaning of domicile. You will have to prepare a lot of information about your place of birth. Remember all the persons on the constitutional posts in your state. Also try to find out if there is any special thing about the place where you live. For example, Kashi me ulti ganga behti hai..meaning of this saying?

4. Date of Birth:- Look out for the resemblance of your dob to any famous date. Then prepare for the historical significance of the day. If it is one of our national holidays then get ready for it.

5. Community:- SC/ST/OBC , must know the meaning of these terms.

6. Employment status:- You must be thorough with your current and past employment working. You should be able to properly explain your job that you do/have done. Technical members  of board are more interested in your job experience. Generally, working people are not asked academic questions, they will have to face job related questions. One guy got 170 marks last year in interview, he was asked questions related only to cement  because he worked in cement related firm.

7. Name of father/mother:- Not much important but look for any resemblance to any famous personalities.

8. Father/Mother’s profession and salary:- You must be aware of the job which your father and mother do and salary they earn. Don’t write income disproportionate to profession.

9. Service preferences:- This is for you to decide but you must remember all your preferences in serial order. Fill this very carefully, find out all the information related to these services and also discuss with working people. This is going to change your life forever so take it seriously. Fill it in the last just before submitting when you have made your mind.

10. Prizes/medal/scholarship etc.:- Please provide only true information. Don’t mention trivial prizes such as getting certificate for playing kho-kho. Also prepare your achievement well, that why you got the prize. You must be able to show that you deserved it . It is not mandatory to fill this if you haven’t got any prizes.

11. Team/Games/sports:- All of us have played games in our childhood. Don’t mention that. You should have atleast reached upto district/zonal level. Then only it is worth mentioning.

12. Position of distinction/leadership:- Please don’t mention that you were class monitor at some point of time. This may annoy them and would diminish your performances. Mention only those positions where you have actually played some leadership roles.

13. Hobbies and interest:- This is also one of the most important area of DAF because the questions generally starts from this, most of the time. Hobbies can be as varied as star-gazing to coins collecting. Most of you are going to write hobbies that are very common but if your hobby is very different than others, then it may prompt board members to ask questions. At this point, if you satisfy board with your answers then all is well but if you falter then it may go wrong. Write hobbies which you can justify in front of them. For eg if your hobby is horse riding then it would be obvious that you know different breed of horses.

14. Declaration to signed:- I have already explained it in a separate post.


Don’t make haste in submitting DAF, submit it before 2-3 days. Also don’t delay it upto end because a lot of thing can go wrong on the last day of submitting. After you have submitted it , make a habit to look DAF daily for half an hour and frame questions that come to your mind. Try to make questions as random as possible because this what happens during interview. There shouldn’t be any word in the DAF anywhere about which you are in dark. Generally, board chairman will have your complete DAF but other members will have only summary sheet before them. So, summary sheet should also be looked into. It contains brief summary of all important information in one page.

This was all about the DAF, I will try to come up with more articles for interview preparation. Till then ,goodbye.

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  1. It will be very much helpful if you could throw some light on coaching for mechanical engineering, not only interview but from the beginning. Thanks

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