Calling on The President of India

One of the exciting things which take place at the end of probation is ‘Visit to the President of India’. It is officially called as ‘Calling on the President of India”. All the Group A services officers are appointed by the President and work under his pleasure. Although , President has delegated this responsibilities to various ministries but ceremonially he is our appointing authority. So, almost all the ministries let their probationers call on the President of India before they actually start their working. No doubt, we all wait for this moment, for the photographs and for the ‘likes’.

Visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan is conducted very formally. All the probationers are taken at once, you can’t enter there own your own. Moreover , the security is so high that you will not be allowed individual entry. Timings are specified and everything proceeds as per the plan. If you miss your group , you may have very hard time reaching there.

Darbar Hall is  place where The President meets the probationers. In-fact, all major ceremonies are done here. We reach half-hour before the arrival of president in Darbar Hall. There , we go through mock exercises for group photograph. The security officers of Rashtrapati Bhawan brief us about protocols for various activities.

Who will speak what is already decided and those who have to speak practice a lot to make it flawless. Generally, One probationer from every service gives 2 minute speech about the training which has been imparted in the service, on behalf of his batch.

The sequence of activities after the arrival of President is as follows:

  • Opening speech by Member of Railway Board/Head of Ministry.
  • Probationers share their experience of training.
  • Address by the President of India.
  • Closure speech by Member of Railway Board/Head of Ministry.
  • Then we go for group Photograph.


After photo session ,we proceed towards Banquet Hall for refreshments. Even the samosa of Rashtrapati Bhawan tastes good. We exit the Durbar Hall and take lots of photograph for Facebook.

The profile pics may change later but memories will remain forever.

The President said that the Engineering Service would provide the officers an opportunity to serve the society and they would be entrusted with tremendous opportunities at a young age. They should give back to society as the society had invested in them. Besides, they should remember Mahatma Gandhi’s talisman of thinking of the welfare of the poorest of the poor in order to arrive at correct decisions. If they consider their job as a mission, they would be able to have maximum job satisfaction.



View of Darbar Hall


A group of probationers of Indian Railway Service of Engineers, Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers and Railway Protection Force called on the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee today (May 17, 2016) at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Speaking on the occasion, the President said that the Indian Railways is not only one of the largest rail networks in the world but one of those which are well managed. With 66,000 Km of route length, the track network of the Indian railways stretches to almost every nook and corner of the country. It carries 23 million passengers daily. He stated that Indian Railways has a deeper meaning than being a mere transportation system. It integrates far-flung areas of the country. Like the Indian Post Office, it is one of the few organizations in the country which have a truly national character having influence over the whole country. In undertaking journeys the individual identities of the people who are travelling are replaced by the fact that they all are passengers.
The President said that the Indian Railways is not just a commercial organization. It has also extended help and support to the needy when required. It has carried on the tremendous responsibility of economic development of the country. However, Indian Railways is also faced with manifold challenges which include ensuring safety, security and the punctual running of trains.
The President urged the probationers to always remember that through the services they were not merely earning their livelihood but were making a meaningful contribution to this great nation to which they belong. He said that they were getting a tremendous opportunity of serving the country. They must always show ingenuity, innovation and initiative while discharging their duties.



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