Leave for IAS preparation in Railways

Recently,Ministry of Railways issued a letter to all the Centralised Training Insititutes about giving one year extraordinary leave for preparation of CSE/ESE. I am posting that letter below. The letter is self explanatory however main points are as below.

At the time of joining your service, you will be given two option.

First option is to take 1 year Extraordinary leave for appearing in the next examination of your choice from date of joining itself.

The second option is to give a decleration that you are not interested in giving any exam and henceforth you will not appear in exam after joining your respective services.

If you go for second option , then you will not be able to write CSE/ESE in future.

If you go for first option, then you will  be able to give next attempt in examination of your choice,however salary and passes will not be given.

After taking Extraordinary leave, you have to report to your institute. If you fail to do so then it will be treated that you are no more interested in joining the service.

After taking Extraordinary leave, you have to give a deceleration that you will not further appear in CSE/ESE, if you don’t give this decleration than you will not be able to join your service.

There will not be any effect on your seniority because of Extraordinary leave as compared to your other batchmates.






60 Replies to “Leave for IAS preparation in Railways”

  1. sir, does the same procedure apply for other engineering services such as Central Engineering Service (Central Public Works,Highways, Water Commission Department), Military Engineer Services…

  2. Sir after the leave of 1 year is over and if we don’t get selected will it be allowed to reappear next year in training or in subsequent years in job or will it complete ineligiblity to appear in civil service after one year leave?

    1. As per the letter, after the completion of 1 year of leave , you will have to give decleration that you will not reappear in exam while working in railways. So, basically you become ineligible for further attempts.

  3. Sir If one say join railways in 2016 for training after clearing ESE-2015 exams. Will he be given EOL for appearing in 2016 CSE exams or 2017 ESE Exams?? As it may be the case that when he joins training in 2016 date for filling the forms for CSE 2016 would have passed.

  4. Sir if a candidate doesn’t go for option 3(i) at time of commencement of training but later on feels for appearing in cse in subsequent years , will he
    /she be allowed?

  5. Sir, if we go for option 3(1) and after completion of EOL we decide to not join railways and continue our preparation for CSE. Is that OK? No bond money is to be refunded…rt?

    1. If you don’t join after completion of EOL, then your services would be terminated following the due procedure.
      As such there is no bond, only the cost incurred on your training is to refunded but since you would have taken EOL, so no money would have to be paid to railways.

      1. After this termination of service from Railways, Can we apply again for ESE (if we are not successful in CSE attempts ).

  6. So the candidates who join their respective CTIs will not be allowed to give the CSE even after successfully completing the training and joining the services and are debarred from giving it unless they resign?

    1. Yes..As of Now. It is necessary to inform your department about writing CSE exam, in this case railways. So, if you have already given the declaration that you will not appear for the exam then how can you appear? It will be violation of your self declaration.

  7. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS NOTICE TO OUR NOTICE. But the above notification tells that Railways gives EOL for one year and in that attempt the person has to clear IAS. If he doesn’t clear he’ll not be having any opportunities to take the attempts in future. Doesn’t it seem quite unfair? Because majority of the people may not be clearing IAS in their first attempt. Suppose if a person who is working in railways starts preparing for IAS without taking EOL and after proper preparation he takes EOL and goes for coaching. Even after that if he fails to pass that exam will that be his last attempt?. Can’t he join railways after completion of EOL and again start preparing for it in Future? Can’t he write again?

    Also, the person who is already working in railways as an IES officer can take the benefit for appearing for IAS?

    Thank u

  8. Sir,

    Is this rule applicable for ESE-2015 qualified students ?? or It will be applicable retrospectively from ESE-2016 ?

    1. Dear sir

      I got married reCgently.

      I got IRSSE based on IES 2015

      is there any married people hostel in Training

      Or any quarters??

      Any reply will be highly appreciated.

      Thank you

      1. Congratulation for your marriage.
        You will have wonderful time in probation with your spouse. You will be given accommodation wherever you go.

  9. Dear Amit Sir,
    I have acting as my hobby. Do they allow 2-3 year leave for doing a hobby related course? Is there any such department? I was very interested in that.

  10. Sir i am getting irss from ese 2015 , i have given ese 2016 also and i am sure to get irse this time.can i leave irss in the middle and join irse

  11. But, sir i want to do this without taking one year extraordinary leave.will NAIR allow me to join irse in the middle of probation period.

  12. Sir,i am have got irss from ese 2015,civil branch..please tell me why irss is least preffered by civil guys,but is considered the best for mechanical.please tell the drawbacks of irss for a civil one.

    1. IRSE is the best service for a civil engineer , if you have interest in it. IRSS is store services where you will not have any technical aspect in your job.

  13. Sir I have been allotted IRSEE as per my ESE-2015 rank. Would I be granted EOL for CSE 2016 or CSE 2017?

      1. Sir, But there is a provision in the letter that if next CSE examination doesn’t fall in the given calendar of 1 year then this 1 year EOL can be extended. Sir, I got AIR 12 in Mechanical Engineering in ESE 2015. I wish to appear for CSE 2017. It would be great help if you can confirm from your training institute, weather this leave would be given for CSE 16 or CSE 17.

  14. Hi, I have a peculiar doubt. We are required to reach irimee on 1st aug, 2016. I want to take EOL. How much time will it take to complete this procedure? Whether it will be over on 1st aug itself?

  15. Hello sir !
    MY question is :
    Suppose i take an extra ordinary leave and prepare for cse . and in that year i dont qualify it . And further i join ese , Now with this job i prepare for cse side by side and give it again in the coming years after joining ese . Will i be able to give cse again ?

  16. Sir, This is shubham from IITD. Just one doubt…If a person is selected in ESE16 after interview in Sep 16 in IRSE.. then his joining will be in, lets say, july-august 2017, then we can take EOL from the date of joining i.e.m july 17 to NEXT JULY i.e. july 2018?? right? or just till feb 2018. Means if it is EOL from time time of joining and you are allowed to join with the next batch. This basically means from Sep 2016 to July 2018 i.e. 2 years span. Right? Please clarify this.

  17. Will there be any effect on zonal allotment? Most top rankers are from Northern India and are likely to opt for EOL ; will the candidates who join the training course in 2017 itself be able to benefit from the reduced effective intake and get postings of their choice? Full declaration : I got AIR 22 in EE.

  18. Sir I am pursuing BTech in civil but due to health problem I wasn’t able to continue my 3rd year now my BTech will be completed in 5th year will it causes any problem in ies interview

  19. Hi , I heard people have files a petition for removing this rule of EOL in Railways as a violation of fundamental right of freedom… Is this true??

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