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Author has worked with NHPC Ltd.(Central PSU) for more than 3 years and while working cleared UPSC ESE three times consecutively in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Author has received awards from the Chief Minister of UP twice for securing Merit Positions in High-School and Intermediate Examinations of UP Board and also honored by Department of Science/ UP for securing highest marks in Science in High-School Examination. Author also bagged the Silver Medal of the University in B. Tech. Author has a deep interest in Hindi Literature and also received the title of “Manas Mandal Sudharak” from Manas Samiti Kanpur.


I have found many candidates preparing for exams conducted by UPSC while working with PSU or Some other government organization. Some of the candidates are always concerned for the transfer of service agreement bond, technical resignation, proper channel and resignation procedure etc.

I have appeared in UPSC ESE consecutively three times starting from 2011 to 2014 along with working in NHPC Ltd. (Miniratna Company). I got selected with AIR-144, 073, 157 in ESE-2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively. Since I was working with a PSU, I always applied for the exam duly intimating my parent organization at each stage of the selection procedure. I have also found that many candidates do not intimate to their parent department while applying for any Competitive exams due to many reasons.

Let us understand the consequences if you will not intimate your parent organization:

  • Since UPSC does not ask for any experience certificate and No Objection Certificate for appearing in ESE, you can hide the fact without indicating in DAF (Detailed Application Form) and without intimating your current department, but it may cause trouble in future because these details will always be in record. Suppose you want to apply for any other post through Deputation, you cannot show your experience of previous job because you have not mentioned it in DAF while applying.
  • If while applying for UPSC ESE, you have not intimated to your current organization. You cannot give resignation indicating that you are going to join Some Central Govt. department allocated through UPSC ESE, but you have to give resignation on personal ground.
  • If you are under any Service Bond Obligation and your bond period is not completed in the current organization, you have to pay the currency of the bond and resignation must be on personal ground.
  • If your current organization is PSU, it must be having EPF (Employee Provident Fund) Scheme, and for State Government/Central Government the Scheme is NPS (New Pension Scheme). If you are coming from PSU, you have to withdraw the amount and If you are coming from State Government/Central Government department you can transfer your NPS account, without withdrawing your money, But for the transfer of account your resignation must be through proper channel.
  • If you are appointed through the ESE, you will get pay-protection and balance leave transferred, only if your earlier employer was a State Government/Central Government organization and resignation is through proper channel. In case of PSU, no provision of pay-protection is there.
  • In the rarest of the rare case, you may be in trouble if your current organization informs to UPSC that you have not applied through proper channel without intimating them. It may result into cancellation of candidature and a case may also be registered under Section-420 of IPC.

Proper Channel

Many candidates are not aware of the facts that every communication to the Human Resource division of the organization should be through proper channel. Proper Channel simply means that you have intimated through your controlling/reporting officer to the head of the division to the HR section of the organization, indicating “through proper channel” at the top of the letter. (E.g.- Chief Engineer ⇒Divisional GM ⇒ Divisional ED ⇒ GM (HR))

Technical Resignation

Technical Resignation simply means that you have applied through proper channel intimating at all the phases of the selection procedure.

Service Agreement Bond Transfer

Now-a-days, every organization like PSUs, BARC, DRDO etc., is following a trend of Service Agreement Bond. The bond mentions that you have to serve under that organization or Defence Services or Government of India for a particular period of time. If you have applied through proper channel, your bond gets transferred to the new organization clearly indication that you must complete the remaining period of the bond with the new organization. If you have applied through proper channel, it is the responsibility of your previous organization to communicate with the Concerned Ministry about your bond obligations and you need to sign the new bond with the new Organization for the remaining period of bond and it will be sent back to your earlier employer.

Intimation Stages

Many times it happens that candidates intimate only at the time of application only, but you must intimate the present employer at each phase like while application, while filling DAF and Interview and Finally resignation. While taking leave for appearing in exam, you should clearly mention that you are talking leave for appearing in Examination.

The aim of this article is to familiarize the peoples about the common mistakes that may create problem in your bright future and also aware the candidates about the procedure to be followed while applying for UPSC ESE or any other Examination.

For any query, please comment.


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  1. Raj says:

    Going thru ur detailed elaboration, I got 2 doubts.
    1. If someone declare to UPSC that he has intimated his employer about this exam.( actually hiding it from employer in reality). What would be its consequence ?
    2. If someone having grade pay 6600 in other govt dept. selected in ESE( which offers GP5400), will grade pay be protected ?

