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Bio: I work for Indian Railways as a Civil Engineer in Indian Railway Service of Engineers. Inclined towards philosophy,psychology and cosmology. I love mountains and valleys , streams and waterfalls, sunrise and sunset. I can be reached at amitsingh9690@gmail.com

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    1. In railways, the zone allocation is done on the basis of IES rank and probation period performance.
      So if you have good rank and perform well in training , you may get you desired Zone of railways.
      But a zone is a very large sphere of work, you will be posted in one of the division of that Zone.
      But an IES officer also have All-India laibility

      1. Sir,
        can You plz provide your Email ID. I had to ask about the posting and all
        ESE 2014-Air -3 Electronics

  1. Dear Amit, Me and my friends are preparing for IES- 2015.And we would like to join Indian railway like you. What according to you is best study plan for this exam ? Strategy ? Study material ? for civil engineering. Blogs like this proving real motivation for aspirants. Thanks for doing it.

    1. My best wishes are with you for joining Indian Railways. Do hard work ,rest all can be managed. I will write as much as possible on this blog. I would really want to see readers of my blog clearing IES.

  2. As the government of india invited direct foreign investment in Indian railway. What according to you ll be the culture after coming foreign companies and working with Indian railway ? Pro and con’s both.

    1. I did Btech from IIT Roorkee in Civil Engg. I have worked in GAIL and EIL for 3 years. I am two times IES qualified. Currently working in MES. It is really a good platform for ESE aspirants to ask their doubts and share their queries with ESE qualified people. My sincere advice to all who are working in PSUs and otherwise, is that please don’t blindly adopt for any department like railway or MES or CWC. Please do a good research, talk to your seniors and then fill the choices as per your personal goals and ambitions. IES looks very charming from outside bt inside reality is not exactly what it looks from outside.

      1. Yes brother , you are right. Things looks attractive from outside but one has to be careful while making choices. One criteria doesn’t fit all. So first, one should make up his mind so as what one needs.

  3. Hey Amit, Thank you very much for this inspirings blogs you write!!!

    I came across your blog while getting some information about IES exams. I am a below average engineer working in a small company. I wish to appear for IES 2015 exam, now being a academically weak & not affording to quit working can I clear the written exam if I start now??

    Thanks again for this inspiring blog!! 🙂

  4. hi…..its very inspiring getting known abot the post selection process of IES Exm.
    I also have a plan to go with it and though working on a company I myself trying to study but its not pleasant anyway. So shortly I will resign so that I can endorse myself in a particular field.

    Here I want to know is there any probability or provision with Indian railway for getting training in abroad or will they send anybody if they interested to persue MS on doining job under any recommendation.

    1. There is no provision of going abroad during probation period in Indian railways
      However you can take study leave for which there are certain criteria. In this blog there is separate article on study leaves in Indian Railways.

  5. sir,
    iam sabir from kerala. i would like to do IES exam.but now i heard that probation or something like that.what is that?is i need to qualified in probation?how much year will be in probation?how is probation exam easy or tough?.
    thanks in advance.waiting for your reply

  6. Amith Sir thank You For The Valuable Information..iam Mechanical Engineering Student.I would like to go For IES coaching.will You Prefer Me Any Good Coaching Institute.Also Good Books For reference and studies.i have One More Doubt Sir that is Is Medical Fitness Required For This Job .(Like Chest width 83…etc) if any required .Please Inform Me through This Page.Im Eagerly Waiting For Your Reply.
    Thanks In Advance

  7. Sir myself N. Prasanth BE CSE
    I am very much passionate about IES exam.
    does computer science engineering is eligible for IES exams????…
    plz clarify.. its my very long period doubt

  8. Dear sir,
    I am working in Dept of Atomic energy with a scale of 17200 + 4800 GP for 10 years ( my age at present is 33) and i am going to complete my part time BE by Dec’2016. I am preparing to attend to ESE 2017. Kindly guide me in this issue, whether my idea is correct or not? I am very much interested to become an IRSE officer and it is my dream.

