How an Average ESE Interview goes – Learn from my mistakes

Deepak Jhalani

Hi All,interview-in-progress-sign

This is me, Deepak Jhalani. I scored AIR 16 in ESE 2014 with Mechanical Engineering. This is an average interview and this transcript I wrote for myself (just after the interview) to refer for future improvements in personality. So this is going to be very critical and many a times over-analysing every tiny details.

Please don’t get bogged down by the details.

Just Follow the basics – Revise your complete notes especially of practical subjects, fill DAF responsibly, remain calm, prepare extensively, Don’t take interview lightly and above all enjoy the process (and I mean it). This is the only phase where you will be rewarded for being yourself, so polish yourself accordingly.

Once again – Preparation is the key. Prepare, prepare and prepare. More you prepare more you score. I see this test NOT as ‘such evaluation of your personality as such’ BUT RATHER a test for…

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2 Replies to “How an Average ESE Interview goes – Learn from my mistakes”

  1. Thank you deepak sir,
    Your experience is very useful in correcting ourselves proactively. Please keep sharing your experiences. One question for u is that how did you switchover to preparation of ies when doing private job. Sir please guide because I am also in same condition and need guidance. Plz help.

  2. sir i am sathishkumar (2013 passed out)
    i wrote gate 13 i didnt qualify after i wrote gate 14 i got 26 and then next year i got 30 marks i loose my confident about gate.Now i preparing for bank exam due to economic constrain but i am not interested my career as bank officer.I couldnt decide what am i searching for,sometimes i thought to go for civil services and sometimes i thought get into some psu or ies exam.last two year preparation for gate and gate result made degrade myself (i am not eligible to be ab ies officer or psu employee) this is my third year (from my completed my degree) i am an unemploye any way this year i will get any bank job but what am i do in future.i really confused please suggest some way for me

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