  2. Raj says:

    Also you specifically advised to get leaves by declaring them as leaves for appearing in exam. Any specific reason for it?

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      Dear Raj,

      It is required to take leave for appearing in exam, otherwise it may be treated under Disciplinary action.

      1. Raj says:

        This is strange , why leave is necessary as exam takes place on Saturday, Sunday. Moreover, if needed, leaves can be taken in lieu of some other excuse instead of outrighly declaring it as leave for appearing in exam.

      2. SAURABH SINGH says:

        Dear Raj,
        You can skip applying leave if exam is not on working day,but ESE exam is of 3 days duration from Friday to Sunday. So you have to apply for leave as Saturday is not holiday in many jobs and in Railways even Sunday is not the Holiday.
        Sometimes you may have to apply for Headquarter leave if Exam centre is not on the same place.

      3. Raj says:

        Okay I got your point but one final doubt , Can we appear in exam while being on medical leaves or any other leaves? I mean without getting leave sanctioned specifically for appearing in exam.

  3. saurabhsinghirse says:

    Mr. Raj,

    Regarding your first doubt, If you are doing it then it is like conveying wrong information to UPSC because there is option in DAF that you have intimated your Employer.

    Regarding your second doubt, Your grade-pay will not be protected.

  4. Aditya Verma says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m also working with a Navaratna PSU, BPCL and I will write ESE this year.
    I’m going on leave for two months on the medical basis.

    I just want to know that how you managed your one month leave just before the exam (means what reason you had produced there for your leave).

    And also please guide me for that after the one month of your leave and before the exam date had you joined the corporation, this question arises as it is not right to give exam on medical leave, and to terminate your medical leave you are supposed to give the information about your medical fitness and simultaneously you have to apply for leave for you exam.

    So for this had you joined the organisation or by email only you had informed them.

    It would be really very helpful sir If you please provide a comprehensive reply.

    ESE aspirant.

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      Dear Aditya,

      In my entire service of 38 months,I have taken continuous medical leave of only 7 days before exam of ESE 2013, then I have attended office for 2-3 days and applied for leave for appearing in examination. I managed to study along with my job.

      My best wishes for your future.

      1. Ashutosh Singh says:

        vocab link is expired..plz provide it once again

  5. Aravind says:

    What should I do if I am working in a private concern..? whether it should be specified in DAF..?

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      Yes, you can specify in DAF to avoid saying that you are unemployed.

      1. Khantesh Agrawal says:

        Sir, thanks for the article. I am joining IOCL On 1st aug,2016 (which has bond of 3 years, 3 lakh amount). Now If I join BARC on 1st aug,2017 (supposing that BARC has its 4.5 lakh bond for service of 3 years). Now at the time of switching from IOCL to BARC (on 1st aug,2017) what amount & what duration bond I have to sign?

  6. bk says:

    Does pre employment medical test disqualify to person who is suffering from any sexually tamsmitted disease like hsv 1 etc.

  7. Deepak says:

    what if i have applied for ESE before joining a psu, and i get selected in ESE exam while working in PSU. what is the pricedure then?
    plz reply

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      Dear Deepak,

      Some PSUs transfer the bond but some not allow as you should intimate about such exam at the time of joining itself.

  8. Abhinav patel says:

    What if I’ve been able to skip a bond , without having to face any consequences and two years later i’m applying for upsc, will I face any issue in this scenario?

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      ABhinav, you may or may not be in trouble. But if you have not relieved properly, you can not write anywhere that you have some job experience.

  9. manjunath says:

    Dear sir,

    i work in private company, i decided to attend ese 2017,so I quit my job from month of may even am not completed resignation procedure… if I mentioned in DAF that I have worked in private sector ……then is there any chance of facing problem in future…….and the experience of private is considered or not in PSU’s and in Upsc

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      If you are working in private company,then there is no trouble, whether you mention in DAF or not.

  10. DHIRAJ says:

    Can bond be transferred from central govt to central governments?

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      Yes Dhiraj.

  11. Manish says:

    Sir i had not intimated my organisation for appearing in ese 2016. Should i intimate them now that i had appeared for ese??? Otherwise what should i do now???pls reply

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      You must informed at the time of joining , but you can inform right now. May be they consider it.

