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  1. Indu says:

    thanks please,
    may i request to give the suggestion for standard books for ece.

  2. ARGHA KAR says:

    sir i have one request to you …..sir after the change of syllabus the GS portion is some different so amit singh sir if yo suggest some good books for GS on the base of new ESE syllabus..then its very helpful for us…

    1. Ashish Verma says:


  3. Naren says:

    SIr, I have finished Mtech (Civil), worked for a year. Am I late for preperation of IES exam ? For preparation, Is MADE EASY, Delhi a good choice??

    1. SAURABH SINGH says:

      Dear Naren,
      Its never been late. You can start at this point of time also and coaching is not necessary requirement for IES, but you may take help from the class notes available in the market.
      My best wishes for your future.

      1. Naren says:

        Thank you 🙂

    2. Ashish Verma says:

      No yar u r not late.start with self study and focus on ur weak points

  4. Ankush Mishra says:

    Hello Sir, I am working as SSE in North Western Railway Headquarters, Jaipur. I would like discuss and need some guidance regarding ESE 2017. Sir, presently i am posted in Design section and its been around 2.5 years, as i am pass out of 2009( had experience of few other govt. deptt as well). Meanwhile i had been appearing for ESE and had given interview twice but didn’t able to convert. Sir, now as i have crossed age limit for the exam but still would like to appear via departmental candidate procedure, so can you let me know if there is any problem, if you relaxation as govt. employee.
    Secondly, as i know its quite late for me to appear in exam and qualify but still want to go for it. Can u please guide how should i approach.
    In HQ, I have five day working and usually get free after 6:00 . Sir, will it be beneficial, to join( if i get through) to join Engineering Services at this stage. Since, its been long time and nowadays generally freshers get selected.
    So, can you please guide me that how shall i go for it and crack exam.

  5. RASHAD says:

    Thanks Alot Sir…..
    Sir,plz update the list of reference books on the new pattern of ESE-2017 for both GS & Civil Engineering….

  6. Prateek says:

    Sir how to know about, which topic is important and which topic are not????
    Because the IES syllabus given is compressed and i am facing difficulty in understanding about which topic is considered in syllabus and which topic is not… I would be very thankful to you sir if you guide me.

  7. Gaurav kumar says:

    sir i am planning for giving ies 2017 so it is to late to start

  8. ankit says:

    sir i cant understand theory of structure plz sir help me to under stand in concept

  9. venkatesh says:

    hello sir ,i am weak in structural subjects .could u help me out with suggestions

  10. venkatesh says:

    to ashish verma sir………….hoping for reply

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