    1. You are welcome to become IRSE officer if it your dream. As you know that your age will be a constraint for reaching the top positions, you should consider your decision in light of this fact. If you are OK with this issue then you are welcome here.

  9. Hi Amit,
    I would like to thank for sharing valuble information and guidance .
    I want to know whether an IES officer will get chance to work in abroad from any field in their entire service?

  10. Can a probationer keep his mother with him during training in railways or in any other department applicable for mechanical engineering?

    1. During probation in railways you have to move a lot. There is no fixed place for more than a month. As of now there is no precedent of any probationer keeping his mother. However, family members can you at your CTI.
      If you are married then there is provision of keeping your spouse and getting her name on the passes.

  11. Sir,
    I have fear of height , is Engineering Service in Civil Engineering a good option for me, if so which Department in Engineer Service I should try to opt for , where I don’t have to climb height, where I don’t have to work at height? Sir, Please help me out

  12. Dear sir ,
    First of all Thank you very much for this inspirings blogs you write!!!
    I’m doing b.tech in civil engineering ,currently in 1st year and want to be ies officer but i have some doubts ,hope you’ll clear.
    1.Is coaching necessary for clearing ies examination?
    2.How much time is required for exam preparation?
    3.What and how to prepare for personal interview?

    1. Welcome Balbir
      1. If you are still in first year of college, you don’t need coaching. Master your subjects of you stream and nothing else.

      2. If you study sincerely, by the time you complete the graduation you will be ready for giving the exam.

      3. Don’t think about interview now. Just prepare for written examination.

  13. Sir
    How many Holidays does an IES officer in railways get per year?? Can he get continuous 15 days holiday during festivals??

      1. which departments allow 1 year extension for m tech studies ??
        this is my m tech 1st sem from iitb, i want to know whether i will be able to complete my m tech if i qualify the interview and get the allocation !??

      2. DAF asks about the “State to which your Father originally belongs:” is it asking for father’s birth place ?

      3. sir,
        is it possible to continue mtech (at present 1st sem civil engg) with IOFS ? i have heard that this department also allows to pursue higher studies!!

      4. I am not sure. Generally higher education is allowed by every government department. But for that you need to serve minimum numbers of year before you become eligible for pursuing higher education. It can’t be giver at the joining itself.

      1. leaving m tech now for the interview preparation is ok ? my interview is in the October month. what do you suggest ?

  14. Sir what is difficulty level of ese 2016,than last year in civil engineering what may be cutoff finally as seats are 258,than last year 151

  15. Sir
    I am currently a student of EEE in one of karnatakas engineering college my college is a Private one will it effect my dream to join railways

  16. Sir, I am a final year(8th sem) student of mechanical engineering and I wish to prepare for ESE exam from now. I am a normal student and financially not very stable. Looking at the very low number of seats (appx 60 -70) due to reservations , I doubt on my selection. I don’t wish to do a private job. In such a scenario what should I do? Prepare for ESE or prepare for other government exams such as SSC CGL etc. where probability of selection is much better than this. I would be grateful for your valuable advise.

  17. sir, i want to know how to prepare for conventional paper, for 2017 pattern as 3hrs allocated for 300 marks. Also, some standard books for conventional practice.

  18. DEAR SIR,I AM COLOUR BLIND OF RED AND GREEN.should i prepare for ese.what chances i have in ese.i am 3 year student of NIT bhopal .I am preparing by my self.please suggest me .thank you

  19. Respected Sir,
    I am a mechanical engineer from SRM UNIVERSITY CHENNAI. As per IES mode of preparation please kindfully guide me to how to prepare for ESE General studies since the whole GS pattern and syllabus has been changed and is as per the mechanical syllabus taught in the college. But there is one subject out of other subjects which I find it difficult to study and that is ICT(Information and communication technology) as it is not there in mechanical syllabus and is related to computer and electronics section which I find it confusing. SIR, please help me.

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