First week at Indian Railway Institute of Civil Engineering

IRICEN stands for Indian Railway Institute Of Civil Engineering. It is a centralised training institute for IRSE probationers. It is located in Pune city in the posh locality of Koregaon Park. It was started in 1959 as Permanent Way Training School for Civil Engineers. After clearing IES , civil engineers those who get railways start their journey from here only. This institute is our headquarter for next three years of probation.

IRICEN Building
IRICEN Building

Our batch of IRSE probationers were asked to report the IRICEN on 15 December 2014. Accordingly, we made our reservations for Pune.  As I mentioned previously that we were given first class pass to travel to Pune for joining so we didn’t face any major difficulty. Once we reached Pune railway station there was reception desk just outside the station for welcoming us. Staff from IRICEN had arranged vehicles to transport us to IRICEN hostel which is just adjoining to main IRICEN building. Once inside, we were allotted our hostel rooms.When i started moving to my room, one boy took my luggage and lead me towards the room but then i insisted that i will carry the luggage on my own. Actually he symbolized the failure of Indian State in terms of employment and education. He is in no way inferior or lesser being than i am but our society is like such where there is less to envy and more to pity.

IRICEN hostel is the best among all centralized training institutes hostels of Indian Railway. When I opened my room it was equipped with all the facilities.Every thing was in its place just waiting for us. Internet speed is just amazing, it has made everyone crazy here. Railway provides services which are generally not available elsewhere.

IMG_20141214_201639976 IMG_20141214_201637282 IMG_20141214_201632722 

There afterwards we proceeded for the dinner. Let me tell you that mess arrangements are also no ordinary here. Our dining area is big hall where around 150 people can eat at time. Everything was on its place. We just sat there and enjoyed our meal. There are catering staff which take care of your all the needs. Food is of very good quality. You will fall in love with dining facilities here. It is completely different from what you will find in your college mess. So if you want to be here than start studying now.

IMG_20141214_205155177 IMG_20141214_205159475

Goutam Rahul Roy , IES
Goutam Rahul Roy , IES



In the first week, we have completed all our joining formalities. Were were also given introduction on important railway works. We were told about organisation and how to behave as an officer. One very special thing was given to us which is only a matter of privilege. Look below.



The name says it all. This is a first class duty pass given to all the IRSE probationer. Through this we are entitled to travel from anywhere to anywhere in India on duty. We are also entitled to travel in Shatabadi and Rajdhani trains. We also get 6 sets of privilege pass and privilege ticket order which can be used for families. Let me tell you that I feel proud while carrying duty pass as its the sign if becoming an IES officer. We also been instructed not to misuse our official privileges. We can’t do anything which will be regarded as ‘ unbecoming of an officer’. We were also given lessons on manners,etiquette and ceremonies.

It has just been one week at IRICEN. Half of the batch has been sent to NAIR Vadodra and rest of them have been sent to field training. I was overwhelmed by the experience here which has been fulfilling till now,we have to return again here for next phase of training. This is the place where we will be incubated as officer of Indian Railways.

NAIR Batch
NAIR Batch

I am now the part of this mammoth organisation which has been serving the nation through its ups and downs. The feeling i get here is of unseen potential which lies ahead. Next three years represents a big learning opportunity and it will be my constant endeavor to not to waste this wonderful opportunity. Railway provides everything even beyond your expectations ,you just have to give your soul to it and you will enjoy being here. Let me warn you that life in Railways is not easy from any point of view. Challenges are as great as rewards, so if you want to thoroughly enjoy your life then you are welcome.


93 Replies to “First week at Indian Railway Institute of Civil Engineering”

  1. Hi Mr. Singh
    I’m preparing for IES and also civil services (IAS). Can you kindly inform me the details for the following questions.
    1. What is the consolidated pay? Is it more than 50K for beginners?
    2. What is the consolidated pay during training period?
    2. Is it possible to prepare for IAS while training as IES? Is there sufficient time?
    3. Is it possible to take a leave of around 1 week-10 days to write IAS exam, while we are during IES training? Because, this time, IAS mains exam was during 15-22 December which are the same dates for reporting for IES.

    Thanks in advance

    1. 1. It varies from 40000 to 60000 for beginners.
      2. It is possible to prepare for IAS but in railways training schedule is hectic and you may not get leaves very easily.
      3. You should join other departments such as cwc if IAS is your ultimate goal.

      1. Thank You, Sir, for your quick reply

        Can you kindly explain what exactly does an IES do? What is the job nature in IRSE and CWC?

