Probation:-Candidate selected for appointment to the service will be appointed as probationers for a period of two years which period may be extended at the discretion  of competent  authority.  Failure  to complete the probation to the satisfaction of the competent authority will render them liable to discharge from service.

Termination:-The appointment can be terminated at any time by  giving  the  required  period  of  notice  (one month in the case of temporary appointment and three  months  in  the  case  of  permanent appointment  by  competent  authority).  The Government,  however,  reserves  the  right  of terminating services of the appointees forthwith or before the expiry of the stipulated period of notice by making payment of a sum equivalent to pay and allowances for the period of notice or the unexpired portion thereof. They will be subject to term and conditions of the Service as applicable to civilian Government Servants  paid  from  the  Defence  Services Estimates in accordance with the orders issued by the Government of India from time to time. They will be subjected to field Service Liability Rules, 1957 as amended from time to time.

Transfer:-They will be liable for transfer anywhere in India or  abroad.  However,  major  locations,  where, officers  are  likely  to  be  posted,  are Mumbai,Visakhapatnam, New Delhi (HQ), Kochi and at Goa. INAS officers are also required to go on foreign  deputation  as  and  when  required  for specialized training/assignment.

Scale of Pay:-
Scale of pay and classification-Group- A Gazatted
are given below:
(i)   Junior Time Scale Grade (Assistant Manager/
Assistant  Director  of  Naval Armaments)
Rs.15600-39100,GP 5400.
(ii)   Senior Time Scale Grade (Manager/Deputy
Director of Naval Armaments): Rs15600-39100,
GP 6600.
(iii)   Junior  Administrative   Grade(Non-
Functional) (Deputy General Manager/Joint
Director of Naval Armaments): Rs15600-39100,
GP 7600.
(iv)   Junior Administrative  Grade  (Functional)
(General  Manager/Additional  General
Manager/Principal Director/Director of Naval
Armaments) Rs.37400- 67000, GP 8700.
(v)   Senior Administrative Grade (Chief General
Manager/Addl. Director General of Naval
Armament Supply) Rs.37400-67000, GP 10000.
(vi)   Higher  Administrative  Grade  (Director
General of Naval Armament) : Rs.67000- 79000

Career Growth:- The promotional avenue and the detailed terms and conditions are given below:
(i)Senior time Scale Grade (Manager/Deputy Director of Naval Armaments): Officers of INAS Cadre in the Junior Time Scale Grade (Assistant Manager/Assistant Director) with four years regular service in the grade are eligible  for  promotion  to  the  Senior  Time Scale Grade on the basis of selection on the recommendations of DPC provided that only, those  officers  who  have  passed  the Departmental Examination after induction training will be considered for promotion.

(ii)Junior   Administrative/Grade   (Non- functional) Deputy General Manager/Joint Director of Naval Armaments : Officers of INAS Cadre in the Senior Time Scale Grade who have completed five years of regular service in the Senior Time Scale Grade are eligible  for  appointment  to  the  Junior Administrative Grade (Non-Functional).

(iii)Junior Administrative  Grade  (Functional) General  Manager/Additional  General Manager/Principal  Director/Director  of Naval Armaments : Officers of INAS Cadre in the Senior Time Scale Grade on completion of thirteen years of regular service in the Gp ‘A’ including four years service rendered in STS Grade, are eligible for promotion to the    Junior    Administrative    Grade

(iv)Senior Administrative Grade (Chief General Manager/Addl Director General of Naval Armament) : Officers of INAS Cadre in the Junior Administrative Functional Grade with three years regular service in the Grade are eligible for promotion to the posts of Chief General Manager on the basis of selection to be made by the appropriate DPC.

(v)Higher Administrative  Grade  (Director General of Naval Armament) : Officers of INAS Cadre in the Senior Administrative Grade with three years regular service in the grade are eligible for promotion to the post of Director General of Naval Armament on the  basis  of  selection  to  be  made  by  the appropriate DPC.

The requirements for promotion to next higher grade as laid down above are those of minimum eligibility  and  that  promotion  in  the  grade concerned will take place subject to availability of vacancies only. The  officers  are  required  to  take  various responsibilities  attached  with  the  growth  of career  like  in-charge  of  a  division,  head  of  a particular establishment/organization in the Span of entire career.

NOTE : The pay of the Government servant who held a permanent  post  other  than  tenure  post  in  a  substantive capacity  immediately  prior  to  his  appointment  as  a probationer may be regulated subject to the provision of F.R. 22B(1) and the Corresponding article in CSR applicable to probationer in the Indian Navy.

Duties and Responsibilities:-Nature of duties and responsibilities attached to
the post of Junior Time Scale Grade in the Naval
Armament Organization of Indian Navy, Ministry
of Defence:
(i)Production, planning and direction of work relating  to  repair,  modification  and maintenance of armaments, incorporating various  mechanical,  electronics and electrical  devices  and  system  production and productivity.

(ii)Provision  of  machinery,  electronic  and electrical equipment for repair, maintenance and overhaul.

(iii)Development  work  to  establish  import substitutes,  preparation  of  indigenous design specifications.

(iv)Providing  of  mechanical,  electronics  and electrical spares for armaments.

(v)Periodical calibration testing/examination of sub-assemblies   and   assemblies   of mechanical electronics and electrical items of  armaments  (missiles,  torpedoes,  mines and guns) measuring instruments etc.

(vi)Providing  logistic  support  in  respect  of armament  stores  to  fleet  and  Naval Establishments.

(vii)Rendering of technical advice to the service in  all  matters  relating  to mechanical, electronic  and  electrical  engineering  in respect of armaments.

(viii)Functions of personnel management of large number of technical and non-technical work force.

(k)Additional Unique facilities
(i) The officers of this cadre (INAS) discharge the  duty  and  responsibility  in Naval Armament Organization which is one of the important wing of Indian Navy. Facilities available to Naval service officers like CSD canteen  facilities  for  self  &  family, membership of officer’s mess/club/institute/ swimming pool etc. are extended to INAS Officers  also.  The  residential  complex  of INAS  cadre  officers  is  also  under Naval Security  Zone,  where  one  can  feel  fully secured throughout service period.

(ii)Being the part of Indian Navy, the INAS cadre officers have the opportunity to participate in various adventure and sports activities.