Brief Particulars related to Central Engineering Services


This post is about following services:-




(a) PROBATION-The selected candidates will be appointed on probation for two years. They would be required to pass the prescribed departmental examination during the period of probation. On satisfactory completion of their probation they could be considered for confirmation or continuance in their appointment. Government may extend the period of probation of two years. If on the expiration of the period of probation or of any extension thereof, Government are of opinion that the officer is not fit for permanent employment/ retention or if at any time during such period of probation or extension. They are satisfied that the officer will not be fit for permanent appointment/ retention on the expiration of such period or extension they may discharge the officer or pass such order as they think fit.

(b) PROMOTION- As things stand at present, all officers appointed in Central Engineering Service Group ‘A’ are eligible for promotion to the next higher grade viz., Executive Engineer after completion of five years service in the grade of Assistant Executive Engineer subject to availability of vacancies and on condition that they are otherwise found fit for such promotion.

(c) LIABILITY TO SERVE IN DEFENCE SERVICE- Any person appointed on the results of this competitive examination shall, if, so required be liable to serve in any Defence Service or post connected with the Defence of India for a period of not less than four years including the period spent on training, if any.
Provided that such person :
(i) shall not be required to serve as aforesaid after the expiry of ten years from the date of appointment;
(ii) shall not ordinarily be required to serve as aforesaid after a training the age of forty years.

The following are the rates of pay admissible:—
(i)  I.T.S. (A.E.E.)-Pay Band 3- Rs15,600-39,100+Grade
Pay of  Rs5,400/-
(ii)  S.T.S. (E.E.)-Ordinary Scale Rs15,600-39,100+Grade
Pay of Rs6,600/- Non-functional selection Grade-
Rs15,600-39,100+Grade Pay Rs7,600/-
(iii)  Junior Administrative  grade  (S.E.)  Rs37,400-
67,000+Grade Pay of Rs8700/-
(iv)  Senior Administrative  Grade  (C.E.)  Rs3,400-
67,000+Grade Pay of Rs10,000/-
(v) Higher Administrative Grade
Additional D.G.— Rs67,000-(Annual increment @
3%) 79,000/- Additional director General (works
Special)  Rs75,500-(Annual increment  @ 3%)-80,000
Director General (Works)— Rs80,000/- (fixed)

These posts are common to all the three disciplines
i.e., Civil, Electrical,  Mechanical and Architectural.

(e) Nature of duties and responsibilities attached to the posts in Central Engineering Service (Group A) and Central Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Service (Group A).

(i)Central  Engineering  Service  Group A.— Candidates  recruited  to  this  Service  through Engineering Services Examination are employed in  the  Central  Public  Works  Department  on Planning,   Designing,   Construction   and Maintenance  of  various  civil  works  (of  Central Government)  comprising  residential  buildings, office buildings, institutional and research centres, industrial  buildings,  hospitals  and  development schemes, aerodromes, highway and bridges etc. The candidates start their service in the Department as Assistant Executive Engineers (Civil) and in the course  of  their  service  are  promoted  to  various senior ranks in the Department.

(ii) Central Electrical and Mechanical/Engineering Service Group ‘A’.—Candidates recruited to this Service through Engineering Services Examination are  employed  in  the  Central  Public  Works Department on Planning, Designing, Construction
and  Maintenance  of  electrical  components  of various  civil  works  (of  Central  Government) comprising of electrical installations, electrical sub- stations and power houses, air-conditioning and refrigeration,  runway  lighting  of  aerodromes, operation of mechanical workshops, procurement and  upkeep  of  construction  machinery  etc.  The candidates start their service in the Department as Assistant Executive Engineers (Electrical) and in the course of their service are promoted to various senior ranks in the Department.

Thank You

38 Replies to “Brief Particulars related to Central Engineering Services”

    1. It depends on how much you want. As a probationer your salary will vary from 40,000-60,000 and benefits will be additional. After seventh pay comission,salary is going to increase significantly.

      If you calculate CTC as pvt companies do ,then salary will come out in lakhs. There are lot of facilities for which govt is not charging any money.

      1. an ies officer with this one can even if buy a BMW car …AND ALSO NO ONE CAN ENJOY A LUXURIOUS LIFE…SIR PLZZZZZZ REPLY ABOUT THIS..

    2. That is the basic salary
      If add TA DA and all other allowance
      It will be around 40-60k
      And after 7th pay commissions it will be more than 85k
      Isn’t that enough that a good start
      And you should not worry about salary being an IES officer is prestigious

  1. sir………..give brief particular related to Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers(IRSSE) ,Indian Telecommunication Service(ITS) and Indian Railway Stores Service

    1. Posting for CES is generally in major cities unlike in far-off places like in Railways. However in case of posting in field jobs you may have to visit construction sites in inaccessible terrain.