  2. Hi Mr.Singh,

    I badly wanted to be there. Currently, I am doing my structural engineering. I wanted to give IES 2015. I haven’t started preparation yet. Kindly, suggest me regarding the following.

    1) Due to my project, I cannot spare full time in these 6 months left. I can spend only 6 hrs/day. Do I have the chance to make it this time for IES railways?

    2) I got Made easy notes from my friend, as I cannot go for coaching due to my college. Is that sufficient for preparation? or do I need to refer text books for preparation.? ( because I have very less time and I need to finish the syllabus as soon as possible and start revision)

    Kindly give me suggestions. Waiting for your valuable suggestions sir. Thanks in advance.

    1. 1. The situation varies from people to people but there are lot of cases where candidates doing mtech have cleared IES. Last year IES topper from civil was doing mtech a iit delhi in structural engg.

      2. If your foundations are strong then you don’t need to study from text book , notes are sufficient in itself.

      Don’t worry, one day you will be here. Just focus on your studies , don’t waste your time.

  3. Hello Sir.
    First of all, congrats for ur success.I am a mechanical 3rd year student and very serious for ESE-2016.
    Even though i have started my preparation and completing the subjects along with my semesters in terms of making notes,solving previous year papers.i have also bought made easy postal study course.
    What else i need to do to secure under 10 rank in ies as i aspire for irss or irsme only.
    I am from a private colg. So this exam matters a lot to me.
    Please reply sir.i would be waiting for it.

    1. You are almost doing what is needed for this exam. Important point is to continue this momentum till the end of exam. Also remember to take your test series very seriously. You will be able to gauge your performance via test series. So, best of luck.

  4. Sir

    Kudos to you for posting such a wonderful blog.. You are truly roman saini of Engineering services… It would be truly beneficial for the aspirants if you continue posting such blogs by urging your fellow comrades in the academy and also throw some light on IDSE, Indian Naval Services, CPWD, Ordinance factories etc…

    Thank you…

  5. Thanks for ur valuable guidance.
    One thing more i want to ask that is made easy online test series for ies is same as that of offline becoz it might not be possible for me to travel from colg every week as i am in kanpur(dont have test centre).
    Secondly i want to ask that the rank prepared is combined for offline and online test?
    Thirdly is there something extra that i have to do to get under 10 rank becoz to get such rank one should have an extra edge.
    Sir u r really doing a great task of mentoring aspiring student.A great initiative by you.

  6. hie.i hv completed my BE in IT..and currently workng in still i would like to go for IES..can you guide me through this…since i am from an IT background and what all i will need to study..

    1. You can’t give exam in IT. You will have to choose between civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic. Chose that subject which is nearest to your engineering subject and start preparing.

  7. Sir I gave two times IES exam (2013 & 2014),but not to pursue any success bcz of without proper and continue study.
    I am working in Rajasthan PWD since December 2012. In this service I haven’t too much time. I have only 6 hours in day for study and also my Civil Engineering concepts are not too good bcz according to me my study pattern is like RATTAMAR. I am trying to change my study pattern but after some time again on my previous pattern.
    So sir I request you to plz give me guidance to achieve my goal of RAILWAY ENGINEERING SERVICES and I haven’t options to leave this job. Waiting for your answer. ..

    1. I can understand your situation very well. It is very difficult to prepare while being in job. You will have to make you plan very precisely to manage the time. Also try to increase your concentration power and memory skills. These thing will definitely help you. Give your best , leave rest to the fate.
      Best of luck.

      1. Thank you very much sir for your valuable suggestions. I will give as possible as time to my study.
        Sir provide some information about to what we study from books(specially civil engineering) bcz in books there are vast materials.
        How I planning for IES syllabus bcz as you know sir my study pattern is different, so according to your experience how I do proper preparation starting like foundation of building.
        Good evening

  8. Hi amit sir,

    Thanks for writing this blog.It helps to answer may questions.

    Can you please give me some suggestion
    I am currently working in an MNC and i want to prepare for IES 2016 .
    I want to go to Delhi or Hyderabad for classes .
    So what should i do next .
    Like should i quit the job and take classes or should i do some night shift job and do studies.
    which is better Hyderabad or Delhi.
    Also when i should quit the job by month of May??

    Can you please give me some suggestions when you will get time.

    1. It depends on lot of things.
      1. Your place of job
      2. Whether its near to coaching classes or not.
      3. Time available for self preparation in the job.
      4. What type of batch would u want to take- regular or weekend.

