A look at GS paper Of ESE 2015

In this article we will look at General Studies portion of IES General Ability Paper. This section contains 60 questions which are of multiple choice types. First of all we will analyze the paper from the point of view of diversity of questions and their difficulty of question. We will also look at the difficulty level of questions in different sections. Analyzing this year’s paper will gives us new perspective in our preparation. We can analyze the current trend and accordingly orient our studies.
While doing this exercise, I faced difficulty in breaking up question in their different topics. Sometimes they were too close, and sometimes they were a mix from two topics. In deciding the difficulty level of questions I have taken the average knowledge level as the basis point for my consideration.


From above figure it is clear that once again Geography and, Environment and Biodiversity are the major fishing ground for UPSC. No of questions from polity has decreased and history questions have shown rise this time. There has been no question from economics which has become sort of neglected topic in this exam. Current affairs have shown a jump. Science and Technology has gained prominence and most of the question from this section were difficult to deal with. Questions from life sciences has decreased a bit.



47% of the total question were easy doable in this paper which should have been done by every serious aspirant in this exam. 33% of the question fell in moderate category i.e an average student who has done hard work in GS should grab these marks. So, 80% of total question were in your hands this time. Now rest 20% question were for those students who studied GS round the year.The current affairs have been asked from Nov 2013 for paper conducted in June 2014.This paper, it seems was neither too hard nor too difficult for an average student.

Now we will analyze topic wise difficulty

Note-The figure on the chart represents number of the questions not the percentage.

 These figures below are self explanatory. Out of total number of question from a particular topic,it show their relative difficulty.




g4 g5 g6 g7 g8 g9 g10


This was just a brief analysis of general studies paper. If i have made any mistakes please let me know about it in the comments.
Thanks and Good Bye.


16 Replies to “A look at GS paper Of ESE 2015”

  1. Thank you for such a detailed and minute analysis of GS paper sir. It will definitely help us to change our preparation strategy for GS Paper which gives a cutting edge.

    Sir, Please help us in revision strategy right from 1 year before examination, as syllabus is too wide it gets difficult to keep in touch of all the subject simultaneously.

  2. Hi , team

    There is speech in rumor market that IES pattern is going to change ie; ies2016
    is that true?, is that any possible of RTI for this issue .

    1. It may be true because UPSC is known for its unpredictability. And there is no way to get the info in advance as they may not be sure about it till now. So , only thing you can do is to preopare yourself for the worst.

  3. hi
    first i would thanks all the moderators for a beautiful blog written in precised way
    i would like to ask that is any one here from CIVIL who can guide me a little?

  4. Sir…i m final year student i want crack this exam ,,,sir plz help which books i refese for technical subject and gs studies..and how many house need prepration every day…sir.

  5. Sir,for Objective questions each right answer is awarded one mark and there are 120 questions…but the max marks awarded is 200…How..?

  6. sir ESE syllabus was changed…. it will effect from 2017… so if you write something on this topic…. it help us to prepare for ESE

  7. Sir…could u please guide us too about English part of the paper too…like u have done above…and one more thing…could u plz tell any gud buk for ic engine and power plant…

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