  2. Hello Sir,
    I am now in final year of mechanical engineering. I am very much passionate about IES & I have started preparation from 3 months back. I am going to join Made Easy coaching also.
    Sir, is one year sufficient to crack the exam ?

    1. IT is good that you are passionate about IES. You have everything that is required for cracking IES, a good coaching and 1 year time is sufficient for cracking this exam if do the hard work.

  3. SIr,.
    will You Post Job Descrip;tion of MEchanical Engineers in Railway both (store too).
    I want an job which we can gain more Ideas.(means Too technical).
    For Too technical which is better?
    Indian Railway service Engineering(IRSE) Or Indian ORdnance Factory job(IOFSE)?
    What is mean by Railway Store job?
    Pro’s and Cons in Both IRSE and IOFSE?
    waiting For Your Reply. Thanks In Advance

  4. Thank you amit sir for such great informative blog that you have started with. I am final year civil engineering student in university of Pune. To prepare for engineering service exams I am planning to join coaching institute at Hyderabad (ACE). Where would you suggest me to join for the better results?
    If possible please specify name of institute and its location.. Thank you…

    1. Thank you for appreciating the blog. As far as selection of coaching institutes is concerned , a lot has changed from 2011 when i prepared for exams. At that time , Madeeasy was the only name but recently lot of coaching institutes have come up about which i have no idea. So it is upto you to decide coaching institutes. Make choice according to your own requirements. However, i think that Madeesay is still the biggest name and Delhi the best place for preparation.

  5. hello sir,
    I’m the student of 3rd yr mechanical..
    I’m so passionate about IES..
    can I complete the exam without any kind of additional coaching …
    to do so what will I’ve to do …
    plzz give reply …I need your guidance please

    1. You can do it without coaching also but it requires lot of hard work and dedication, You need to stay focussed,i have written a separate article in this blog ,go through it.

  6. hi i am cpwd class I officer…….railway and cpwd r 2 best departments…let me compare railway with cpwd..
    positives of cpwd—
    1.posting — big cities and metro’s..and one can stay 70% of his service time in delhi as delhi pwd is under cpwd. life balance– cool and lazy lifestyle in cpwd unlike railway where even to get 1 day leave can be sometime challenging even in festival times…also we have come across some seniors who have left railways and joined cpwd..also cpwd executive engineer have so much financial powers and authority which is equivalent to chief engineer of railways..
    3.professional career— cpwd officers are in very much demand in private sector unlike railways.people can start there own design consultancy.if u leave job then u can get fat paycheck in private sector..
    4.contacts—as complete vip areas of delhi including President,Prime minister,all Ministers,IAS officers are maintained by cpwd..u have ample contacts/opportunities here.
    5.promotions—approximately this much time u will be spending at particlar post in cpwd and here executive engineer is most powerful post..
    Assistant Executive Engineer—4 year including 9 month training period..
    Executive Engineer—10-11 year
    Supritending engineer–9-10 year
    Chief engineer–4-5 year
    additional director general—2-3 year.. then SDG and DG..
    normally every class 1 officer reach chief engineer position..
    negatives of cpwd:-
    1. facilities—here railway is in clear winning position..cpwd don’t have any servant facilities,bunglow’s are not as big as railways and here executive engineer and above in feild only get vehicle/car. no club/swimming pool facilities…
    2.position— in ur first posting in railways arnd 600-700 people reporting to u and u feel like sahab..but in cpwd only ur junior engineer will report to u..and sahabi culture is not here.. in railway is everincreasing while same is not the case with cpwd because now cpwd has to compete with various PSU like nbcc for getting works from varous central govt department..
    so compare urself….what i have found is that normally people in railways who get their favourite zone are the happiest one.

  7. Rrspected Sir, please clear my confusion. I am From Mechanical Engg. , DTU. I have corrected my eyes by c-lasik. Am i Medically eligible In Ies for central engineering services ( water, power etc.) And for which services i would not be medically unfit?? Please Help Me. Regards.

  8. Sir .
    What are the chance that one gets posting in Delhi under CE & MES .


  9. Which are the non technical posts in mechanical deptt. ?
    I have partial squint and gazette states that only allowed in non technical post.
    Please help.

  10. Sir
    My name is Sourav. I have completed my Mechnical Egg 2015 from Jadavpur University and currently working at a core private sector company with handy salary. But I am planning to go for IES 2017. But I have some queries regarding this.
    1.What is the main job role of an IES officer in railways and CES
    2.Is one year enough for the preparation if I continue with my 10 hrs everyday job?should I quit and take preparation separately?
    3.I have heard in this job transfer happens in every 3 that true?
    4.what is training period after selection? is it same for all departments?
    5.Can the posting be at Kolkata after training period?
    It would be helpful if you answer these as soon as possible.

  11. Hello sir,
    I m ANAND KUMAR, b-tech 4th year student in electronics and communication. I am start the preparation for ies 2017. I am know about which department’s are better for me and what types of work here
    Thanks to read and get the good advice

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