      Delhi would be best place for preparation, so if you have time and resources then you can go there.

  9. Iam very much excited regarding your posts post qualification details, which we couldnt get anywhere. Thank you very much for this. Iam soo much excited to see myself there this year. Hoping for the best and expecting much more interesting information regarding training. 🙂

  10. Dear brother.
    firstly congrats…please guide me in cracking ies 2015…I just want to know which bookS to refer for civil engineering. .please help me regarding this …thanks in advance…

  11. Sir,
    Right now I am doing Mtech in sturctural Engg. I hav got selected in IES 2014. According to last year trend I will be getting call letter by nov. 2015 and by that time i would have completed 3 sem. of my mtech. Is there any provision to extend my joining for 5 months so that I can complete the last semester of my mtech.

      1. In railways,civil engg,there are 1-2 students who have taken extension for joining because they are doing But you will have to cover what you miss.

  12. Hi Amit,
    Congrats on your success….
    I have few queries:
    1. Passing marks is 60% during training, isn’t it too high?
    2. Is the project during the training is hectic?
    3. Is joining in railways always in December month(for ESE 2014 they have completed the medical before PI, should it alter the joining date)? Reason for asking this question is that I have to resign from my current IT company(notice period of 2 months).

    1. 1. Yes passing marks is 60% , it is definitely high but it is also a fact that probationers rarely fail in that.
      2. Well project is to be submitted at the end of probation period and i am in the middle , so can’t say if its hectic or not. But why worry, running trains is always a hectic job.
      3. Till now ,joining has been in December only because they have calendar of courses running for different batch. SO , it is unlikely that joining will be earlier even if medical has been completed.

  13. An unimportant question but because of curiosity, may i pls know that are we allotted single room or do we need to share it with someone during railway training in pune.

    1. There is no fixed rule for that. It depends on situation. Till now, we were getting single accommodation but it can’t be said for future too. A proposal for construction of new hostel is in place.
      At NAIR, Vadodara you will not get single room accommodation and in field training also you will have to share room with other probationers.

  14. Hello sir,
    There are few thoughts 💭 which gives us lots of energy and few thoughts which takes away all our energy. one of such a thought for me is the age factor sir. I will be 28 years old at the time of joining irce pune if i clear ies railways this year. Just 60 days left for the exam and it gets very frustrating when I hear people around me saying that people clear ies at the age of 23 24 and 25 max.
    Sir may i pls know d average age of students joining irce, just a general idea.
    And will it be difficult for me to work with my colleagues all of age group younger than me. Is railways a difficult environment to work under someone younger than Me.
    From 28 till i turn 60, in these 32 years of service which i personally feel promotions won’t be a big issue. May i please have ur valuable opinion on this sir.
    Please reply whenever free sir. Thanks

    1. While it is true that average age at which probationers are joining IES has come down to 25 but there is no reason to get disheartened. There are many people in my batch above 25 years of age. There are few probationers of 28 years of age as well. 30 years of service is a long time. Age will matter only at the end but irrespective of that you will reach SAG grade in your carrier . Railways is hierarchy based, the value is of the post not the position or the person or his age.

  15. Hello sir,
    May we pls know how much salary do we get from day 1 of our joining in irce pune, and how much on day 1 of our joining on field, just a rough idea sir.
    Thank you

  16. Hello sir,
    My name is Ranjeet prajapati I have doing my in 4th year from Gujarat. Please give me your valuable thinks for my carrier. Please give me guide line of how to crack IES exam. Please sir reply me.. My email ID:-

  17. Sir, is sports facility available for ies officer in railway because i m a player of archery..
    Can i continue this sport during railway job??

  18. its great reading ur blog… a big thanks for sharing so minute details… its inspiring to prepare for es after going through ur blog… can you share ur views regarding the change of syllabus of ES which is expected shortly….
    i have also sent a mail to u in ur id

    1. Thanks for appreciating the blog. I would continue to put relevant information in the public domain so that aspirants are well informed before they make their choice.

  19. Hello sir….first of all congrats for ur dream coming true finally!!
    Well, I have a strange question..
    I want to know…that…while on probation…how many leaves are we entitled to….per month…or on overall basis??
    In clear words….is it possible (or okay) for the probationers to take a few days off….might be every month or so…..from that “very hectic” sort of training schedule in Railways as u mentioned… that we could visit our place to meet our families…with a not so long gap…like on diwali holi etc..?????
    I know…I’m being emotional on this….but…I’m the only child of my parents…so I need to be with them too…….that’s why I’ve asked this!!!
    Kindly do reply. I really want sm info on that!!
    thnks in advance

    1. Thanks
      In a year a probationer gets
      8 days CL
      30 days leave on average pay (lap)
      20 LHAP
      IT is possible for a probationer to take few days off but not every month.
      On holi,diwali u can definitely visit your family as everyone does so.