  12. Manish says:

    Sir i have been working in the organisation since Jan 2015..I was on leave for 3 months before the examination…Due to some reason i did not intimated..Sir should i hide it now..and if i intimate them now and they dont consider then???

  13. kishan kumar says:

    Thankyou sir,really an important guidance which will help me while preparing for any competitive exams.

  14. Gaurav Kumar Mangal says:

    Sir i have been working in the organisation since Dec 2015..I was on leave for 2 months before the examination ESE-2016 …Due to fear of not allowing the medical leave i did not intimated..and was on the medical leave when i attended the exam,, Sir should i hide it now.. or should i write them now that i attended the exam ,, please guide,, i m not able to cut it out from this situation,, it is really getting me tensed ,, thank you in advance sir

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      Its ok now if you have not informed and appeared in exam while on medical leave. It will be more trouble if you will inform now.

  15. Khantesh Agrawal says:

    Sir, thanks for the article. I am joining IOCL On 1st aug,2016 (which has bond of 3 years, 3 lakh amount). Now If I join BARC on 1st aug,2017 (supposing that BARC has its 4.5 lakh bond for service of 3 years). Now at the time of switching from IOCL to BARC (on 1st aug,2017) what amount & what duration bond I have to sign?

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      If you have applied through proper channel, you have to sign a fresh bond with BARC for three years. Since the bond can not be cumulative, so you need to mention both the bond conditions in single bond.

  16. Rohit says:

    Sir, I am in PSU called TCIL posted abroad and i want to appear for ESE next year, what if I intimated my HRD and they won’t allow me to appear as i am in bond. During joining TCIL there is no such agreement has been signed which forbids me from appearing in ESE or other competitive exam, so Is there any legal procedure to get NOC in such cases?


    1. Dear Rohit,
      Since there was no agreement at the time of joining, they can not deny you to appear in Exam. Only you need to intimete them, UPSC dont need any NOC.

      My best wishes.

  17. tv says:

    i have not been properly relieved from a private company more than a year back (left before end of agreed service period), so I didnt mention it in the DAF. Will there be an effect if that private company ever send such details to UPSC?

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      No problem at all in case of private company.

  18. Praroop Sharma says:

    Sir, I worked in a private org. for 20months and left my job before my bond period (24 months) thus ending up with no experience certificate. My question is , whether I should mention my experience in the DAF (ESE). Will there be any problem if I mention it.

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      UPSC don’t ask for any experience certificate.

  19. Avi says:

    Sir I’m working in NHPC …there is absence of 5months in my service (for preparation)…I joined after that and I’m resigning on personal grounds…will there be any problem that CO will not accept my resignation? I have agreed to pay the bond amount….I have also applied for EOL for these 5 months but on personal reason…

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      Corporation will have to accept your resignation.

  20. Satyam Singh says:

    Thanks for writing ,
    kindly reply for following , it may help.
    1. We accumulate gratuity while working in PSU , which is payable only if 5 years of service is completed , if service is less than 5 years , can it be transferred to the next organization such as Railways etc.?
    2. Any experience acquired in PSU , will that be counted?
    3. Can we transfer the leaves such as Earned leaves , half pay/Sick leaves to the next employer ?

  21. SAURABH SINGH says:

    The answer to all the three questions is NO.

  22. Sharad Mathur says:

    I want to write ISRO examination which is scheduled on 7th May 2017. My problem is, I am also selected in BSNL and joining is on 15th April 2017.

    Sir, can bsnl allow NOC to a 2 month employee who is still on training if I manage to qualify for ISRO interviews?

  23. ASHISH says:

    Sir myself ASHISH and I am getting 87 marks in GATE 2017 sir I am enthusiastic for IES 2018 but sir I m in confusion whether I join any psu or just drop for one year to prepare for IES

  24. Jagadish says:

    Hi sir,
    I am planning to appear in upsc exam 2018. I am writing Bel Probationary engineer exam on July 2nd 2017, result will be by august last week. Date of joining is November 2017. After joining i will be in probation for six months. by the time 6 months probation is getting completed, it will be April 2018 and upsc prelims application dates will be completed. But if i inform BEL during probation period about appearing in upsc 2018, then they can take me out of the company. I am totally confused regarding this, Please help me on this

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