Leave for IAS preparation in Railways

Recently,Ministry of Railways issued a letter to all the Centralised Training Insititutes about giving one year extraordinary leave for preparation of CSE/ESE. I am posting that letter below. The letter is self explanatory however main points are as below.

At the time of joining your service, you will be given two option.

First option is to take 1 year Extraordinary leave for appearing in the next examination of your choice from date of joining itself.

The second option is to give a decleration that you are not interested in giving any exam and henceforth you will not appear in exam after joining your respective services.

If you go for second option , then you will not be able to write CSE/ESE in future.

If you go for first option, then you will  be able to give next attempt in examination of your choice,however salary and passes will not be given.

After taking Extraordinary leave, you have to report to your institute. If you fail to do so then it will be treated that you are no more interested in joining the service.

After taking Extraordinary leave, you have to give a deceleration that you will not further appear in CSE/ESE, if you don’t give this decleration than you will not be able to join your service.

There will not be any effect on your seniority because of Extraordinary leave as compared to your other batchmates.






Tips from ESE Electrical Topper(AIR 6)

This post is written by Anas Feroz, ESE 2015 AIR 6 from Electrical Engineering. He can be reached at anas.feroz.eee10@iitbhu.ac.in



I got selected in BARC, PGCIL, HPCL, IOCL , NTPC, DMRC and ONGC , thanks for the reason that i did’nt gave up on my ESE preparation. Most of the interview questions were from the conventional questions i was practicing.

Considering the fact that you have been called for  PSU interviews, I’m assuming that you have a good command over technical topics from your gate preparation.

Now what extra is required is to go through the theory because all psu’s will ask you theory questions in the interview. Now if you’re preparing for ESE you ‘re theory part will be taken care of automatically. You also need to go through the psu website and jot down some important projects, board members name, CSR projects, etc that might help you in the introduction part.

Give it only 1 hour before the day of the interview.

Also you can save the time on the interview day by taking your notes copy or the company notes and reading them there itself.

I’ll highlight some important points regarding some companies.


Prepare 5 topics as they’ll ask you to name 5 of your favorite subjects, in the order of your competency. The questions are specifically the same as we practice in conventional for ESE. I got delighted when they asked me to draw circuits and waveforms. They’ll start from the very basics and then increase there level of questions. Don’t worry if you’re not able to answer them. Just focus on your approach. Give them some hint or direction as to how the question can be tackled. I was able to answer 60% of the questions and got selected. If you’re interview is lasting for more than 45 minutes then you’re in their good books.



Since i’m from electrical background i’ll highlight some topics from which the questions can be expected.

Power system Protection.

Electrical engineering basics.

Advantages of Grid system.



Regenerative braking.

Carbon credits.

Power system Protection.

For oil companies-


Learn about the refineries and their location. Dont forget to remember the first or the oldest one as it will make the introduction about the company sound better. Go through the Psu’s website and find whatever technical projects you can find. If you’re BTP is in the same topic you can talk about it. Also read about their CSR activities.

Also go through Electrical engineering interview questions and answers . You can read 1 to 2 chapters daily during lunch or dinner.


All the best.