      Howe’er there is a advantage in field training. Suppose you get training near your home then you can definitely visit your family. Nobody will stop you.
      Everyone would love to stay at their home and work from there but it’s not possible in case of central govt jobs. But in probation period you would get enough opportunities to meet your parents.

      1. Respected sir,
        If i join irce in Dec 2015 then will i get leave for my marriage in march-april? Maximum how many leave can be managed at once?

        And is there any provision for couple stay at ircr? Or can i stay in pune city with my family?

      2. Once you join railways, it will take care of your every needs. You will obviously get leave for the marriage and you will get accommodation with your spouse wherever you go. You will also be entitled to get your wife’s name included on all the passes that you get and many more things…..

  20. Hello sir,

    ur post are really great , This blog gave me a motivation to my career. thanks for every words in ur blog and my kind obligation is make this site as a knowledge bank for IES . do not go for any material publishing mania.
    once again thanks for ur inspiring post and god bless you success in ur life .

  21. Thanks for replying brother…!!! 🙂
    Well I have one more query…..(or I should say sort of hope for me):
    I have read somewhere, might be in your blog, or elsewhere, don’t remember, that……. (either of the following cases):

    (1) while on probation if we perform/score well in the institute exams, we could get the posting in our hometown region. For eg if I’m from delhi then I’m gonna get NR, NEW or NR etc. Or may be if I am from kota I could get WR or NWR…

    (2) Or is it the case that railways will always post you to your near hometown zone after probation period? And thereafter you will always be posted in that zone only in further part of your career in railways (except for deputation period).

    I’m saying all these things just because I have analysed very deeply the zone allocation list on indian railways website to railway probationers data with their hometowns written beside their names on IRIEEN website (I am from Electrical stream), by tallying them together, which only depicted that probationrs after training are alloted zones housing their hometown or may be near ones!

    Also, I’ve been through various linkedin profiles in the last few days which only showed that almost 10 out of 10 had been having postings near their hometown only. Don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or it really holds some truth!! Only you could help us out on this.
    (One more thing, I have noticed this for electrical only. Can’t say for other branches.)

    Your reply will be appreciated… 🙂
    Thank you.

    1. Allotment of zone depends on your rank in upsc and category. It doesn’t depend on how you perform in the probation. Your performance in probation period affects your seniority not your zone allotment.

      Now process of zone allotment is little complicated. I will write separate article about it. However if you are topper in your category then it is very highly that you will get zone of your preference.

      This is the procedure for civil however I will confirm it for electrical later.

      1. Sir,
        what does seniority means here?
        is it like the person who cleared indian engineering services examination in the same year can be senior to his friends clearing the exam in the same year just on the basis of probation marks scoring?

      2. Yes Seniority is decided on the basis of both UPSC marks and marks otained during probation. So a candidated having lesser rank in upsc can come ahead by scoring good in probation period.

  22. Hello Sir,

    What kind of project is to be submitted in training period??? Is it like the projects we do in MTech and BTech??? Is it related to railways and are there any dedicated labs for implementing the projects??

  23. Sure i’ll be waiting for your next article…
    Well, you mean to say, whatever zone we are alloted in our first posting, it will not change for our rest of the career. I mean we will be posted to the cities of that zone only??

    1. Zone can be changed but it takes time. You will have to spend few years in your parent zone then you can apply for zone change. If there is mutual swapping , then it becomes relatively easier process

  24. Hello sir, i have done B Tech in Chemical engg and willing to start preparing for ESE -16 through Civil. The book list you published previously has 4-5 books per subject and thus proving difficult to choose from those since I have no idea about the subject. I will be very appreciable if you could spare little of your precious time to cut down to 1 or 2 books you recommend would be sufficient

    Thanks in advance

      1. Sir
        Is there any officer from eee background I can contact with in this blog
        And how you feel after becoming an ies officer, within society as well as friends
        Thank you

  25. Congrats for great success.
    Presently i working in PSU (Airports Authority of India).
    PSU is very good in respect of salary & facilities(medical etc).
    I’m in core field of electronic & communication but the issue is after promotion you will not expect any change in your job working. Here JE ,AM,Manager,SM,AGM is doing almost same work only designation wise difference.
    Some time you have to do non executive work due to non availability of non executive staff or non listening words by them.
    In our organization one Department (ATC) has given very much important compare to other departments. Our Department (CNS)is back bone of organization but it is not having any good respect which will get to one department as i said earlier also nobody is ready to listen your request . Even though we are Officer they treat as technicians not as Officer (not directly speaking because nobody has dear to speak but culture is like that you automatically fills the same things).
    Entry level for our department officer is min. education engg. Degree(BE(E&Tc)) and the same entry level for them min. BSC(phy or maths)
    What i mean say due this discrimination my mind is always diverted to do work concentrically.
    As you mentioned in you previous blogs regarding job profile of Officers in Railway is really great.
    i want know age limit for ES exam as UPSC has changed age limit for IAS /IPS max 21yrs to 32yrs.
    But i previous advertisement of ES EXAM age limit was given 21yrs to 30 yrs.
    can you confirm the same.As i crossed 30yrs in this months(may).
    If you have any suggestions plz kindly pass.

    Ruturaj Bhosale

    1. Sorry for such a late reply.
      To confirm age criteria, read this year notification of ESE released by UPSC.
      And also thanks for describing your work place in detail.

  26. Sir
    How many seats were there in railways in 2013 ese, 2014 ese,
    And as total ies seats r shrinking every year, how much do u think will be the seats for railways CIVIL , general category in ese 2015.
    Your reply will be very valuable for us,
    Thanks a lot

  27. hello….sir….congratulation to you..i know how much respect and facilities get a railway officers…and also the staffs(than any other govt. dept.)i’m a student of 1st yr ME engg.i also want to be a IRSME Officer and all of us know that for be a IRSME there is two scope SCRA &IES exam.sir according to you now what should i do preparing well for scra and give the exam next yr or give IES after completing my….i heard that scra’s are getting more advantage than the IES…pls help sir

    1. If you get selected for SCRA at 17 then go for it. SCRA students join IRSME at the age of 21 years which IES peole can’t beat because even if you finish college by 21 years of age, it will take atleast 2 years to finally join railways if you crack IES in your first attempt. It all depends on where you are now and what is your goal. If you want govt. job and that too in railways…SCRA would be preferable. However if you would like to keep your options open then go for conventional mechanical engg course.

  28. Thank you so much sir….your suggestion is very helpful to me.i decide my final goal i”ll go to SCRA.but sir can i tell me how can i prepare myself for scra because very few seats are in this exam and which books and study material i follow? And sir for joining in railway through IES minimum kitna rank karna hoga?

  29. Hello sir…actually one question always come in my mind. I think after clearing the exam (ESE) there is a counselling process,i mean which department i want, like railway,army etc.So for getting chance in railway as a IRSME what minimum or maximum rank i have to bring in ESE.

  30. I m doing civil engineering. I want to prepare for IES exam. PLZ gve some tips. Right now I m in 4th year of engineering.

  31. Hi,Firstly congrats for ur success..Can I know what is the probationary training period? and how it has been divided like phase 1 and phase 2?

    1. Absolutely yes. You can get her name on your Duty pass ,privilege pass etc. She can also accompany you to official visits outside IRICEN, even to Bharat Dharshan. Once you are married , Railways will take care of all of your needs arising out of married life.
      Probation is the best time to happily enjoy your marriage.

  32. are married people can get into railways? Because i read on someone’s appointment letter ( IRCE) in google that the person is not entitled to marry at the time of joining.. What does that mean??

  33. Can you please tell us if we can take our spouses to iricen campus when we first report or not? Iricen provide accomodation for married person or not?

  34. i am praveen babu…completed my BE in RMK Engineerin clg
    I am planin to write IES exam

    I hav stared preparing but i want to know the advantage of the job
    In net its not given clearly And what wil be my salary and duration of my work…..i am asking tis becaz i am very much interested in mechatronics and i got admission in vit srm and mostly i wil get even in anna university but i am not interested in doing here….i thought of goin germany but i hav some problems here so i couldnt go ther…i an thinkin of doin mechatronics once i become an IES office by gettin loan and i hav heard tat government will allow to study for 4more yrs ie. Pg and phd
    So i am in big confusion…hope u understand my problem sir….i hav my family problems too….its easy for me to go software company ..i am pretty confident tat i wil go easily inside a software company but tis my dream tat to learn mechatronics
    Sry for the long explanation….to understand my problem i hav sent u my detailed problem

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